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  1. Matt888

    High Lift Build options

    The other thing, do you have a controller for a 3 speed truck? If not this guy is a great person to deal with.
  2. Matt888

    High Lift Build options

    I had a Tundra, it looked great I fitted a Junfac kit and Gmade team zero shocks, I also had 1.9 beadlock alloy wheels and 110mm tyres on it. But as I said it looked great but it wouldn't climb anything and it rolled over more times than it was on its wheels. So I sold it and bought this, it was a great kit to build and it goes almost anywhere you want it too.
  3. Matt888

    1060 or tble02s which performs best

    Hobbywing 1060 all day long.
  4. Matt888

    Hobbyking International shipping to UK

    A friend of mine ordered a Turnigy Trooper from Hobbykings HK Warehouse and got sung with £30 tax and charges. Hobbyking don't put a lower value on the label.
  5. Matt888

    Tamiya Tundra before and after Junfac.

    I haven't had a chance to take it out yet, but even after removing the side steps I'm still getting a little bit of rubbing, I made a little obstacle course in the front room. Maybe some slightly smaller tyres 100mm instead of the 110mm that are fitted.
  6. This is the Tundra after a few runs I realised that it wasn't the best off road so I fitted a Junfac kit including steering, Gmade Zero shocks, 1.9 beadlock alloy wheels and 110mm tyres this is the result. Much better, but since taking these pictures I have had to remove the side steps to stop rubbing.
  7. My Tundra with a full home made light kit. I posted the wrong clip earlier.
  8. Matt888

    ESC in High Lift question

    This is the one I use in my Tundra with a standard can and it is brilliant. Well worth the money, cones with a programme box as well.
  9. This is my Tamiya Tundra with full working lights.
  10. I'm thinking of getting a Junfac kit for my Tundra, has anyone got one and are they worth the money? The next question is what size shock do you use with the kit and what size wheels and tyres. 1.9 or 2.2 wheels? 96, 108 or 118 tyres? Sorry for the noob questions, but I am a noob when it comes to crawlers.
  11. Matt888

    SRB bumper misspelt?

    So I've been told it rare and valuable .
  12. Matt888

    Tamiya Tundra

    The Lego trailer I built for it. I set myself a task of building it from stuff I already had and this is my creation, it tows quite well.
  13. Matt888

    Tamiya Tundra

    A few more. I'll do a build post when I've got a bit more time.
  14. Matt888

    Tamiya Tundra

    And then cry like a little girl.
  15. Matt888

    Tamiya Tundra

    With big thanks to Nobbi1977 a very trustworthy seller I must say, I'm the proud owner of this Tundra, can't wait to get her dirty.