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  1. It’s put me right off buying it. And I was ready to part with the cash.
  2. Based on funding restrictions I try to avoid buying the same chassis unless I really want the body. I’m trying to have as much chassis variety as possible. I’m mostly on-road with a few off-road and 90% of my collection is NIB.
  3. Couriers will take them but Royal Mail won’t.
  4. I couldn’t agree more. I was only looking this morning and rolling my eyes at the inflated prices for average NIBs with ‘Vintage’ or ‘Rare’ labels seemingly doubling the price I’d be prepared to pay for them. I feel like messaging them and saying, ‘You’re having a laugh, mate!’ I rather assume if they started bidding at 99p with no reserve the market might agree.
  5. Good to hear your feedback. I have it but yet to start the build. Stickers get on my nerves so not looking forward to that!
  6. Hi. I dropped you a pm. Did you get it? Cheers.
  7. It’s here! Also grabbed a set of Carson LEDs and a truck motor.
  8. I’m at the exact same stage of thinking. I was tempted by the orange R470 on Tamico at €229. You can pick up 8 channel radio gear for about £60 at Modelsport and bearings from RCBearings for £15 so it’ll be about £300 all in. In fact I’ve already ordered those two items, so now I have to buy the truck! 😂
  9. A nice haul from Tamico before we leave the EU and get hammered for import duties!
  10. Thanks Tamico! Sealed boxes too. Got to the UK in 2 days and with the weaker Euro £220 the pair delivered. Already got one GT2, but this one's a NIB keeper! My first Tamico purchase, but not my last, I suspect. Poor bank account will get a hammering.
  11. Good idea. It's frustrating. They do make one that goes down to 23T brushed, TBLE-03, but it's £40. You can get the Hobbywing 1060 for £15 on fleabay, which is well-rated on this site and goes down to 12T. That's what I'm buying instead.
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