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  1. Lol. I took The Dragon on a test spin and my neighbor said it reminds him of the Star Wars Imperial Guards…
  2. HPI #A281 = (2) m3x36 and (2) m3x42 shafts???
  3. Maybe I’m old and deaf but that sounds like it’s supposed to. It is a little clicky but I think as the parts break in, the sound will diminish…
  4. In my Wing Quest I bought some random wings on eBay. Started painting them to see how they would look… These are too small: These seem to be better size wise but I don’t like modern wings… This one I like. I need to adjust height and angle, but I like the look… But I also bought some Egress wings. Actually two sets since I didn’t trust myself to not mess up the first… After 3 good coats of PS-2… Cut out and assembled. I used some leftover SS screws and nylock nuts… Mounted. Oh that looks really nice! I love the extra wide sides. And I love the BigT designed the lexan to be painted and assembled in such a way that all the surfaces you’d see are the “good” sides. I also love these buttons. They are made by Raceway MFG, likely for okdskool pan cars, but the work well and look great. I ordered some more… Last bit will be to try some custom decals from MCI. Likely typical FD decals wo the dragon cartoon logo. We will see. I also have a Penguin brand repro Winger body that will need paint and decals… And one day soon, I’ll try to see how my various Truck 2.2s fit… Thanks!
  5. I’m sure it will be a sweet ride. We don’t get much Sabre Dance around here… https://relisten.net/jazz-mandolin-project/1996/06/27/sabre-dance?source=30499
  6. Lastly, I use old cheap bearing in my wheels and cups. And when I come home, they get replaced with new. We make an annual beach trip and I use the post beach recovery day to give my car a good clean up, lube, and general maintenance…
  7. Ball collar: it’s an M3 tube with a bulge in the middle. You can fit a tapping or machine M3 screw through it. You might need a longer screw than standard. If you don’t have a longer tapping screw, you could drill out the hole in the mount and run a machine screw through it (back with washer and nut). But looking at Turnips pix, it looks like the black tappers will work.
  8. At least we can look forward to more Dragon spare parts…
  9. BigT sells a DF02 spring set that comes with red and blue springs…
  10. Waterproof electronics is important. You may not drive through the water, but after driving, a quick hose down is essential to getting all the big chunks of sand out... Terry
  11. New balls since the brass ones didn’t work with my color scheme…
  12. Sand Paw tires are a definite requirement...
  13. RC4WD sells a Big Dog trailer. Lots of pictures -you can steal some ideas…
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