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  1. Yes, will work fine. Use the same set up myself.
  2. You must live in Trowbridge, then! Have been into Dunk’s. Nice little shop.
  3. Always use RCBearings. Colin is a good chap. Didn’t know about Tamiyabase discount!
  4. My mates had Tamiyas in the mid 80’s as teenagers, but I couldn’t afford them. As soon as I was able to I started buying and building, mostly on-road. I have an electic collection of NIBs from Porsche 956 though various re-res and more modern on roads. I’ve got more into off road of late and have built more of anything in the last 3 months that in the last 20 years!
  5. Might have been a bit click-happy....Trouble is the Mrs is working from home so sees all the Tamico boxes. Or there’d have been more! 😂
  6. Haven’t really got the time and haven’t got a scanner, but guess I could photo the pages on my phone and upload them somewhere to share. What are the best apps for that?
  7. I love Tamico. Have bought a couple of their weekly offers which, even with the Euro/GBP exchange rate are still stocking deals. Kits usually arrive within 72 hours, too. Picked up a TA04-S Calsonic Skyline from their Vintage section a while back. ❤️
  8. Have been leafing through these wishing I’d bought more kits back then!
  9. Oh not seen these before, so have just ordered one! 👍
  10. Found it. https://tamiyabase.com/downloads/download-categories/send/11-pdf-bodyset-instructions/88348-body-51519
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