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  1. I think the Supershot is a great looking car. With that and an Avante I wouldn’t feel the need for a VQS though I’m sure it’s a better driving car than the others
  2. Yes, I find it very ugly-no interest at all. I am biased though as I don’t care for any cab forward buggies. I will say though that I found the Avante pretty ugly too but it has definitely grown on me and realized it’s the wheels I really don’t like. Bought a BS and will probably end up with a 2011 at some point
  3. great point. I love vintage muscle cars and want them to appear stock but all about modern ignition and overdrive tranny etc.
  4. totally get that. Only one I probably won’t run is an original optima I put together with NOS parts. It has the chain, MSC, and never even put oil in the shocks. I have few other optimas and a new TO so don’t really feel the need.
  5. For those that have restored never-drive shelfers because of their rarity, Do you feel the need to have them complete with motor/speed control? or just bare?
  6. I would actually say that most parts are interchangeable except for the internals. I think parts abound for the optima series. Mids of course, a bit harder to find. Try getting parts for a 959.
  7. That makes total sense. I think I’m hoarding too many.
  8. Looks great! I have a few Foxes as well. I have one that was my runner with several mods You-G shocks sway bars etc. Not sure if I want to switch that to my never run Fox. Get another. Original foxes show up on eBay often and aren’t expensive and of course the rere is probably more durable .
  9. Understood! I have a turf field near me that I plan on running a few of my rarer cars.
  10. That criteria makes perfect sense. The Javelin original? Original NIB javelin is the only NIB I own that I don’t plan on building.
  11. I hear ya. I am going to be building a few small shelves that will be tucked away in the unfinished part of my basement for my eyes only. Will plan on rotating them through.
  12. I couldn’t afford hobby grade Rcs as a kid but a few kids had Frogs and I thought they were awesome. One of the first cars I bought (re re) when I got into RC years later. Still gets drive every once in a while.
  13. My name refers to one my favorite cars-1970 Purple 426 Hemi ‘Cuda Yea, for me building is the fun part-except for the body. Most of my cars have duplicates that can be run and one that sits on the shelf though most are not built yet. I bought an Egress to run but I guess that might mostly be a shelf queen now.
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