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  1. It needs to be bigger... With more jumps... Terry
  2. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-trucks/rc-aqroshot/ Here is the DT03... As mentioned above, there are lots of upgrades (hop-ups) for this car, since it is a newer model. Its a bit more pricey than the Mad Bull, but has a lot more future potential... As seen here, the DT03 has several variants, and parts will likely swap from one to another... https://tamiyabase.com/chassis/149-dt-03#all-dt-03-variants Terry
  3. AFAIK, the Mad Bull uses a Grasshopper II body, so you can get Grasshopper II decals, etc... Blackfoot wheels and tires are slightly larger than LB wheels and tires, and are 2.2" size. They should fit the Mad Bull without issue. 2.2" is more common than the LB 2.0" size, and you can find 2.2" tires of various tread patterns on the interwebz... Proline makes a lot of nice ones... I don't know for sure, but Tamiya 50520 shocks would probably be a good replacement. They'll off better handling and stability. Better verify the lengths you need... And from the vids I've watched, you'll want to tinker with the steering to eliminate some of the slop... Then again, the LB is very popular (not sure why), and there are a lot of upgrades and mods for it... Terry
  4. I would look at the Mad Bull. Its basically a Grasshopper/Hornet turned into a monster truck/buggy... Terry
  5. I'm glad you were able to work out your battery life issue! Happy driving! Terry
  6. Hopefully someone with access to 3D printers or other manufacturing will buy and replicate??? Terry
  7. "so it’s strong, reliable and i don’t have to bother with this again" Yeah, this will never happen... The ORV is a great chassis, but being vintage design, it will always need massaging. What's the saying? "A polished turd is still a turd"??? If you want "don't bother", get a Traxxas beater! Terry
  8. I was in your shoes several years ago... I had an old Frog... I went full bore and fixed/upgraded everything... Somewhere along the line, it wasn't "the car I had as a kid" and became "the car I have now"... IMO, you should just buy a re-re Monster Beetle and work on that. Keep your OG MB as is, and enjoy it as "the car I had as a kid"... Get a new one to bash around the yard... But to answer your questions: 1. Upgrade the shocks (Tamiya #50520) and the electronics (ESC instead of MSC). You will eventually want to reinforce the transmission with pressure plates on each side. MHeald made some beautiful parts as mentioned by Kev, but I think you can make something similar with a trip to the your local hardware store... If you want to go further with upgrades, CRP made many valuable upgrades. I recommend ALL of them... As for today's 3D printing reality, you should search for AmPro. He has a whole line of modern 3D printed products designed for the Frog/BF/MB that can greatly improve your car... 2. Personally, I buy most of my stuff from EBAY. 3. A quick search for "Tamiya Blackfoot Wheels" will show you what is out there. The typical re-release Blackfoot wheels/tires will fit, and they are very easy to find. Keep your original Gold wheels on a shelf... Almost any "2.2" tire will fit the Blackfoot wheel. The re-release MB has Gold wheels, so you can get new ones... You could replace your MB body with a lexan one or get a Blackfoot body. Parma makes a Blackfoot truck body but they are very rare. The various Tamiya VW Bug bodies will fit with a little work. Or just get a re-release MB body kit... 4. Those specific items are *bling*. They are *shiny* and designed to part you from your money... The only one I would say is "worth it" would be the rear axle hubs (the round things that secure to the back of your rear wheels - the plastic ones split due to old age and torque)... If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM. I've developed my ORV Jedi Skills over the last few years, and am glad to share what I have learned the last few years... Terry
  9. So after some trolling of my local Craigslist, I finally made the dive into Kyosho cars... I found this: https://jpegbay.com/gallery/007554421-1.html#1 After some clean up, the car is in very good shape with no broken parts. The only bad was that the OG rear tires have flat spots... I'm shopping for foam inserts to help correct this... I also bought a ton of OG spares on EBAY one night when I had a few too many beers... They were cheap and easy, like me when I've had too many beers... I also bought Kyosho Scorpion shocks (F and R) to replace the OG pogo-sticks... Much better... And I bought new bearings to replace the OG bushings... I'm not sure why all kits don't include bearings??? Anyone??? IMO, its a beater car. Kyosho's version of the Grasshopper. Cheap and easy for beginners but nearly indestructible... It is a neat car and I'll get electrics for it so I can run it. Why not?!? So much potential bashing!!! Terry PS: Are there any Kyosho Raider Jedi Masters out there that can help me upgrade this??? I notice that the the Rocky is very similar and share many of the same parts... Guidance would be appreciated!!! PM me!
  10. I've updated my Frog Jumper build thread... I've added remarks per essential Hop-Ups (IMO)... YMMV... Terry
  11. I've updated my original Post with all the new stuff I've massaged into the Jumper... Couple of things to add: 1- I've managed to procure a used (and chop worthy) Parma Frog Jumper body that I'm trimming to fit the new set-up... Wish me luck... 2- I found a You-G "Mighty Frog Rear Stabilizer" (rear sway bar) kit... Part no. TM-8413. Many similar products out there, but very hard to find... I couldn't get it to work right... I'm sure its me, but IMO its worthless kit... Current pix: https://jpegbay.com/gallery/007550055-.html#1 Thanks! Terry
  12. "ZAP-RT is extremely strong and flexible and coincidentally is perhaps the very best R/C Tire Glue on the market today. The clear formula will not mar chrome R/C tire rims." https://robart.com/products/zap-rt-rubber-toughened-ca Wow! Thanks for the tip DK! Terry
  13. Many people use silicon sealant in place of glue. It peals off with a little work... Terry
  14. I picked up a dark grey chassis and switched over last weekend... Its HAWT! https://jpegbay.com/gallery/007550055-1.html#1 Terry
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