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  1. I did not sand ir otherwise prep the springs. I used tamiya fine white primer. I fully expected it to chip pr wear off but it hasnt so far.
  2. I've used PS paint on shock springs with good success. Not sure if that helps you... Terry
  3. IDK. Plastics is plastics??? How about regular old CA super glue? Or spend the money: Tamiya 87137 CEMENT for ABS
  4. Thats a great spot for driving! Where is it??? and what Lego tires did you use? and will you sell wheel sets??? please! Take my money! Terry
  5. I love the chrome chassis, but shouldn't this have a Sassy Chassis??? Terry ETA, this is going to inspire me to finish my Iron Frog project!
  6. Tamiya extra thin cement??? Ive used the same bottle for a couple of years now…
  7. My old roommate didnt paint the body on his childhood Frog (he gave it to me). I think it looks really cool.
  8. Thanks for the info guys. I've done some verifying against TamiyaBase, Tamiya USA, TTP, and Tamico. And I've updated the first post to start a list. Keep it coming! Terry
  9. Ok, Ive been thinking about this a little. And maybe I can get some help from the friendly folks here??? Please??? Here is what I ask of everyone here: if you have a real print Tamiya manual, please pull it out and measure (as accurately as possible) the length of the shock piston shaft. If it has a part number, please note that. Then please post the car/shock, length, and any part number. Im going to pull out the few I have this weekend and start an Excel. If anyone is ace at Excel, please get in touch. I suck at it… Thanks! Terry
  10. Ok there is some info here. I’ll have to do some research for part numbers… https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/89072-the-buggy-damper-thread/
  11. Is there a list of Tamiya piston shafts with part numbers and lengths? I’m on the hunt for shafts to make a set of Short Shock II (50520s) and I’m having a hard time figuring out part numbers. If there isn’t a list, I’ll start one once I receive the various parts I ordered… Terry __________ ETA: Started adding some data I found online, etc below. If you have anything to add, please reply to this topic and I'll add it to the list... __________ (v) = verified through physical measurement or TTP/Tamico/TamiyaBase/TamiyaUSA data 19808076 = 53.3mm (v - measurement - aerobert) 19804377 = 49.6mm (v - T-Base) 19808138 = 47mm 19805917 = 46mm (v - measurement - frog jumper) 19804293 = 45.4mm (v - TTP) [this is also listed as being 49.6mm???] 19808075 = 45mm (v - Tamico) 19804376 = 40.7mm (v - T-USA) 19805966 = 39mm 19804650 = 38mm (v - Tamico) 19804292 = 36.5mm (v - T-USA) 19805504 19805811 3455007 = 42mm (v - measurement - frog jumper) 50601 = 33.5mm (v - measurement - frog jumper) Titanium Coated: 54044 = 25mm 54043 = 49.6mm (v - T-USA) 54042 = 40.7mm (v - T-USA) 54213 = 48.5mm (v - T-USA) 54212 = 37mm (v - T-USA) 53850
  12. Tamico has X parts and Y parts. #19803211 and #19803212. They also have the W parts #10225067 and V parts #10225606. ETA, the W and V parts are for CVA1 as mentioned by Saito.
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