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  1. The best bet would be to mount (4) shocks, with (2) facing front and (2) facing rear. That way you get full protection when you hit the concrete wall with your 10.5t brushless... Terry
  2. Not sure, I got bored too... Terry
  3. That's a great idea! I do have an extra set of 50520s lying around... Terry ETA here's a hop-ups Willy bumper. Just a little bit of work and you could have oil filled on there!
  4. Nice! I have the same kit in my Bushy D. Works great!
  5. Took a few quick shots while the Road Crew did some morning warmups on our Test Track… You can say the difference is, well, “night and day”… The photos don’t do it justice. It just glistens in the light and it sparkles as you turn it this way and that. It think with some dark accent colors it will look really nice… Here’s the Road Crew hard at work…
  6. 70degF and low humidity this afternoon so I put my CL score to work! And I used up a bunch of half-full cans I had under the bed… Last bit of my PS41 bright silver on the nose, last bit of PS53 lame, and then the last bit of PS13 gold. I got two coats out of that. I then used the last bit of a can of PS1 white as a back. I thought it might be too bright so I backed that with the last bit of TS6 (I’m out of PS black apparently) and another coat of PS1 from a fresh can. It came out brighter than I wanted. And it’s hard to see the glitter in this lighting. It should look better in the sun. Unfortunately, the body had some creases and other damage from being stored in a box of RC junk for over 10 years. Oh well, I suppose I won’t feel guilty trashing it! Here is a test fit on the Dragon. I’ll need to work out some taller body mounts, and maybe some axle extensions… And yeah, I used the Big T tape and the Kyosho scissors. When I work out the body mounts, I’ll use the Hudy reamer. Terry
  7. Depending on cost of glue etc it might be cheaper and easier to get another set??? I mean, you already know they break and you’ll probably need an extra later…
  8. Nah! Just rub some cera-grease on there…
  9. $20 score on Craigslist… Parma Jeep Honcho body Big T tape and dispenser Kyosho lexan scissors Hudy body reamer Rock!
  10. Break up with her... Then no guilt! Alternatively, raise the cash to buy her something nice as well so you both have nice new toys... Terry
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