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  1. This is a very good point. How long can the federal reserve and governments inject fake money into the system to keep it afloat? If this virus lasts a year before a vaccine is made and the stock market keeps dropping will our savings and stocks vanish forever? Will banks go out of business?
  2. Ok thanks Stew. Its looking like I have to wait until next spring. Temps here in Toronto are going to go down to -3 Celcius. I guess Im asking for trouble doing speed runs with the temps so low. My tires wont grip well. Im going to run foam tires though. Maybe one more try at 100mph?
  3. I could deal with rain for winter instead of snow...
  4. Thanks for the input. The weather is getting colder here. Going down to zero degree Celcius so my mad dash for 100mph will probably be halted until spring. I may give it one more try if I get a dry day but its going to kill me waiting 5 months of winter...hahahaha
  5. Thanks Yalson. The body is 2mm Delta Plastik so its stiff even cut out at the back. Its also 200mm so the wheel arches still allow full steering at full lock so I guess I will keep them covered. With this body I cant put it any lower on the front because its literally sitting on the front shock tower so thats as low as it goes but if I dont cut the bottom off the body the ground clearance is pretty low.
  6. That helped tremendously! Thanks. Im pretty crappy with the math part of RC which is pretty important...lol. Yeah I think I was way overgeared and over motored in kv's which was why I did worse getting up to even 90mph which I was able to do before on a 5700kv motor, 4s and 49/46 gearing. Like Stew told me it takes too long to get up to speed and you need a very long run at it.
  7. So I just mounted a new 2mm thick Deltaplastik body. And I have to say...Im such a hack compared to Stewart and nbTNM..lol. I suppose it doesnt help Im always in a rush because of family, work and other time constraints. I had to wait 2 weeks just to go for a speed run. So I took Stew's advice and dropped the gearing to 60 spur and 42 pinion from 49/46 and put the 6900kv fake Castle motor back in. I will run it on 3s and see what I get for numbers. I kinda botched the new body install. It sits too far forward and too high. So if I cut the body out on the bottom it would sit too high. Uncut it sits good. Soooo...Im going to leave the front and bottom without cutting. All I cut out was the rear. Also I need to make a new undertray. Also would it be detrimental to not cut the wheel wells out front and back and have fully covered wheels?
  8. @nbTMM Nice build you have going there? Are you going to be doing speed runs? And what front bumper/body posts are you using?
  9. Actually the TT02 is going straight now. I was running it with toe in which made it super twitchy...now corrected with toe out. So once it gets up to speed it pretty well goes straight.
  10. Wow that thing looks awesome Stew! Well I went out to my new spot today and did some runs. It was cold and very windy and the TT02 didnt do well today. I had trouble seeing the car and lining it up and drove off the road a bunch of times just lining it up. The 6900kv motor on 6s with my Arrma blx185 was kinda lackluster probably because it was overgeared. The motor didnt get fried however. My aerodynamics werent good enough and it did a backflip on one run. On other runs I wiped out into the weeds and I lost the car on a few different runs. I lost a dogbone on one run. The best I got was 76mph. So I swapped the 5700 kv motor back in and on that run I lost a wheel...hahahaha. Not a good day for my TT02. But my high gravity slash 4x4 did well today. It was a reversal of luck with my cars. After putting 2 million weight diff fluid in the rear, putting a wing on, cutting the back of the body out and installing Arrma Hoons tires on it she was planted on the road. It didnt go airbourne once...which surprised me. I forgot to put foam on the front bumper to support the front of the body so it dragged on the ground at speed but I still managed a personal best of 93MPH. So the Traxxas saved the day from total disappointment....lol. So after all the running down the road and looking in the weeds for tires and my cars Im pretty tired to say the least. Im glad I made it to 93mph but 7 more mph to 100 eluded me. Then my GOPro died so that was it...hahaha. At this point Im not sure where to go with my TT02. Im wondering if the BLX185 slowed it down compared to my OcDay cheap 120amp esc which got me to 90mph. And the 6900kv motor may not have the torque. Should I keep the 6900kv motor in and drop the gearing? Or should I go back to the 5900kv motor?
  11. That is sick Stewart! Cant wait to see that run! Ive been intrigued by what speeds guys have been getting with the 1/14 WlToys cars these days but I need another car like a hole in the head...lol. So tomorrow is the day I will try my TT02 again going for 100mph. I also will give my high center of gravity slash another go for 100. The weather is cold and rainy today but tomorrow looks ok...just very cold. Probably 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. Going to a new road too. Less cars and longer but not very wide. Happy Halloween guys and wish me luck!
  12. Yeah...going to a longer can will reduce my kv and like you said gearing might be an issue although the spur is 49t and pinion is 46t currently so its almost 1:1. Im going to do a 3s, 4s and then one 6s pass and see what I get for mph. Im also going to bring different gearing to try out and see if that gets me better numbers. The motor says 100,000rpm max and its supposedly a castle motor but I got it shipped from china so it could be a fake.
  13. Ok so I made a little series connector so I can run two 3s in series. I tested it out and at about 3/4 throttle on 6s with the 6900kv motor my front foam BSR tire came apart!
  14. Yeah I put an Arrma blx185 esc and castle cap pack in the car.😀 The question is will the 6900kv castle ( maybe fake) motor handle 2-3 passes on 6s...lol. It says max rpm 100,000.....but 22.2v x 6900kv is 153,000 rpm...lol.
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