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  1. My haiku in honor of this thread... Life is so fleeting Here one day and gone the next But hey! New decals!
  2. I wish I hadn’t seen this thread... so does my wallet... The good news is I will soon have some nice decal sheets! Terry
  3. That cat. It is a tamiya model??? So realistic! Excellent paint job! Terry
  4. I grew up about half mile from Witchduck Rd in Virginia Beach Va. It was where Virginia ducked their last Witch, Grace Sherwood. Terry
  5. Loooove the Miyazaki stuff... My first cartoon love was Macross...
  6. The first BarbieFoot (fit onto my Bush Devil) is 99% complete: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/92792-tamiya-barbiefoot/ This one is for me... I'm working on the second one (fit onto a normal Frog modified into a Blackfoot) now, but work keeps getting in the way... This one is for my daughter... Actually, I think I need to buy a third one since this has been such a fun project! Terry
  7. My daughter watches a lot of CookieSwirlC. Most of it is junk - toy openings, play, etc. But every once in a while CookieSwirlC will re-furb an old doll with new paint, texture, stuff. It’s all our modeling skills applied to another genre of toy. I’m building her a BarbieFoot (Blackfoot with Barbie Jeep body) so she can learn RC and still play with her dolls... Terry
  8. The ReRe Frog Body kit is identical to the original except it doesn’t have the battery switch cutout in the rear window. I also think they new body is more brittle, but that may be subjective... Terry
  9. I love my Bushy D... The SBF tranny is bullet proof but I’ve yet to attempt to try an adjustable motor mount. I also run a combo of the Bf and SBF front end, ie standard BF parts except for the arms and radius arm. The added length makes the front end softer. 50520s all around Terry
  10. https://imgur.com/gallery/LnhRvxi I hope that linky works... My first Corona Vacation project is 99% complete. BEHOLD THE BARBIEFOOT!!! Last year, my daughter came home from Target with a new Barbie Jeep. When I first saw it, I laughed about it having the same wheelbase as the Bushy D... She was not happy and ran off to hide it in her room. But recently she started playing with it again and that got the gears turning... As it turns out, the Barbie Passport Jeep and the Safari Jeep are almost perfect fits for a Blackfoot, with only light modifications. The main goal of this body project was to fit the new one without any mods to the Bushy D. I ended up making one slight mod and that was adding rear side mounts similar to the Monster Beetle rear mounts. Nothing major - I just replaced a screw that mounted the rear crossbar with a typical Frog mount on each side. Easy! My Bushy D has a CRP cage, so I had to remove the bottom plate completely and build a new one with sheet aluminum and rubberized kitchen shelf paper. I made a template out of cardboard first, the transferred it to some old sheet aluminum I had in the shed. Flat black spray underneath. I covered the back plate with the rubber to give it a rain cover effect. I tried gorilla glue first but it was messy and didn’t hold as well as I hoped. So I had to mount it all with tiny self tapping screws. Barbie is not actually a Barbie brand doll but a “Poison Ivy” 12” doll that was in the goodwill pile. I guess my daughter wasn’t into superheroes - her loss is my gain! Much better anyways since Poison Ivy has articulating elbows and wrists. It’s going to a pain the remove her to change her clothes (which I want to do) since she has a screw in her back to hold her on the seat. I also had to chop her off at the knees to get it all to fit. Sacrifices... When I first started this project, I applied the first rule of the Dept of Defense: why buy one when you can buy two? I ended up buying 2 different Barbie Jeeps and have done some parts swapping. The blue body comes from a Passport while the purple seats and top come from a Safari. I kept the Safari pink body and Passport white top for the second part of my BarbieFoot project. I realized that the bottom plate I had to remove bc of the CRP cage in my Bushy D didn’t have to be remove for your typical Blackfoot. As such, I removed the CRP cage from Bushy D for the second part of this project and did the required surgery with a standard BF in mind. As it turns out, all it need was some very minor surgery to remove the front “axle” area to make room for the front shock tower, and a slot cut out for rear body mounts. I had to do some extra trimming in mine bc of the Bushy D rear shock tower, but I am confident that it will require less surgery to fit a standard BF. At this point, I need to get a third ORV to mount the second part body on. The nice thing about this second part is that my daughter will be able to take her Barbies in and out as if it were a normal Barbie Jeep. Only hers will be RC and could stomp Ken’s lame Jeep all day! I will share what I learned. Just hit me up! I meant to take pix along the way but I forgot... Terry
  11. Sweet rig! Keep the body on a shelf! Don’t touch it! Don’t even look at it!!! And then get yourself some re-re BFs or Frogs and go hog wild. The re-res are nice bc they are 99% the same as the originals but you can bash them without any of the guilt... Terry
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