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  1. Hi guys I'm sure this has been covered before but I'm having trouble finding the information. Does anyone know the paint code for the blue clodbuster from Tamiya's original promo footage? The red is TS-8 Italian Red but what code is the blue? Any help is appreciated.
  2. I heard something along the same lines. I guess there is a major disruption going on with them. My local Hobby shop said he has more kits coming in Feb.
  3. Hey guys. Whats going on with Tamiya? I know there's a pandemic but why is there such low to NO stock on Tamiya kits everywhere? And when will they get kits back in stock? I heard there was an issue in their Philippines plant. Anyone have any idea?
  4. Yeah I'm going to see if I can dig up some bigger tires but I need foams because I noticed on stock tires it looked a little squirrely at 66Mph from ballooning. I could have tried stock tires...the ballooning probably gives me a few more MPH actually.
  5. Lol..thanks. I was trying to figure out what 80's band that track sounded like....hahaha. I miss the 1980's. Heck even the 90's.😅
  6. Thanks. Yes it duct tape just to protect the neighbors legs from lacerations...😂 but mostly if I flip it to save the top of the shock towers. I took the wing off to reduce drag and save it again from getting destroyed. I wish I could add gearing to this thing as I would make it my dedicated Tamiya Speed run car. It's goes straighter than my TT02RR that did 97Mph. If I had gearing options other than the high speed gears set(which I cant find anywhere) I'm sure I could get this over 100Mph...160Kph.
  7. "Pork Chop" Sideburns? Hey you're not the lead singer from The Bare Naked Ladies are you? Steven Page?
  8. Hey guys so I shoehorned my 4s Lipo 100 Spektrum battery in the Top Force. I actually had to loosen the top deck to get it in...lol. I also put a Hobbywing Max10 SCT esc in and put some BSR foams on and the rest is history...hahaha. Top speed of 71 Mph or 113.6 Kph. I also nearly took my neighbor out as he ran out on the street to get his basketball...lol. This car is so stable at speed I love it! Enjoy.
  9. Yeah I actually did update it awhile ago when I got it. It's at the fastest now...10,000hz? I have my TT02RR up to 97Mph.
  10. Holy Geeze how did you do that? lol...Yeah I hear you...normally I show the gps zero'd and keep the car in sight. (check my other speed run vids) But when I do 105 in my Slash it's way down the street. You could have partner swap the GPS quick at the far end of the run before you turn around. I have a new camera a DJI Osmo Pocket and I couldn't get it to focus on the GPS. My new faster 71Mph vid is better. At any rate I'm legit...when you cheat you only cheat yourself...
  11. Hey guys! So the Top Force was going to be an easy runner but after my bash session with her yesterday I decided to see what speeds I can get out of her. I managed 66 Mph or 105 Kph today. Not bad for a buggy released in 1991on stock tires...hahaha. 😂 Check out the vid below. I shoehorned a 4s in her tonight and a 120 amp esc. I'm trying for 113 Kph or 71 Mph tomorrow.
  12. Thank you sir! I try...I'm using a new camera (DJI Osmo pocket) strapped to my head..lol. I look like a Unicorn with it...hahahaha😂🌈 oh well. The big problem is that it was'nt auto focusing so I lost some footage I could have used. I figured the focus problem out today so I should be good going forward.
  13. Thanks. Did a speed run today and got her to 66Mph or 105Kph...lol. 😀 Love this buggy. Going for 71Mph or 113kph to beat the Youtube Top Force speed record. Tomorrow on 4s I will give it a shot.
  14. You mean how do I get it to show a title screen here on the forum? I just post the link here and it automatically embeds the video. I make the title screen with CorelDraw. There are free programs that make them as well. Google Free Thumbnail maker. Thanks for watching brother. I had no intention of thrashing the girl but once you get going...well...you know what happens....lol.😂
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