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  1. Good call there mate. I have a Super Hornet ( same live axle as Hornet) and the handling is simply poor. It bounces all over the place is now where near as much fun to drive as my, Fighter Buggy, Frog or Fast Attack Vehicle. Super Hornet was my first car so has sentimental value and I have vivid memories of building it on the lounge room floor. The build was pretty simple, but I think you and your son with quite enjoy building the TC. It is a few more notches up on the skill level. Get yourself a bearing kit for it and have some fun.
  2. Hi All, I have an F201 with a broken propeller joint B. I bought the hop up kit for the propeller joints, but it only has joints A, C & D. From what I can work out I need Screw Bag C 9465592 which looks like it is available at https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/7-digit-spare-parts/rc-screw-bag-c-58288/ but only to US folk. If any US member has some time to purchase and ship to me in Australia it would be most appreciated. The parts are on special so I may get 2 if they have stock. I can paypal $$ to you with a little extra for your time. Thank you
  3. Phases for me. Some weeks will be RC every day/night... then a break, generally whilst waiting for spares to arrive... then back in it.
  4. Did some testing yesterday and it looks like it may have been a suss usb lead.
  5. I found an interesting issue with charging the GPS. If I use a USB charging station, it wont charge.... but if I connect to my laptop.. it will charge. The charging station outputs 1.1 to 2.1A so wondering if there is some sort of surge protection on the GPS that kicks in if the amperage is >500mA. Maybe I've got a weird one or a suss cable. Interested if anyone else has experienced the same.
  6. looking much better, now give it a run and see how it handles.
  7. yes, my dampers are also using the outside lower mount points.
  8. Might be worthwhile to use the outside holes for the bottom of the dampers, that will lower the front a little and should help with reducing toe in.
  9. Just checked the front dampers. they are TA03 ones with a longer lower ball connector. Centre to centre they are 64mm or overall 69mm long. If yours are longer, than I suspect that is what is causing the toe in. To test, slowly press down on the front and see if the toe in changes.
  10. Here she is, fresh off the wall!!!!. Has not been used for a while and it looks like my daughter was the last to crash it and sticker it up!!!! The picture is misleading, but my steering is almost zero tie in/out.
  11. Hahahaha too many cars. I think there are 31 at present. From Tamiya I have....... TA02, TA03F, TA03R, TA04, TT01 *2, F103 *2, King Blackfoot, Baja Champ, Frog, Super Hornet * 2, F201, DF03Ra, Wild Willy 2, and a DT03.
  12. Looks a little better, can try the other holes on the knuckles to see if that helps. Give it a run and see how it goes.
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