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  1. Here are a few lists I’ve put together over the couple of months. I’ve been collecting hopups and upgrades for my Super Mega Fire Dragon... Suspensions Pins: (2) #54395 (2) #54695 (1) #53301 (1) #53585 (1) #53539 Do a search for Taffer’s posts on the subject. Prop Shaft: (1) #54501 (1) #19808130 Shaft from TT02 and joints from Super Hot Shot. Some mods to the chassis will be needed. Steering: ThunderDragonCy’s Shapeways bearing steering kit with 630 and 730 bearings, screws, nuts, etc. (1) #53585 (1) 23mm turnbuckle (#49324) (2) 32mm turnbuckle (#49326) The last two items are the Tamiya Red turnbuckles I’m planning on using. The style and color you use is up to you. Camber Arms: (1) #50596 (1) #19804206 (1) #52539 (1) #50591 (4) m3x15 screw w/ m3 nylock nut This one is still in development and I may change up the connection at the chassis. Shock lengths: Front = 64mm Rear = 70mm #50519 can do both lengths. There are (3) bearings in the tranny that are not included in many of the bearing kits. I’m going to try out #53136 in these spots. I also ordered some 1150 flanged bearings and some 5x11x4 standard bearings to test out. Pinion: Robinson #1713 - 13t steel #1714 = 14t, #1715 = 15t, etc Vintage and upgrade tranny parts: x10127 #50337 #50602 #3550026 Vintage drive shafts and joints: #50335 #50336 Holy Grails: #50338 rear sway bar #50339 t-shot rear wing kit #50362 t-shot camber arm kit Thoughts on wheels and tires: From what I understand, the 2” Schumacher tires will fit the Dragon wheels. I have yet to test. Hot Shot wheels are a direct fit replacement. Use #53056 and your favorite 2.2” wheels and tires. If you get lucky, the vintage Duratrax #51xx series tires are 1.9” and will fit the Dragon wheels. Corrections and comments are welcome! Terry
  2. Ok that makes sense. Does the setup button not need ground? Or should I insert the new switch on the hot? Thanks! Terry
  3. Brilliant! Simple on/off is easy, but ho do you do one where the setup button is also on the power switch??? 1080 for example. Terry
  4. Friday: Few hours of work, then enjoy the rest of the rainy day watching Bad Batch and maybe working on the Iron Frog... Saturday: We live on a circle (Lookout Loop) of about 20 houses and we are having our annual BBQ Block Party this weekend, ie the "Lookout Cookout". I'm planning on charging all my batteries and letting the kids bash in the street... Sunday: Early morning at the lake - my son has open water swimming practice. Then a lazy day at the pool (opening weekend!) followed by dinner with Mom and my wife and kids... Terry
  5. My kid's ECX Amp kit came with a free Spektrum electronics. Its working great so far, but it does say a lot that the Tx and ESC/Rx combo are included for free in a $120 kit (along with a battery). That said, I always buy the FlySky Rx's two at a time. I've had a couple that would never bind... Terry
  6. one of our LHS has one and it looks juicy... I mostly run in the backyard, so no real long straights. If I do have long straights, it on grass at our local ball-field, so the extra torque will probably be more useful that the extra speed. I'll probably pick up the Dirt Tuned next time I'm near there. I just can't help myself... Terry
  7. Any thoughts on a Dirt Tuned in a TShot or TScorcher??? Terry
  8. I always suggest FlySky when people ask. Cheap and easy. I use this gun with several cars. New Rx's are easy to get at less than $10 per... https://www.flysky-cn.com/gt2b-gaishu Terry
  9. “Misty May and her Manta Ray” Great band name... Terry
  10. Ain’t nothing but an E Thing... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THL6xuuq6Vg
  11. Sorry to hear that Revell still puts out an inferior product... car looks great though! Terry
  12. From my perspective, as a Frog/Blackfoot guy, it depends on a few things, and I’ve learned a few things... Depends: Rarity drives the price up and of course rarity makes the hunt so much sweeter... but it comes down to functionality for me. A custom blingy thingy that’s over priced better work as advertised! Lessons: Patience. That part will come up again. One day. Hopefully. And it will be cheaper. Or you get to explore other avenues in our hobby like finding someone to 3D print it, or adapting available parts to do the same thing... Terry
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