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  1. I was a this show... In fact, I may have even recorded it for the band. I did a lot of that back then (holy carp - has it been 15 years?!?). This venue even had a little booth right next to the soundboard for us to set up our taping gear. I made a lot of good tapes there... Terry
  2. I’ve said this before…. My previous hobby consisted of going to see live music, drinking beer, and hanging out with young hippie chicks. My wife is happy I now stay at home and play with cars…
  3. I love my CC02 for slow paced action in the woods and creek and hiking trails around my house. The way it’s geared, you set it up to go crawler slow or buggy fast.
  4. I would be interested if you can post to the States.
  5. If I remember correctly, these are Traxxas #1972 and #1974 wheels. Terry
  6. Yeah, I've added a significant amount of weight to my CC02... Terry
  7. At 247mm, about half of the fluted shaft is exposed (and does nothing), leaving only half of the shaft to do all the work. I felt it was too short, even though it does span the length required. Looking back at my photos from when I had it set up for 242mm, the 75mm shaft fits much better (and IMO is the appropriate length). Only about 1/4 of the fluting is exposed (similar to the rear shaft I have pictured above). Just be aware... Terry
  8. During Little Zoey’s last bath, I noticed the front drive shaft was starting to twist. Unfortunate… The rear doesn’t look as bad. The biggest issue with the kit CC02 shafts, at least in the Defender kit, is that the front shaft is too short. Even at 247mm, more of the shaft is revealed than should be. I elected to fit steel hop-ups. CR01 85mm shaft in front and CC02 75mm shaft in rear. Once I removed the kit shafts, I found the twist was much worse than it originally appeared. Front: Rear: CR01 shaft: CC02 shaft: The instructions are nearly identical in case anyone is interested. Front: Rear: personally, I recommend these hop-ups. They are nice and smooth. And the 85mm fits perfectly.
  9. How tall are these extensions??? Great work BTW! Thanks, Terry
  10. The KBF uses the SBF hubs, and the SBF uses the BF sus arms, ie the BF hub should work with the KBF arms and therefore you can use the Parma bump steer knuckles???
  11. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/91616-blackfoot-12mm-front-hex-mod-project/&do=findComment&comment=771886
  12. My son has a swim meet in a neighboring city this weekend. I'll use the opportunity to visit some of the LHS's over there... Terry
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