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  1. yep................. for decals go here http://mciracing.ca/products?keywords=blazer and opt for the gloss finish... they are proper decals, not scans, all carefully reproduced from raw data files
  2. youve also got the hop ups steel uj's too, they were standard on the super champ but a popular upgrade given how soft the brass oones were and could take full throttle reverse to forward and eventually wore out
  3. well its got mk 1 front uprights... with the screws, and the mk1 gearbox, with the separate lugs and not a solid casting across... theyve clearly stripped some threads in the past too, i'd say its had a hard life... there werent many mk1 sand scorcher, most weree RR, mine had the mk1 front and mk2 rear when i got it in 80, so it needs some tlc for sure
  4. be careful you're not getting confused with the fighting buggy and SRB rere's which had a black GRP/FRP chassis and a true carbon fibre product. the carbon product should have a distinct weave to it, visible on the surface the others whether in green (original) and black (rere) are much less so i am also surprised the fibrelyte wouldn't entertain you're request, from what I've read they are pretty good. maybe they are concerned about design copyright of a product from a company such as Tamiya and possible litigation, or a legal letter to desist. maybe they've been down that road before. or maybe they declined as you're in Sweden and its something they dont want to do for that reason
  5. Do you mean the white plastic bits which sit in the front suspension arms.?? and how they attach to the arms?
  6. If they are from rc channel then they are fine
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