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  1. Yes, that is what I understand as well. It will be a while before I even start this build.
  2. Getting ready to resto a couple of Supershots: One shelter with 95% original parts and one to be a runner. Aside from electronics, are there any difference between these and the Reres? Any recommendations for upgrades? Plan on running BZ in it.
  3. I ordered an Egrees back in 5/30 and it took less than a week. $112 for SF Express though. I ordered parts that were shipped 8/15 and there’s no sign of them. was thinking about preordering the Avante from them but $89 for,shipping is steep
  4. Did you try Marwan RC? Not sure if he makes that one.
  5. Sorry, I meant TBG, not MCI. The one I received from TBG were decent.
  6. I have an original nip body tucked away somewhere but Marwan RC and MCI have cut lines. I recommend Marwan RC for all kyosho bodies though I’ve heard good things from penguin
  7. 426Purplefish

    Kyosho Optima

    No comparison in style and appearance. A box art Optima is one the best looking RC cars ever made IMO.
  8. Anyone know why there no (known to me) options for 2011 Avante pre-orders in the US? The only one that comes up in a search is rc mart? I'm not experienced with RC preorders but it would seem that if you can pre-order the VQS then why not the Avante?
  9. Yea, I’ve ordered often from them in the past as they have had stock no one else has but the shipping has gotten crazy. Was looking to pre-order an Avante but can’t stomach $90 for shipping. Hopefully, I can get one from Amain or Tower.
  10. I really like that-it’s cool. Never cared for the ultimate wheels though, think I would try using TO rears and turbo scorpion fronts. That said isn’t that like a $600 plus Ultima when all said and done? I hope they make the Turbo.
  11. Metallic red? Looks awesome! what shocks are those?
  12. Nice, thanks. Cool that you are running some. I also have no good off-rod tracks near me to run mine. I took my TO re-re to a construction site recently and spent about 30 min clearing gravel and small rocks from the undercarriage and suspension. Oh well
  13. I guess I'm in the minority but I think the Top Force looks fugly, especially in stock form. Not in love with the color scheme and cheap looking wheels. No doubt the Top Force is a better runner than the SHS, but I have also heard that they are not that robust either. IMO, the Supershot is one of the sexiest buggies Tamiya ever produced. I almost bought the SHS but decided not to as I have two Supershots to restore.
  14. Thanks for sharing! Not enough optima porn on this forum. 1. Looks fantastic- can’t spot any faults. Love the metallic red and aluminum wheels-my absolute favorite of RC wheels. 2. How about a naked shot...what is it powered by? 3. Plan on running it?
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