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  1. I haven’t been here long enough to get to know everybody, but I do have to say that this is THE nicest, most civil, most enjoyable, most awesome message board ever. The only drama is dead batteries and lack of spare parts. Fantastic! Terry
  2. The Title of this thread made me think of this:
  3. I’ve been using the same 3 Onyx packs for 5 years. No noticeable difference now from when I bought them. I have no idea if they are “good”, but they work. Terry
  4. I used to have 50520s on the rear of my Frog but I switched them out for 50519s so the Jumper would ride lower. Still using 59519s in the front but I think I’ll switch to something shorter. Not sure yet...
  5. Thorp made one. It’s rare and expensive though. Terry
  6. If I remember correctly, the MIP diff gear requires the BF/MB spur gear. You’ll also want an adjustable motor mount to use to larger Frog pinions on the BF spur. Terry
  7. I took the BarbieFoot out on a nice family walk yesterday afternoon. Got a nice pix at the creek...
  8. I’m looking for a Blackfoot Sassy Chassis or modern equal. New or good used condition. Hit me up if you have one you might want to sell. Terry
  9. Watched my daughter and her friend drive the BarbieFoot 2 all over the front yard...
  10. OK, I have an extra used set you can have. Shoot me a PM and we'll discuss $$$ and shipping, etc. Thanks, Terry
  11. Do you need them to be brand new??? If I have an extra set, they will used but in good condition.
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