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  1. Thanks for the reply's and thanks for the guide XV Pilot. It seems you have done wuite a lot to your TT01! At the minute I have 4 on going projects and most of my money at the minute is being concentrated on my M05 Race car (I'll get a thread up soon) as I plan to enter my 1st Race in 2 Saturdays time. The rally car will be completed with either cheap parts or stuff robbed from the parts bin at home. I do have a an update from working at the car last night but will post from home as my work PC won't allow me to upload pics to the thread. I like the Evo 6 shell and think it looks smart and I actually have one in the house but that is set aside as a possibility for my TT02 race project. For this one I think I will stick with the focus shell but it will be different (still white though). I love your idea of the fabric cover and looks very useful, my auntie is quite useful with a sewing machine so might need to test the water see if she can get something together for me! One question, did you strengthen any parts of the shell with the likes of fibreglass tape or the like?
  2. Hi All and welcome to my TT01 Rally car build. For any who don't know I have a thread already going that will hopefully document my 1st steps into RC racing and can be found at the link below. I also have a few other build threads and can be seen at the links below also. So here it is as and when I bought it, a standard Tamiya TT01 with a Ford Focus Body Shell. This was my 1st RC car in quite a few years and has served to re-ignite my passion for the hobby again. As I said I do plan to race with a local club but this one will not be for racing and is more a project just for fun and experimentation. So the plans for the car are to raise the ride height and put on some rally tyres to have some off road fun on gravel/loose surfaces and hopefully equip it so it will take a few small jumps ect. When I bought the car all the kit was standard including the motor and ESC. As of writing I have an HPI 15T motor for it. The car is 100% and the only fault is the ESC seems to have lost reverse probably due to age and being stored in a damp roofspace for a while.I have no plans to change the ESC at the minute as funds will be concentrated on other projects for a while although I may eventually get round to this. Aside from the motor, tyres and ride height modifications I plan to try and seal up some of the holes on the underside if I am going to be going off road and also possible waterproof the electrics to a degree. I also plan on keeping the same shell but will modify it to something slightly different looking.
  3. Thanks for the welcome I really should post in the introductions if there is one lol. Haven't had much time with work and family lately to update but the car is now built and it was fun though frustrating at times and still haven't the steering properly sorted! I might post up 2 build threads in the relevant sections, one for the race car and one for the drift and link to them from here as I have all the pics ect. Hopefully I will have some updates on here soon!
  4. So the time finally arrived and off we set. There was 4 of us and we drew straws to see who would drive and I avoided the cut although I did end up driving my mates car home! Anyway back to business, I love this model shop and if it wasn't for the fact it is so far away I would probably be bankrupt! We went in to the shop and each of my friends bought drift cars for some car park bashing but I had a good browse around and opted for this! It consisted of TT02R Chassis Carson Reflex Wheel 2 Pro Futuba Servo Aluminium Damper Set Universal Drive Shafts (front) 2 x 3300 batteries A shell (TBA) I really couldn't decide on which option to go with in regards to the motor so in the mean time I will use a motor and ESC I have in the house to get my running while I research what I want to do. All in all not a bad evening and the owner of the shop did all 3 of us that bought cars a great deal and was very competitive with online prices. Next up is the task of building the new chassis! although I have had many cars (mostly Tamiya) and stripped and rebuilt on many an occasion this will be the 1st brand new kit I have ever built so I am quite looking forward to it!
  5. So onto the current TT01 and possible drift racer. As you seen in the previous post the car started of as completely standard and I started by removing the spoiler and rally type decals. Next was a trip to that not so local model shop. What I bought is listed below. 500,000 silicone oil Drift wheels New 15T motor New ESC (original one was missing reverse) a new drift style body shell So it was back home and straight to work, stripped out the diffs and added the silicone oil to tighten them up, and added the drift wheels, next fitted the ESC and motor and time for the hard part painting the body shell. In all the time I have been involved in RC I have never cut nor painted a body shell it was daunting to say the least. I read and re-read forums and blogs to get all the tips I could and then I worked up the nerves to get stuck in. I wanted it to look as respectable as possible! 1st was the marking body posts and wheel arches and getting it cut out Next was the window masks Followed by masking off the paint design I had in mind. The curves of the body helped with this! Then I went against all the advice I read on forums and blogs and did the lighter coat 1st! I thought since it was white this wasn't too big a deal. Then on with the darker coat. And finally placed it on the car! Ok so it is far from perfect but I am well pleased with the final results. If you get close enough you can see where the paint has bled in places so either my dodgy masking job or I used poor quality tape. To me it was the tape, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! So now only 3 hours to go till I leave for my spending spree and have a lot of work building and painting!
  6. Disclaimer I have seen a few of these threads and I have found them both entertaining and helpful. The reason I thought I would start my own is to documents my adventures into the world of RC racing and if all goes well maybe keep it up to date with my progress I also hope to help others that are maybe starting for the 1st time not to make the mistakes I will inevitably will make! How it all began! So I have always had some sort of RC vehicle around me for as long as I can remember but since no age my favourite has always been cars! I am a bit of a 1:1 petrol head so needless to say that transfers straight to the RC version and cars are by far my favourite. In the past I have had everything from Mini Z's to 1/10 electric to 1/8th on road Nitro.Although I have never done anything other than a bit or car park bashing! A few months back a friend ask me to do a small job for him (Im a spark by trade). Upon climbing into his roofspace it was a treasure trove from the past! There was everything I even spied a game gear still in its original box. But sitting nestled in the corner I spotted his TT01 still in its original box. I begged him to get it down and get it charged up but to no avail. Fast forward a few months and he calls me and asks if I would like to buy it, after some tense negotiations the price was set and I was again the owner of a TT01. Deciding to race So being a bit of a tinker the first thing I did was strip the car right down and clean it before rebuilding it, batteries were charged and out I went. After a few batteries I remembered why I always got bored! A standard TT01 with all its grip is no fun to bash about a car park with, I decided I want to race! Although I also wanted a drift car. After putting a post on a facebook group showing off my latest acquisition someone said they knew somewhere I could race it, I was really interested though buy now I had started to tighten up the standard diffs and drift tyres where soon to be on their way along with some other goodies. There was only one solution I had to buy another chasis and build a dedicated race car (needless to say the wife isnt too happy). So as I sit typing this I await 5.30pm to come so me and 3 friends (who are all for buying drift cars) head to the not so local model shop to see what they have. TBH Im like a child on Christmas eve! The local club run a TT01/02 Winter series that I am planning to enter so the chassis will be either of those. As for motor ESC ect there are a few restrictions and I havent decided if I am going brushed (till I learn some racecraft) or all out brushless (go hard or go home). That is my opening post and I will follow this with an update of what I have done to the TT01 to turn it into a drift car to bash in the car park with some mates, though I may also enter some drift races with it watch this space!
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