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  1. Best for me: hunting vintage parts. Worst for me: monthly visa bill. Terry
  2. I forgot about the Mud Blaster! Yeah, it’s red. Terry
  3. As it is, there is currently a KBF chassis on eBay. It is an OG dark grey and not a ReRe dark grey. Terry
  4. Gray = Lancia Rally, Frog and Brat Red = BF, SBF, MB Blue = Bush Devil Dark Grey = KBF and blue Brat and black MB Chrome = chrome edition Brat A third party also made chrome ORV chassis’: Custom Chrome Parts (CCP)
  5. The springS should be adequate. But what is happening is that the shocks are having to fight against the traction of the tires as the tires “toe-in” while the shocks are being compressed, ie “bump steer”. By correcting for this, the shocks won’t fight the tires and should go back up normally. Terry
  6. I found that if you correct for bump-steer, the shocks work better. Do you have the original steering knuckles??? Terry
  7. We are doing virtual schooling. Not sure how well it will work out but our kids are young and can catch up...
  8. Bored. So I’m thinking about doing double shocks on the BF. Thoughts??? Waste of time??? Terry
  9. I used to send my gear to ProDigital in PA, but they recently closed as the owner died of cancer... Sucks, I wanted to get my PCM-r500 tuned up this year... Terry
  10. I wonder how hard it would be to 3D print the entire Tranny Case via 2 halves??? But then again, why reinvent the tranny??? Beers... Terry
  11. Test fit on my latest ORV project. This is my buddy’s OG Frog. Tranny case and sides are original, with all new NIB vintage internals and CRP #1608 bearing cups. There is a slight gap. I could probably crank the nuts down and close it, but I want some diff action. NBD. I like that variations in how tight you make it allows changes in the diff action. I like the wrap around too. Allows me to save my CRP #3045 skid plate for a future project. This ORV is for my daughter so I don’t need all the extra hop-ups on the rear. This will work perfectly. Many thanks to all involved! Terry
  12. Like Kev said, open up the tranny case. Diff = frog, no diff = brat/lancia. I suspect that it’s a Brat that got Froged... Terry
  13. The Brat wheels are a direct fit, and the tires are good for road use. i use some on my Grasshopper. Terry
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