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  1. So I noticed some of the high-end street RC stuff from Tamiya is designed for the Tamiya LF battery. Looking it up on Tamiya's page there isn't a lot of performance info other than a higher maximum number of cycles and improved safety over standard Lipo I believe its also more compact. If anyone has used these across various RCs, I'd like some feedback on whether or not they are broadly compatible from a sizing perspective and if they are comparable to standard 2s or 3s Lipo in terms of power output and duration of run time. " LF Battery LF2200-6.6V Racing Pack Item No: 55102 This is a high performance Lithium-ion battery pack designed for R/C model use. Making it compatible for quick charging is its featured large-capacity high-power output as well as having superior safety characteristics. Minimal self-discharging and reduced memory effects enable long-lasting battery life, allowing approximately 1000 recharging cycles. The balance connector allows a balanced charging for reconditioning of each individual cell. DEANS connector enables a large amount of current flow whilst ensuring a secure attachment. Also includes a connection adaptor for use with Tamiya speed controllers (ESC)."
  2. Anyone have an answer to this? I'd like to put on a matching set of front and wear modern baja wheels on my SRB
  3. Came across this interesting article from a few years back, Baja model recreation using the scorcher. Lots of detailed brass tubing work going on here though that's way beyond anything I've attempted. https://www.rccaraction.com/amazing-baja-build-project-tamiya-sand-scorcher/
  4. Some more gorgeous real life paint jobs here among these sand runners
  5. OK that's impressive work right there well done!
  6. Not going this route but for a completely crazy look, here's a fully maxed-out bug, well worth a watch
  7. I've had my eye on the original Sand Scorcher since my friend got one on release back in the old days, finally have one (re-re) coming in the mail that I'm itching to assemble. I've decided not to go the box art route though but rather do a paint scheme that hews to some of the real-life designs of VW buggies (desert mice) of the 70s and present. Here are some contemporary and vintage bugs I'm looking at for inspiration. Thought I'd share in case anyone else is looking to replicate a real race vehicle with one of the Tamiya buggies. If anyone has some nice custom designs or original offroad buggy inspiration they'd like to share, please post away, love to see them. For those interested, moreracing.net is the home of the Mojave racing organization, fun group to follow. Here's a recent video with a nice bug popping in to view at 5:08:
  8. I know this is an old thread but there's an unused Marui 4x4 Samurai up for auction on ebay, parts still in their original plastic packaging. In case anyone likes these. https://www.ebay.com/itm/165317188347?hash=item267dac1afb:g:MCUAAOSwUqVh~V1V
  9. I would be over the moon if Tamiya re-re'd the Ford Ranger XLT. My brother (RIP) built one in the 80s when they were new kits at the same time he built my Holiday Buggy for me. Fond memories. I have the rere HB and would love the Ranger.
  10. Yep will probably stick with the stock for now.
  11. Anybody in the US know where to get those Carson wheels, or something very close to them in appearance, domestically? I only see them for sale in Europe and at a ridiculous price.
  12. Really wish we'd get the Ford Ranger XLT re-re'd. My favorite model of the 80s. Brother had it and I had the Holiday Buggy. Always was quite envious of this thing.
  13. As suggested above I drilled the holes deeper with a narrow drill bit and then replaced the kit tapping screws with longer titanium ones. Haven't had a problem with it through several 20-30 min bashing sessions since, including bottoming out the suspension on a wheelchair access sidewalk ramp numerous times while getting air.
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