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  1. Stripped the body. Planning alternative box art paint scheme but green and red instead of yellow and red. Re-Pop orignal decals from eBay. I have the original door handles. Taillight , second license plate , new glass from a re-re coming from Hong Kong. No mirrors as of now , I can always add them latter if I find a set. I did a little more to the chassis. Getting closer ! I’ll add more pictures latter , Thanks for looking. Id like to see the broken case you have . I might have something , Possably let go of a complete disassembled chassis depending on where you live. Anything outside the cont. US is a giant hassle for shipping.
  2. Rear section cleaned and assembled. Next step is to choose a motor, I have 3 originals to choose from .
  3. It’s been awhile ! I’m back on this ,, Completed the front end today ! Completely refurbished
  4. Check eBay UK ,, Radshape RC **** They look like a very nice chassis and not as much $$$ as I thought
  5. I havn't had a chance to check the mounting holes ,, I'm expecting they will line up. I'll check and post my finding in a few days. Redshaperc makes a a few differant plates that look very nice ,, although with shipping would cost 4x as much. The $33 eBay chassis could be cleaned up with a hand file ,, I don't think you would need a grinder . It's not awful ,, it's just not a nice finished piece .
  6. RC Channel Fronts on my new re-re look and fit great . They even included a set of replacment pins for the rear arms ,,, to use in place of the torsion spring assembly.
  7. Hi , I have a few vintage project SRB's as well as a new re-re ,, I also had a original Scorcher new 35 years ago. I wanted to comment on the chassis you posted links to. I have the aluminum one pictured for sell on eBay with a BIN price of $33. It's rough ,, crudely made ,, the edges are sharp as a razor ,, the screw holes are rough,, mine has a added flaw in the thickness in a small section near a edge ,, It reminds me of a unfinished 2nd. It is also a bit heavy. It is not made to a retail standard in my personal opinion. I emailed the seller asking if I had mistakenly been sent a 2nd. His response was to offer me 1/2 refund ,,, Which I accepted ,, I didn't want to hassle with the return shipping. With all that being said ,, I'm sure it will work if the holes line up. I might clean it up , cut the sides off and run it on my re-re ,, But I wouldn't recommend buying that one. Just my opinion. The second one you show a link to looks to be a factory chassis from a re-re which is near the same thing as you already have. My original Sand Scorcher was build with all factory parts straight from the kit and held up fine. Original chassis and taped down servo. Keep up the posts , I'd like to see it run !
  8. When it rains it pours. Scored this box of "parts" from a co worker. One looks to be a MK1 Rough Rider ,, mostly complete including the original box and broken body. It has a MK1 gear case, rear arms, and MK1 screw type front towers. Unfortunitly it has latter type thick MK2 front arms ! The second looks to be a MK2 Scorcher ,,, no motor or body but also close enough parts to build a roller. Both these cars have been very well used and put away in pieces. I'll need to take a good look to the real condition of each. I'm still in need of the MK1 right front upper arm ,, I might have other spare parts to trade now ! Thanks for looking , Steve (USA)
  9. Great , The pictures seemed to go through. I disassembled and cleaned the front end. Bought some replacments for the bent pins. Soaked in thinner and ran through the dishwasher ,, Still needs a light wire brushing or polishing. First item of concern. I'm in need of a right front upper trailing arm ,,, The thin type as pictured on the left. I have a WTB ad posted with some luck but hope to find one locally to avoid some cost. Thanks for looking ,, Steve (USA)
  10. Hi , I found this site while researching a MK1. Picked this up on CraigsList a few weeks ago. I had a Sand Scorcher as a kid in the early 80's which is long gone. After some research my plan to rebuild this with modern hop-ups changed. The plan is to restore it original as I can. I bought a new re-re for the modern build ! The body looks to be free of cracks ,,, I ran a test in the photo section and was able to share a link using PhotoBucket ,, I'll stop here with the pictures until I'm sure Its working correctly.
  11. Great ! I'm in Orange , CA , 92867 , USA ,,, I'm restoring a MK1 I recently found on CraigsList ,, I'll post a thread in the forum with pics soon ,, Thanks Steve
  12. Wanted MK1 Sand Scorcher / Rough Rider right front upper trailing arm for a first issue Sand Scorcher . This is the thinner of the two early styles like the one pictured on the left in the photo .
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