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  1. I've learned the apply the "First Rule of the Dept. of Defense": Why buy one when you can buy two??? You've now seen that you can snap a piece, and spare parts are cheap... Stock up on the few that you think you'll need, and then you don't have to wait for the Post to arrive... Terry
  2. 1. Clean it up and put it on a shelf... Look at it when you're reminiscing with beers and friends... Get your rocks off! 2. Buy re-release Monster Beetle and build that. Upgrade as need be... I found my old Frog in my parents garage and spent way more fixing it than I would have if I had kept it original and bought a re-release... Buy your boy a Tamiya Mad Bull... Just my advise... Terry
  3. Beers... I'm a tire addict. I like buying tires and wheels. Mostly old school 2.2" stuff since they go on my Bushy D, though occasionally I'll buy some 1.5" stuff for my Frog Jumper... I have gobs of old school 2.2 Prolines designed for "standard" 2.2" wheel (50mm wide). I've got quite the collection going now (don't tell my wife!)... I also like big bad and bold tires. Right now the Bushy D has Imex Claw Dawgs and they are HAWT!!! They look great on HPI wheels, and are nice and aggressive... But I wish they were taller and so I've been looking at big tires... I fell in love with the Imex Jumbo Dawgs, but its a love/hate relationship. I love the idea of big honking tires... But I hate the fact that they look ridiculous... And when I saw this, I knew I had to get a new set of big tires to satisfy my cravings... They are beautiful!!! But the wheel set are too wide w/o Mods to fit my tire collection apparently... So I'm not sure the time is right for this set up, at least for me... I've also started compiling a list of Monster Tires, mostly to find a less ridiculous alternative to the Jumbo Dawgs... Here's what I have so far: IMEX Jumbo Dawgs 2.2" - 140mm x 100mm x 56mm - 5.5" x 4" x 2.2" - fits double wide wheels (2.2 x 4.0) JConcepts Ranger 2.2" - 141mm x 75mm x 56mm - 5.57" x 2.95" x 2.2" - fits Midwest wheels (2.2" x ~2.95) HPI Mud Thrasher - 135mm x 73mm x 56mm - 5.31" x 2.87" x 2.2" - fits standard 2.2 wheels (2.2 x 2.0) Proline Destroyer 2.2" - 135mm x 72mm x 56mm - 5.35" x 2.83" x 2.2" - not sure it fits standard 2.2 wheel EBAY "74-54-56" tires - 128mm x 74mm x 56mm (I guess) - 5" x 3" x 2.2" - And then there is this... http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/tires-wheels/3992-**ultimate-tire-size-listing**.html Any other tires to add to the list??? Further... I'm looking at a whole new world with my new 12mm front hex Mod... I've been looking at beadlock wheels on EBAY... But they all seem to be designed for skinny wheels... Its like Millenials and their skinny jeans - just don't look right... And I can't find a set that will fit old fashioned Blackfoot sized 2.2" tires. Can anyone recommend cheap plastic beadlocks that will fit the standard Blackfoot tires??? I don't need the extra weight, and extra expense, of metal... Gimme your Big Fat Blackfoot Tire story!!! Maybe I should lay off the hooch??? Terry
  4. I installed the new Mods onto the Bushy D today. And mounted HPI #2135s to the front using the HPI adapters... Its a tight fit... I ended up ging back to the #9805825 ball ends and moving the connection to the Steering Servo to the bottom side of the Saver... This helped prevent rubbing on the tire - in this case Imex Claw Dawgs... I ran the Bushy D for about 5min. in the street and yard w/ an easy throttle. No problems... I then took it in the backyard and spent a good 10min. chasing the dog with it. Again, no problems... I consider this Mod a success. The wheel and tire you fit may prove to be an issue, but I've had no problems so far. Next, I think I will get a foursome of #10440024 wheels...
  5. To add to Twingo’s post, if you get a BF, you can buy a MB body and have both...
  6. The front is approx. 42mm wide. The rear is approx. 50mm... Terry
  7. I really like the dark grey chassis... Terry
  8. Based on the second photo Bromley posted, I think you’re right.
  9. TamiyaBase lists the 50395 as the replacement. Does the Blitzer upright already have the long axle???
  10. Also, the Blitzer uses the same front axle upright as the Hornet and many other Tamiya cars, so wheel options are plentiful. You can also push out the actual axle and insert the longer Blackfoot axle to give you the length you need for larger wheels. I did this on my sons Grasshopper and I mounted HPI super star MT wheels. Terry
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