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  1. 94eg. thanks for the hints, Wow its more complicated than I thought. Never knew you had to break in a rc diff. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the tips and recommendations. and the brushed/ brushless motor conversion. I have gone with one of the hobbyking ones mentioned above. And I get a li-po to go with it. on a side note, This is my first time having a car with a slipper clutch, at least I assume its got one. I got this car used and it came with slipper pad replacements. Not having set up a slipper clutch before, is there anything special I have to do when I get the new power system installed? Been looking on youtube for db01 slipper clutch videos but can`t find any. can anyone point me in the right direction or give me a run down on what I should do. Thanks.
  3. I am looking for a motor+ esc for a DB01 i just got used. It has the stock dirt motor, but I think the esc might be shot and I cant find any english instructions for it (sanwa bl-racer) so I want to upgrade for a fast basher. So I thought I`d try the motor, esc and battery from my tt-02 All Tamiya gear. 15.5 turn brushless, li-fe battery and thier brushless esc. The db01 drove but so slow, it was just ever so slow. With the sanwa esc and reciever nothing worked. Li-fe is the only batteries I have ATM. I guess the sanwa bl-racer doesnt work with li-fe? I want to go 2s lipo and brushless system. But I dont understand what motors are suitable different style of cars. touring, drift, off road etc. Some motors only have a turn rating while others have a turn rating. Is it right that off road should be 10 turns or less or above 3500kv? ESC for lipo should have a highish amp rating yeah 60a or 80a. Been looking at the hobbyking stuff and from 8.5 turn motors up to 17 turn motors they all say good for cars, buggies and trucks?? I though after putting my Tamiya gear in the DB01 it would go allright (tt-02 does) But it did almost nothing. literally just went in the direction I wanted it to. (super slow) didnt even scare the cat. I though there might be something wrong with the car, but with motor removed it moves freely and all seems to be well. suggestions help would be great. Thanks.
  4. I have the type s, and no wheel base can`t be changed. But just about any other tt-02 can.
  5. Took my tt-02 ts to the track for some practice. first run after putting on big bore dampers, lowering the chassis and using rebound stoppers. Amazing what a difference it made. almost no spinning was able to keep good lines around corners so much more easily. best upgrade so far by far.
  6. Yeah, I found that today on the same site. Think I prefer the madbug though, comes with waterproof brushless and ESC. And it looks cool. might not have to get a monster beatle when/ if it comes out. http://www.rakuseimodel.co.jp/onlineshop/product_info.php?jisya=186144&bid=10&seriesId=1810 The other model I`m now considering is this the Tamiya land cruiser pickup GF01 They have big tyre racing at my track, and it will be another class I can race in. And it will be be for my boy. He`s the one who got me back in RC and I havn`t got him anything yet. Cheers for everyones replies. It`s helped a lot. I`ve got a fair idea of what I want, very useful thread for me thanks a lot.
  7. XV pitot. "The video shows the DT-03T, which is 2WD obviously, but a similar construct could be achieved by fitting a TT-02T with TT-02B suspension arms. I did a similar mod to its predecessor the TL-01 Stadium Raider, adding TL-01B suspension arms, and it worked really well. " This is another things I was wondering about. I have a TT-02 type s. and there are a lot of unused parts. Dont know if any of them could be used if I got a tt-02 b/t? But I guess If I got another TT-02 kit I`ll just get more unused parts. What does every one do with them? keep them? use them? Thanks for that link. DT-03t looks cool. The DB-01 are the electronics weatherproof?
  8. Thanks for all the imput. lots of cars to check out. I was already looking at the DB-01 Dorvack wish you hadn`t mentioned that scorpion. My eyes are bigger than my wallet. Just been checking out the youtube vids. of it..Wont be able to hide that on the top shelf. Dojo Dave, the slash is nice and I`m sure it would be perfect. finding it in stock seems to be difficult atm. and amazon JP has it for $1,000. third party seller.. Jim hit a good point. DB-01 has a large amount of hop-ups parts seem to be easy to get, and I was kinda looking at that already.. XV Pilot, I dont know why, I cant link to sites I can`t use the quote button and I cant even copy and paste from tamiya club. Think I pass on the WT-01 WR-01`s not really into those. And the sand at the dune is not that soft. Where I want to run it. is a huge flatish area of hard crusty sand. it has a crust of around 15mm. The dune has soft areas but wont really go there. Kyosho`s got some nice looking cars though..........
