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  1. Frog Jumper

    Blue Edition Brat

    Chrome Brat is already out there... Good luck finding one! There was also an Old Skool Hop Up via "CCP" or "Custom Chrome Parts". They had a line of chrome plated BF items, including the chassis. Here's a recent example on FleaBhey: Enjoy! Terry
  2. Frog Jumper

    FAV machine gun

  3. Frog Jumper

    Blue Edition Brat

    "Chassis parts are molded in gray" Bah! Why not a blue chassis like the Bush Devil ORV?!? Terry
  4. Frog Jumper

    Blue Edition Brat

    The Brat/Frog shares the same tranny as the BF/MB, though the various gears used are slightly different depending on the set-up. The BF/MB gears give more torque and less speed. The BF/MB also uses a motor mount plate and a smaller pinion to produce more torque and less speed. I've attached notes to myself about the different tranny set-ups for the ORVs. LMK if you have any questions... Terry ___ORV Gears.txt
  5. Frog Jumper

    Tamiya spares box

  6. Frog Jumper

    My daughter's Barbie Jeep

    My daughter came home yesterday with one of these: It has a 10" wheelbase... The body just might fit on a Blackfoot chassis?!? It got my gears turning... Terry
  7. For sand, I recommend ribbed front tires. They grip well and are able to hold a line... They are getting hard to find... Terry
  8. Not for the faint of heart... Terry
  9. Frog Jumper

    Dyna blaster wheels on ORV help

    Marked for later reading... Terry
  10. Let me guess??? Outer Banks??? Great place to drive... Cheers for Raleighwood! Terry
  11. I've driven the Bushy D in water no problems... I just take the battery out and give it a good rinse in outdoor shower - probably just like you... I'm not a fan of WD-40, I use 3-in-1 oil... Terry
  12. Frog Jumper

    Your favorite tire?

    I'm a big fan of old Imex tires, like the Claw Dawg... Terry
  13. If you can find them, Pro Line Sand Paws are the tire of choice IMO... My Bushy D has done very well at the Outer Banks with those... Terry
  14. Frog Jumper

    A Frog (o)pinion

    You will find your acceleration and top speed improve if you move to bearings at all points. If you plan on running the stock Frog Tranny with a GT Tuned, use the 16t pinion supplied with the Frog. It will be fine. Unless you're trying to break some speed record, I would go with the 16t pinion. You might even try something like a CRP adustable motor mount and a Thorp 15t or 14t pinion??? You have to remember that the stock Frog Tranny is very temperamental, and will eventually spit at you... If you really want to stress you Frog tranny, think about upgrading it... Terry
  15. Whatever you do, do NOT get drunk and start shopping on EBAY... Terry