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  1. ant88

    Tamiya MFC 01 ,issue?

    So I think the main thing here that I can see is confussing us all is you dont have a spektrum handset so hence all the confusion over the radio gear. I am guessing its made by JR via Hobbyking? Saying that though it should have the alibity to be able to switch the D/R to 125% with the flick of one switch. (on the 3 channels not the throttle) But having not used one of these types of transmitter i am not 100% sure! There is a very good group that meet in Detling, Kent every month. Are you north or south london? To operate the D/R on the DX9 its just one button that as mentioned throws the 3 channels required. Its not used a huge amount mostly on startup and shut down, or if you are using the auto legs. Another option is you can change the horn sound on the MFC-03 as well so that gets a look in now and then Our next Tamiya Truckin show is in North weald at the end of June. This is a great outdoor show and we have a 15m x 15m layout. One other point the MFC-03 only has the horn working in the up direction. Holding the stick down gives you a rev mode! so you can do a slow launch if you have throttle up and then bring up the right stick! This is one of the main points on the 03 over the 01 unit. Ant
  2. ant88

    Tamiya MFC 01 ,issue?

    HIya, Hopefully the files have attached below. Truck 1 is the MFC-03 and Truck 2 is the MFC-01. You will see this in the info. Just load them onto a memory card and import the model in. Then just change the name to match your rig! Any questions let me know Ant 017~Truck 1.SPM 018~Truck 2.SPM
  3. ant88

    Tamiya MFC 01 ,issue?

    Just to Quickly add if you would like a setup program that i use on my Spektrum DX9 for both the 01 and 03 units, then let me know. I have set the bind button to throw the setting to 125% normal this allows the extra features to work on the MFC units. It means you cant accidently leave it in the wrong mode Ant
  4. ant88

    Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3348 Tipper

    Latest prices Retail £629 and tipper mech at £380!! I Am sure shops will be discounting these prices. But a rather heft tag to start with.
  5. Correct the carson steering bars are aimed for use with all the euro rigs as the us based rigs have a different steering setup! So its a no go for using this with them!! Ant
  6. A great event. Was great to also meet up with fellow TC members. Images will be going up in my showroom shortly! Again huge thanks to guys at Radshape for hosting the event! Ant
  7. Be good to see you all there Ant
  8. Looking forward to this show! The Truck layout has been designed and we will be setting up on the Friday for about 4 hours!! Ant
  9. Let me know when you have one, as if you want I can send you the model file I use All you have to do then is copy it onto the SD card and import into the tx! and remember all you have to do is take off the back and loosen the ratchet off to get full spring on the throttle Ant
  10. Yes it really makes it fun not having to keep turning off and then switch on the next truck when at a show, just turn them all on at the start and away you go You can actually set the mixes up on the spektrum sets to actually put the lights and such with a flick of a switch. You just have to play around with the mixes which takes the time!!
  11. Hi Berman, simple so long as the lights are not on when you do the remote shut down not an issue. Also I have even left the truck running so as to swap to another truck so I can move it out the way to let me park the current truck in its place. The system is not as grumpy as when I was using it on 40mhz. It brings on a complete new level when running the trucks on 2.4ghz Spektrum systems! I have had a total of 10 models on a layout all on at one point! Its great when visitors cant work out how and who is running the truck or cars Ant
  12. The DX6i works well with the MFU the new DX6 is a nicer TX. I have a ".SPM" file that can be used on that. Plus it already has the throttle spring fitted all you do is undo the tension on the ratchet!! The best receiver to use is the Orange R620 w/failsafe. I have this running on my trucks with my DX9. It's great to have 4 trucks all turned on and able to swap with out going near them when on the layout!!! Servo I use are the Futaba S3003 as suggested above! Ant
  13. Yep I will be there with my RC Truck Layout Looking forward to the event! Ant
  14. ant88

    DX7 radio with MFCU

    I Use a DX9 with 5 of my rigs and the Orange R710 receiver! Works perfect on the MFC-01 and the MFC-03 I use the bind button as the button to switch the mix mode to operate the special functions. Ant
  15. 2 of my Land Rovers. They are both event G4's the Discovery from the 03 Challenge in South Africa the Freelander 2 a reece vehicle from Mongolia in 08. Ant