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  1. Ah! My bad... Thanks for the info. Terry
  2. https://ebay.us/EBvhtb Pretty cool custom job... Terry
  3. Good stuff, though I wish he had designed around the 50519s... Though, after further thought, a 70mm shock is a 70mm shock... Terry
  4. I've read several recommendations here in TC for the Blitzer series of cars for beach running... Get some ProLine Sand Paws... Terry
  5. I've seen a rear sway bar like that. With the small tab thingy and the short wire, rather than the round thingies and long wire we usually see with the Parma and You-G rear sway bars... But for the life of me, I can't remember the manufacturer (if I ever knew it) and I can't find it online... I thought maybe Trinity, but its not... And I've never seen a front mono-shock like that. I like the L-Arms - its a neat touch... But you'll have to play with the action in order get it right... But I wonder if you'll ever get over the sway effect the mono will give your car... Fun stuff! Honestly, the sway concern at the front, and the PITA factor in removing the body, has kept me using 2 independent shocks... Terry
  6. I use Parma #8054s on my bodys. They are stick-on. They help a lot with the body shakes... Terry
  7. Is this one of those Optical Illusions, where if you look at the picture long enough, you'll notice a cool looking car just behind the hot chick with the daisy dukes??? Terry
  8. LOL... I just looked at that link again... That's my Bushy D he has pictured on the Shapeways site... Its an old picture, the Bushy D is bit more fluffy now... Terry
  9. I've only recently made the jump to the Big Kim SS, and I'm finding that it sits a little too far forward now... Sooner or later I'm going to get a couple of of these: https://www.shapeways.com/product/325D6E3AY/tamiya-blackfoot-center-steering-ver-2?optionId=61107557 I have the V1 type in my Bushy D now (and one in my Frog). He made the V2 to accommodate larger SSs - the servo sits about quarter inch (~6mm) further back on the V2 as compared to the V1) . I just haven't gotten around to buying them yet... Terry
  10. Yeah, I have one of the mid-sized ones (the #201) on my Frog... Terry
  11. I like the Kimbrough SSs... I use the #124 in my Bushy D... http://kimbroughracingproducts.com/store/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=176 Terry
  12. Oh I wish we had a track here in Raleigh. There's one in Durham, but its close to an hour from me. I've never found the time to drive all the way out there... The few others around here have all closed shop. Mostly people moving on from the Hobby. Drones is what everyone is doing now... It would be nice to have a small dirt oval around here to run our Vintage Runners on... I doubt my wife will let me set one up in our backyard... Terry
  13. You win the Dad of the Month award! Terry
  14. You can do a search on EBAY for 80mm turnbuckles. 3mm is a rare size for that length, 4mm seems more common. You might have to buy new ball ends??? Dubro is a popular brand in the US. I used a set of #2157 with some Dubro ends when I centered the servo on my Bush Devil (SBF)... Works great... The threaded rod solution is the cheapest. You might try your local Hardware store, or Arts and Crafts store... Terry
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