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  1. That blue frame is from a Bush Devil...
  2. I'm using a set of YR dampers on the wheelie bar on my Bushy D. They seem to work fine, and they look nice and blingy... Make sure you get the correct length... Terry
  3. As a person that completed re-built their original Frog with new re-re parts, etc. let me suggest this: clean up and rebuild your Frog exactly like it is now. Then buy a re-re Frog for bashing and driving... Terry
  4. This came through my Googlez... https://hackaday.com/2020/09/20/1-3-scale-hybrid-rc-car-with-a-scratch-built-125cc-v10-engine/
  5. I have a couple of the Thorp extra long pinions, designed for use with an adjustable motor mount. Since the mount pushes the motor away from the spur gear, a Thorp extra long pinion made up the difference. But they aren’t cheap. And they only come in one pitch, 10t through 16t. And with my newest experiment, I’ve added a new motor mount to the Bushy D (Bush Devil ORV) so I can run a Thorp extra long 13t pinion. But even with the extra length, the pinion grub locks down almost at the end of the motor shaft. so my question: Is there a 540 motor shaft extension??? Something that sleeves over the motor shaft and adds Xmm of length??? or: how do you make a motor shaft longer??? Terry
  6. I figured out how to put 13t pinion onto my Bushy D. Next big project might be a Super BlackFrog with 16t... Terry
  7. Bump... If no one wants these, I'm going to donate them locally... Or trash them... Thanks, Terry
  8. Bump... If no one wants these, I'm going to trash them... Thanks, Terry
  9. I’ve been looking at those same hop-ups for a while. They look nice. I have the same front shock mounts on my Jumper, but in chrome. Terry
  10. That is a beautiful machine. To whom does it belong??? Where did you get the pix???
  11. Nice work! Looks fantastic! I love the space cage design of the ORV. It lets you get creative mounting the electronics. On my Jumper, I use the OG MSC plate but flip it upside down. My ESC sits on top. My Rx sits underneath. On BarbieFoot 2, I made a small “shelf” that fits in the same spot as your ESC. That space originally fit the old school Rx. Now I fit my ESC there. I also made a small shelf where the driver mounts for the Rx. Cheap sheet aluminum, cut with tin snips, bent, stuck with double sided tape. I’ll snap some pix later tonight... Terry
  12. I like to swap out my wheels and tires. It’s fun. So I use other tricks to help keep my tires on: foam inserts and rubber bands in the wheel rims. Knock on wood, I haven’t had any tires come off yet... Terry
  13. as for getting stuck hard right/left, you may have to adjust the end points in your steering. You can do this with the Tx. I did it with my FlySky. It’s in the manual...
  14. Swap out the receivers and test. Follow up if needed with a servo swap out. Aftrr that, I don’t know... Terry
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