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  1. Trying to I work out a steering rack system for ORVs…
  2. Yeah I used to have that problem. I had to quit drinking. The upside is I have more RC money!
  3. Yeah it’s been a fun build, creating and modifying. The wife is out of town so I’m planning to do some driving tomorrow. I’m hoping to convince my daughter to do some video…
  4. Added a modified Tamiya Big Rig driver…
  5. Street view of address listed in Wiselines contact info:
  6. Finished the interior. Black felt along the top of the dash, brown felt on the floor, soft leather on the seat. Chrome Molotow pen on the steering wheel and shifter knobs. Apparently I had a spot of glue on my finger tip and touched the seat. So we now have a “coffee stain”. Fits beautifully inside the shell…
  7. I’ll try to get some video soon. Weather where I live it’s very nice right now.
  8. Finished the rear wheel wells. Guess what my daughter had for lunch!?! Lol! Unfortunately, the containers don’t take paint very well. The paint on the fronts flaked off while fiddling with it. Yes I used primer, and yes I hit it with sandpaper, and yes I used soapy water prior to paint. Oh well… Also used some old brass tube to make a couple of mufflers. Hammered into shape, holes drilled and filed, black paint followed by gloss aluminum (ts17). I’ll hit it with a flame and some sandpaper once paint cures to get some patina. On a side note, RC_Persy sent me the “simple Blackfoot interior”. It’s made for the hardbody BF body, and so it needs some mods to fix my lexan. First mod was magnet mounts… It also came with two bucket seats so that is being converted to a bench seat. Paint and then some pleather to give to some snaz. Tamiya putty across the top of the dash to hide print lines. This will be sanded flat once dry. Need to find a driver figure. These seats are way to high in overall elevation so my 6” driver figure was too tall. I’ll have to find a Blazer driver figure instead, I think.
  9. Love that body! lmk if you want black rear superstar mt wheels. I think I have a set nib I could sell…
  10. Wheel wells. Cut up some microwave mac-n-cheese tubs. Some paint. The rears need more work but my daughter needs to eat more MnC first… looks good from the side…
  11. I picked up a FlySky gt3 a few months back and I’ve been enjoying modifying it…
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