  9. Just want some input and people experiences with various off road cars. I love my tt-02 type-s at the track, but where I live we have a fair bit of rain, and I`m not far from the largest sand dune in Japan. Tottori sand dune. i`m minutes away, and at the end near me there is a large flat sandy area with a few small hills here and there. And this part is mostly hard surfaced, with sandy patches. There are also, some nice walking trails. hard, dirt gravel etc. I want to get out more with a car and have some good old fun. There are too many choices.......... tt-02t tt-02b (ms) DT-02 03 db-01 etc etc........... My needs 1) 4WD reasons, not sure. but my thinking is better control and speed. but am open to 2WD if it has benefits. 2) Be a tank, I read somewhere that racing orientated buggies tend to be more fragile? is this true. 3) Japanese brand, Tamiya, kyosho, yokomo. As I live in japan, price and availability of parts. I`m more partial to Tamiya, Never had anything else, and dont know much else about the other brands. BUt I do like the look of some kyosho cars. 4) waterproof (wetweather proof) it wont be swimming. 5) Maybe comes with good parts. I got the tt-02 ts and have already spent a s#$t load on extras should have just got a TB-04. 6) be able to handle a fast brushless system. eventually I want it scream across the terain. I like the look of some of the traxxas truggies and prefer the look of the truck type bodies more than the buggies. But the outright fun of it will outweigh any body considerations so buggies are still in. I want to put a fast brushless system in but dont know which models are suited, dont want to strip the diffs too often. All the different off road chassis (tamiya) I`m not entirely sure where they sit in the hierarchy of things. if someone could take the time and explain a few of them that would be great. In a nut shell, I`m not asking for a best off-road car to suit me, but rather your opinions, experiences, which have good reputations/ bad reps. Cars prone to break or break down as opposed to never breakdown. Price is fairly open, once I get the ok from my other half she is never gonna know how much goes into. I`ll use your info like a guide to my purchase. cheers.
  10. @dorvack Dampers and steering hop ups, some of the stuff from that site you linked thrcracer. + some other tools etc. Odered from champ.
  11. Wow. Been looking for something for my boy. until my recent purchase of a tt-02, the MB was my first and only build. Had it on lay-by for months, sold the afternoon paper on the streets of Adelaide afterschool. must have been 12 or 13. I balls it up, took it back to the dept. store I ggot it from. They said I had to pay for their guy to fix it up. Luckily for me someone in the store decided to take it home. They gave me a new one, I had learnt from my mistakes and I had a great MB. great fun. Would love to see my boy thrashing one of these up the sand dune.
  12. I made a stealth order, COD to my work place. To keep the wife from knowing. Who wears the pants in this house..........
  13. Yeah I was recommened the big bore ones, wasn`t sure if it was going over the top or not. Your right though, I could use them on future chassis. Should I get extra springs like the hard ones like jim mentioned, its pretty even track. are the springs that come with the set standard mid level? What oil is recommended for these? if I get the chasis set low.How much does the oil make a difference, for a biginner what would be best? Also, you mentioned it the suspension set gives 3dec of toe in. I was thinking about getting the rear upright hop up op1549 which gives 2.5 dec. toe in. Would these not be needed with the suspension set, or would it they be of extra benifit?
  14. Had my first race, on Sunday. was pretty cool. Didn`t do real well in the first race, went off track a few times, sliding around all the tight corners overal pretty slow times. nothing under 16sec. and up to 23 sec. Second race was much better. Stayed on the track the whole time, my total laps was up by 3. and I had 10 laps under 15sec, fastest was a 14.?? was pretty happy. Then someone gave my some tire softener to help get some grip. Didnt work last race I was all over the shop. Things the other guys told me, My body choice was not really good. Should of had a touring car body with a wing. (was given one by the end of the day) I need to lower my chassis height, by getting adjustable dampers. Then they said I need to do something about stopping unneeded movement of the suspension arms. I think they said if I lower the car with shocks the car will have rebound or something, and I need to limit that. The tt-02 doesnt have anything on the chassis for this like higher end cars do. However I found some new hopups for the type-s that seem like they are made for this. Hop up#54634 steel suspension mount. What should the height of t he chassis be?
  15. When I realized I couldn`t build it with the small included hex spanner I got a cheapish one from the home centre. Don`t think it was a prefect match??? I was surprised, I thought they were much softer than I thought they would be.
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