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  1. Happy birthday! 😀

  2. Yeah, that video is pretty old. I should take it down and redo it right. :/
  3. Brilliant stuff! Love the humor of your writing as well. "All Tokyo Drift near Egypt" ROFL! I'm still rocking the stock CC steering arms on mine because I haven't seen a good review of any hop-up options. Anything anyone seemed pleased with was all home built, self engineered stuff. I'm in the same boat at you with my Bronco. While I thoroughly enjoyed my CC-01 on the walking trails when I lived in TX, where we use our trucks now in ME the CC-01 is too small to tackle the terrain. My sons SCX10 is bone stock and does so much better of a job. I have heaps of cash into my CC so I don't want to sell it but really it's gathering more dust on my shelf than from the trails at this point.
  4. It depends on how much you want to spend. If the XV-01 is an option then I'd say get it. I have two TT-02 rallys with a few hop-ups and a TT-02R rally. As nice as they are, the tubs pickup all sorts of debris, especially when running in an area with small stones and pebbles. They'll get caught under the drive shaft, and jam up the servo locking the steering. I'm looking into getting a Dusty Motors chassis cover to see if that makes a difference.
  5. Hey TurnipJF, did you ever finish this build? I'm helping a friend with a TT-02 rally bitsa project. Like you I had a ton of spares left over from various projects/hop-ups. We were short B and C sprues along with a bumper. I think we're all sorted out now but those darn C sprues are out of stock like EVERYWHERE. Must be people are taking all this time off to wrench on their R/Cs. :O
  6. I gave a whole pile of bits and bobs to my friend to build up a bitsa TT-02 rally. We're short a couple of parts sprues which we're working on sourcing. Can anyone confirm if these for the TT-01 will work on the TT-02? Part number: TAM9005718
  7. We need the prop shaft, drive cups, dog bones, and axles.
  8. Hey chaps, I'm trying to help a buddy build up his first TT-02 from my bits box. I've got almost all the parts necessary except a pair of C-sprues (51529). It seems like they are out of stock basically everywhere as well. Do any of you have a couple that you can sell? Thanks!
  9. I've been thinking about putting an interior and driver into my CC-01 Bronco. It'd be nice to up it's scale game. Do any of you have a suggestion on how to get a passable setup?
  10. How did I miss that he was running a CC-01? :O Sorry!
  11. Can you record a short video and post it so we can hear the noise? The motor type will change the sound tone the car makes while driving, but it should never sound like "grinding". Excessive noise can be caused by using the wrong pitch pinion gear, improper gear mesh, debris stuck in the drive train, and as I learned the hard way, the pinion grub screw interferes with the spur gear if you aren't careful. Sensorless brushless motors are known for cogging at low speeds. The poorer ones will cog sooner/worse than the better ones. A sensored motor should eliminate the cogging effect. That's the whole point of the sensor! If you are in fact experiencing cogging with a sensored brushless it may be an el cheapo motor (the TBLE-02S ESC is quite smooth) or it may be a defective motor. I would recommend NOT driving it with an obvious flaw in the drive train.
  12. I 2nd this! Excellent job. Your home-built accessories look as good as the Jun-Fac ect hop-ups I've bought for my own CC-01. Well done sir!
  13. No, it got an honorable mention though.
  14. Yeah, we used white duct tape to mark out the track. Mainly because we share this space with other people. They leave the tape alone but we can't have "proper" lane barriers either. As you noted, the upside is far fewer breaks from barrier impacts and repairs but we do have the occasional "on-coming traffic" issue. :O I have an M-05 vII R so it comes with a fair amount of hop-ups including the TRF shocks. I've added the aluminum steering bits and the aluminum motor cooling bars. I'm running a Tamiya GT Tuned motor so I think the cooling bars are mostly for looks. Yeah, the vII chassis is designed to fit square batteries.
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