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  1. LeftyAl

    GoolRC BL ESC & motor

    Its a 3650.
  2. LeftyAl

    GoolRC BL ESC & motor

    I got the 3900 Kv and 60A as a spare for my Himoto (B4 clone). Super easy to set up. Hard to beat from a value perspective. Haven't used it enough to determine longevity. I'd recommend the 3900/60A option, not sure how accurate the ratings are on cheap gear.
  3. That is a great inboard camera angle. Can see how hard the suspension is working!!!
  4. Depending on what we are doing my sons's DT03 runs a 4000kV or a 5600kV both using the hardened 17T pinion. I loaded up the front with some lead to try and keep the front wheels on the ground, ended up modding a Lunch Box wheelie bar to stop the thing from flipping onto it's back. Once you get some speed up, the front generates a fair bit of understeer. On an oval dirt track it is a challenge to cut good consistent laps. I would suggest a 3300kV - 3800kV motor would probably be the best balance. Lots of power is good, but it does tend to increase the number, time and cost of repairs
  5. LeftyAl

    the steering on my tt02 is screwed

    Hmmm just took a look at the TT02 manual. Assuming yours is stock, you cant adjust the camber. That leaves checking the bearings and checking the suspension is installed correctly.
  6. LeftyAl

    the steering on my tt02 is screwed

    It would be worthwhile to pull the front bearings from the axles and give them clean. You could have something binding up one side causing the turn.. but I think it is more likely a suspension geometry issue. I got a RPM camber gauge and it is quite interesting to see how much difference there can be on camber... front and rear. There is only so much you can tune out using the steering trim.
  7. LeftyAl

    Manta Ray Essential Upgrades

    I like to use universal drive shafts where I can on my cars. Not for performance, but for when I drive too hard and loose dog bones. More than 1 afternoon driving session has been halted due to a lost dog bone. I tried using the 3mm o-rings in the axle and diff cups to remove excess movement (still need some movement for suspension travel). This is OK for a while, but when you go a bit hardcore the o-rings can get worn out/cut up and next thing you have thrown a dog done. The universals are a bit overkill $$ wise, but from my experiences help make the car more reliable. Now that my kids drive cars with me I would prefer to maximise driving time over wrenching time.
  8. LeftyAl

    Buggy moving without controller input

    Do you have a different transmitter and receiver to test with? I had the same thing happen with a cheap transmitter/receiver. It came down to the throttle innards on the transmitter being flaky. If you held the throttle back the tiniest bit it would hold neutral. This issue would come and go... eventually it went for good when I replaced the transmitter.
  9. LeftyAl

    Motor ID help

    Yep, looks like a Trinity one to me too. Brings back some memories. Last time I needed brushes, I just used ebay. That model uses "stand up" brushes. Refers to the orientation of the brush face to the commutator.
  10. LeftyAl

    Too many controllers

    I have 3 Flysky controllers with multiple memory.... but find it easier to just bind whatever cars I want to run at the time. Sure there are some standard bindings i have, but it is easier this way to run any 3 cars you want at the same time with just a few mins time spent binding. I don't bother with any fancy extras on the controller (ABS etc etc), just left,right, go and woah.
  11. LeftyAl

    HW 1060 ESC problem

    The Hobbywing 1060s are a bit different on the calibration side of it. The brushless Hobbywing ESCs need input on the throttle calibration (same as Juggular's example). With my 1060s, you just turn on and wait for the beep then off you go.
  12. LeftyAl

    Binding without the loop

    I think the paperclip would work. If you have an electronics store close by you might be able to get a jumper wire for an electronics breadboard. . Or get some light gauge wire, strip back some of the sheathing at each end, twist a couple of loops at each end and connect to pins 1 and 3.
  13. LeftyAl

    HW 1060 ESC problem

    Not 100% it is 50%, but definitely slow enough to make J turns rather challenging
  14. LeftyAl

    HW 1060 ESC problem

    Pretty sure this ESC is slower in reverse than forward. 50% slower from memory. Juggular is on the money re: the braking.
  15. LeftyAl

    Midlife Crisis and RC?

    I had an early life crisis that has lasted over 20 years. Was never allowed to have a Hornet or Frog as a lad and always ended with crappy dept. store RC cars. Once I got a job and had a couple of pay rises, I wandered into the LHS and bought a Super Hornet. 20 something cars later and here I am. Now I have both my kids into RC. They are good at driving, not so good at fixing or having consideration for mechanical sympathy.