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  1. Yep will probably stick with the stock for now.
  2. Anybody in the US know where to get those Carson wheels, or something very close to them in appearance, domestically? I only see them for sale in Europe and at a ridiculous price.
  3. Really wish we'd get the Ford Ranger XLT re-re'd. My favorite model of the 80s. Brother had it and I had the Holiday Buggy. Always was quite envious of this thing.
  4. As suggested above I drilled the holes deeper with a narrow drill bit and then replaced the kit tapping screws with longer titanium ones. Haven't had a problem with it through several 20-30 min bashing sessions since, including bottoming out the suspension on a wheelchair access sidewalk ramp numerous times while getting air.
  5. If you can I'd probably go for the DB01 or DB01 RRR, better vehicle all around, bit more cash though.
  6. Ordered and received a hardened steel pinion for my Super HotShot as I was swapping out the motor for a sports tuned and figured I'd put a better pinion in there. Ordered this : http://www.ebay.com/itm/181890621544?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Hobbystar MOD1 Pinion Gear 13T Hardened Steel 5.00mm Bore.... Didn't realize the importance of the bore measurement until I tried to attach it to the motor and realized the bore hole is way too wide. So... still looking for a range of decent hardened steel or better pinions as go-to recommendations at different turn rates for future builds. Anyone have a handy listing / reference links ?
  7. Some repair to my re-re Super HotShot... drilled a couple of screw holes deeper and inserted new screws to better secure the front bumper and underguard. Tinkered with the steering alignment. Got a Holiday Buggy re-re used model I'm going to do a complete rebuild on. Washed the body today in prep for sticker work.
  8. Yep I have some nice titanium screws that could go in there.
  9. Having a problem with my underguard and bumper on my re-release super hotshot coming loose from the chassis where the screws join both pieces together. Anyone have any suggestions on how to put a more permanent fix in there - longer screws, decent hop up parts to replace these ? Open to ideas. Thinking I may need to drop some glue into the screw holes as they could be stripped from the screws being re-applied too many times.
  10. Got a partially constructed 2010 Holiday Buggy kit the other day, with some missing parts. Looks like whoever tried to put it together didn't know what they were doing so it'll be a complete deconstruction and rebuild. Today I ordered a new sticker sheet and some new wheels and tires. Interested in putting on some decent shocks that will fit, any recommendations ? The stock ones seem like total crap and I'll be adding a heavier motor.
  11. Earlier in the month while there was still quite a bit of snow around my neighborhood I took my re-re Super Hotshot out for some bashing (ramping off of frozen snow banks and the like). All was great until on landing a front wheel caught in a deep footprint someone had left in a dift. Thought nothing much of it at first so walked over to take a look and the connecting point for the front left suspension (which mounts directly to the front gearbox) had torn away, taking a good chunk of the gearbox with it... So several weeks later I received a replacement gearbox casing (off of ebay) and set to work disassembling and reassembling. Took her out today for a spin and all is right with the world again.
  12. Finished up the build of my son's DT-03 Neo Fighter, all working well... now just to paint and decal the body.
  13. Fixed a problem with one of my front wheels not spinning under power in my super hot shot, then promptly managed to rip the front bumper off in a mild crash. This thing is more fragile than a leg lamp. Getting lots of moneys worth though seeing as how much rebuilding I do.... Also making progress on the Neo Fighter I'm building for my son, front assembly on, gearbox and engine up and tested, steering tested. Got the aluminium battery bar in the mail, should have this one wrapped up with on and off work on it over the next week.
  14. I'd like to see some new vehicles with modern tech and the best materials and handling, yet with more emphasis on scale looks. The performance buggies of today look nowhere near as nice as a Hot Shot or similar of the 80s. Not everyone needs the fastest race track performance, we want great driveability, fun, and yes, scale looks. too much to ask ?
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