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  1. Man. Guess I have to wait a couple of years for a re-re Lazer ZX🤣
  2. I think, IIRC, that a several of the Parma bodies were designed for buggy use, so a lot of the sports and sedan shells were molded to fit a stock buggy with very little modification other than removing the stock bumper and changing the mounting posts.
  3. I really want a Terra Scorcher...we had an off road track on base at Ramstein, and I campaigned a Scorcher for quite awhile, finally beating the top gun with a heavily modified Optima. Sadly, the Scorcher met her demise when I lost control, hitting a rock in the infield and cracking the tub. Took forever to get a replacement, by that time the optimamids were showing up, so I bought a Lazer ZX to race. I finally got the tub,fixed the car and traded it to our chief master sargeant.
  4. Hi ya'll..haven't been here in a bit, I do boats and airplanes also, and have immersed myself back into RC boating, as the FAA has given a lot of US aviation modellers a bellyache, me included. I use the 1060 for my brushed boats. I can tell you from personal experience, they are good units, waterproof, reliable, and very user friendly. I bought mine on Amazon for around 23.00 apiece, and I'm quite pleased.
  5. Hi ya'll..haven't been on here awhile, been indulging in boats. To that end, I recently won a little Graupner Eco Speed and the drive system for that hull. There were 2 drives, one with the obiquitous Speed 600 motor, and the one I got with the Speed 500BB Race VS. I've installed it in the boat, so I don't have any pics yet, but I was thin king it was a Technigold's cousin..but it's a little different, so I didn't pursue my curiosity further. Today I was checking out the Trades section, and on of our members is looking for a Dynatech 01R..I googled THAT motor, and it looks like the Graupners twin!! So..my question is, where in the heck can I find brushes for this thing? Cash
  6. Hi ya'll..was going to put this in a build thread, but I didn't take many build shots, so I thought I'd post the finished product here..kit# 84263, the Tyrrell P-34. I bought the kit around Father's day, the chassis was very easy..I waited till I got my new glasses to do the body, it was...interesting..actually, it was a PIA to cut out using an XActo, I fnally broke down and bought curved Lexan scissors AFTER I got the body cut out. Everything came out nicely, except the forward cockpit, as I started getting OCD and tried to get the cockpit perfect, and ended up making the forward cutout too large..such is life. However, she looks pretty good, I'm proud of her. The radio is an older 75mhz Futaba Mag Jr, and the reciever is an older Kyosho Pulsar with the case removed..only BEC reciever I had left, and as Im using a Tamiya ESC, I needed a BEC reciever. JR servo, stock drivetrain, going to drive her tonight.. Heres pics..
  7. I DO talk to real people..only thing is they're invisible.
  8. Y'know...I was just thinking. It might, JUST MIGHT be that "Back to the Future" was a well hidden documentary, and not a work of fiction. If we start with that premise, then isn't it possible that the LCM's were developed well before the 1980's? Let's look at the only known reference to the Conrad motor, the part number. If one devides 240826 with 1955, the answer is 123.somethingorother. Now, let's break that down further. 123...2 times 1 is 2, the first digit in the Conrad part number..2 times 2 is 4, the second digit in the Conrad number. Now...2 times 3 is SIX!! The last number in the Conrad number..."But Cash", you say, "what about the other digits in the Conrad part number?" Easy..you discard them, leaving you with 246..which is EXACTLY what you get when you divide 240826 with 1955, discard the fraction, and double...I'd almost bet the Conrad has a double wind armature too..coincidence? I think not.
  9. So... I think the same thing happens when you cross the streams...
  10. You fellers in Europe and the UK think you're sooo special since it seems that the bulk of the LCM's (Legendary Conrad Motors) are in your possession. It's to laugh...so I will......HA!! WE, here in the US, have access to THIS ANY TIME WE WANT!! Click the link...and be afraid... http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/EB00/121G.oap Cash
  11. John Fitch Sprint Corvair. Just sayin... Mebbe...Shelby Daytona Coupe. Re-Re the Terra Scorcher too!! How 'bout a Ford Fiesta ST on the M05 chassis? Annnd..again, while I'm dreaming, some older Can-Am or Lemans cars, in 10th, not 12th scale. Just thought of this..ABS body parts screwed to a polycarbonate inner shell. It would look good, but if you crashed it, you could just replace the affected part instead of the whole body. That's it, I'm done, off to bed.
  12. I almost shot Coke out of my nose when i read your post...funny as all get-out, and a lot of truth too..one thing though. What's wrong with counting Spitfire rivets? It's more fun than measuring Hurricane fuselage stringers, THAT's for sure...
  13. Might try to "scab plate" it, especially if it's for a runner. Thin piece of fiberglass or carbon fiber cut just like your template. Use a decent epoxy to bond them.and use small sheet metal srews to hold it in place in the middle, Drill thru the plate and the post that's broken, use a 3mm nut and bolt to hold it in place.. That should hold it.
  14. Hi ya'll. I got a little lucky a few weeks ago, and bought a couple of M05 chassis and an Abarth 1000 body from a gentleman in Richardson, Tx. Both chassis have full bearings, and one has aftermarket shocks on it..he said they were Associated, can't really tell you more than that, besides the fact they're blue. Anyway, I'm going to build up the Abarth body, but I'm wondering what else is out there as far as bodies for the M05. I'm thinking I might have to order from a vendor outside the US, as it seems that bodies for the M series chassis are slim over here. Anybody have a favorite vendor they like to use? Also, are there bodies that fit say, the M03 but are difficult to fit on the M05, things like that. Just want to keep away from any potential minefields in setting this thing up, as it looks like a LOT of fun, and i'm anxious to get her on the road. Cash
  15. Don't feel bad, I'm setting my M05 up for brushed...
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