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  1. Not 100% on how the primer will work with the chrome bits. Hopefully someone more experienced will be able to chime in. What colour are you going to use?
  2. 2nd week of October was the start to my yearly visit to my brother in law for a few days of speedway fun courtesy of his driveway almost resembling a speedway track. Too put it in context how much we look forward to it, my 4 door sedan (with a large boot/truck) was packed with 2 suitcases, 7 cars and all the gear to keep the cars going. There was not much room left..... Conditions were tough due to the severe lack of rain out his way, and the track managed to stay slippery for the 4 days we drove on it. Normally it gets a bit of a groove after 3 days and the cars hook up. Reviewing some of the videos shows how loose the marbles are out there and it all comes unstuck in an instant if you miss the racing line. On Friday afternoon drivers started turning up late afternoon and getting their cars prepped. This year we invested in a transponder based timing system and it would have to be probably the best investment ever for our racing. We had 15 drivers qualify. Top 5 went straight to the A-Main, winner of the C-Main advanced to the B-Main and the top 2 joined in the A-Main. My car was sporting a paint scheme channeling the late great Peter Brock and his day glo orange "Big Banger" Holden Commodore from 1984. We also debuted a Go Pro 7 camera and put it in a few different spots. Above the driver's stand, on the veranda covering corners 2,3 and 4 and on a sprint car. Somewhere I have a rear camera setup.. just need to find the footage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zg3aCJI34U Be kind in your critique of the video. I am just dipping my toes into the go pro world. The only editing done was to cut/paste the good stuff and I and still working on understanding the best quality levels etc to use for youtube. At the end of the A-Main we had an all in "Last Car Running" that went for a fair while. The lead car ended up doing 178 laps....in an old school nitro car. I think he stopped for fuel twice. I was surprised he lasted that long as it got pretty violent out there late in the night, I graciously bowed out before ending up with a wrecked car. We had some great crash crew out there doing a stellar job as with 15 cars starting, there was fair bit of carnage in the opening laps. It wasn't till Sat that someone was hit by a car, but a rather special ice cream cone made the pain disappear for my daughter quiet quickly. It was a great 4 days. We turned up around 9am each morning and stayed till about 8-9pm. Brother in law and I were either working on cars, the track setup, emptying the fridge of beer (gotta keep hydrated in a drought) or cooking BBQ's to feed everyone. I made chocolate mousse every day and each morning the bowl was empty ready for a fresh one. Wed afternoon was spent tuning the timing system to the laptop and cars, Thursday getting the lights sorted out and Friday was the big night. Saturday was wind down day of fixing cars (my nephew wrecked 4 cars) and doing some analysis of the timing data. Most of the cars were B4 clones made by Himoto, there was a legit B4 in there somewhere, and original '86 Kyosho Javelin, a few nitros and another model that looked like a B4 clone. The only rules are rear wheel drive and it has to have a sprint car body on it. I might get back there during Easter next year for a weekend. I have 3 cars now that I need to strip down, service and return to buggy mode.
  3. Agree with Saito, I put a brushless setup on my FAV and whilst it was quick it wasn't exactly fun. Faster impacts cause more damage.....and the front end is not really made for quick cornering with that much power. So I went to a HW 1060 and 23T Tamiya RZ (I think) motor. Not that you'll need to, but I put Wild One dampers on each corner and that that is much much better,
  4. I'd keep it, you may never be able to get one back at the same price should you change your mind. Things like servos/ESC and motors can always be swapped around to other cars to lessen the $$ impact
  5. I was in contact with Andrew Bolton at the time letting him know of my frustration. He helped me out in the end as I was at the point of wanting to get the car fixed and them sell it. So my regret was buying too new a car with no local support. I know it wasn't HPI's fault, but for a period of time the enjoyment of a nice new kit was over shadowed by a lack of parts/spares. It ended up being shelved for a fair few years. I got it down when my son showed some interest in it. Might get it going again. My son is looking for a new car now and i have been encouraging him to make sure that he does some research around spare parts and options to set expectations before he breaks it.
  6. Pre Y2K I bought a HPI RS4MT (The electric one) was a great buy until I slid it into a curb and ripped off the front right hand corner in the first week. The importer had ordered in the car, but no spare parts. Was rather annoyed at spending a week's pay on a car (before I put motor/ESC/servo/receiver) which was pretty much shelved till a slow boat made it to AU with some spare parts some months later. Sadly was a model well ahead of itself. If it had have been released in the last few years it may have been able to compete with the SCTs. Alas it was not able to race with 2WD trucks and there was no 4WD truck class.
  7. Good idea to check the bearings. My HSP nitro had a metric tonne of axle wobble after about 10 runs. Pulled the axles and found the bearings were a hybrid of half bronze bushing (outer) and what was left of bearing inner. All axles had them and the gearboxes had normal bearings.
  8. Got a SkyRC GPS today. Will be good to see actual speeds instead of guesstimates.
  9. Thanks Lucaa, it looks to be wired correctly. Hoping that someone with some more experience with your ESC can chime in to assist.
  10. Hmmmm, can you put up a pic of the receiver please? It may be a problem with the receiver, do you have a spare one to test with?
  11. thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  12. List them separately, but consider offering a discount if someone buys multiple units. e.g car, transmitter, charger etc etc.
  13. Got a GoPro silver delivered today. Had a quick play, the speedo overlay is pretty cool. Will be doing some speed runs over the weekend and getting it ready to use @ Speedway week in Oct.
  14. I have 29 (I think) cars in the shed. All of them are runners. Whilst I absolutely get the reason people have shelf queens, I prefer to have cars with memories that extend well beyond the build phase. Painting/detailing is my least preferred part of RC. I go for function over form. Pre ebay I had to shelve runners as I couldn't get parts. The most memorable was trying to find E parts for a King Blackfoot. Too many jumps had destroyed the rear shock tower. Once ebay gain popularity, I was able to get a set of parts from the UK. So the runners that are getting harder to find parts for tend to be used lightly... whilst those with plenty of parts availability get used pretty hard. The beauty of this hobby is that there are no rules.... (unless you want to race of course), so people can do what makes them happy. I just recently dipped my toes into the world of nitro and am really enjoying the learning curve and the time my son and I spend on the car.
  15. hmmm, same part number. Wonder if they ran out of paint ??
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