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  1. So would I after having seen the kit on Tamiya USA for $250 dollars without a body and there are a few rare editions on ebay at over £350!
  2. Thank you! I was having real trouble with identifying it.
  3. Those fine dwellers of this here corner of the internet
  4. I've been offered this for £90 which I think is a very good price but I'll be damned if I can work out what it is, it isn't a ta04 and certainly not the tt-02 I was expecting! Possibly a Sakura but the gears are in the wrong place? Any ideas oh wise denizens of the forum?
  5. Are you running a brushless setup on there? Something a little bit pokey that no-one would expect a la Team Top Secret or their notorious R34 Skyline that did 200mph in the dead of night on the UK motorway network
  6. Looks like I'm going to have some fun later this year then I've purchased one of the Rolls Royce Hearse shells for an idea I was throwing around!
  7. Liking the paint job, makes me think a little of the video for Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole"
  8. Had a go with some De-Solv-It spray on part of a Pumpkin body, works quite well, might need to leave it a little longer than the 15 minutes the can suggests but I think it'll do the trick to sort out the rest of the body
  9. Thank you Truck, plans shall progress, this one may be a slow burner but I have an end date in mind for it
  10. Ahoy! I was wondering what the chassis width was for the TT-02 minus the wheels - I have a shell from Kamtec and an idea for a project towards the end of the year but I fear that it may be too wide for the shell as the Kamtec shell is a narrow beast at 170mm, I know the Tamiya USA site gives the width as 182/190mm but I'm mostly concerned with the width of the 'bathtub' fitting under the shell. Any help would be grateful received. Biggie.
  11. Ah, that is much better, the perspective on the other photo was throwing me off, I thought the curve came in much closer than it actually does.
  12. Nice work there, a fine example of what can be done. A quick question though, what is the clearance like between the exhausts and the rear tyres? The angle the photo is taken from makes it look a little like any compression of the springs and they are rubbing the inside edges.
  13. Lots of little bits! A bag of M3 Flanged nuts A bag of M3 Screws A "C Parts" Sprue for a 58036 The "E Parts" for a 58063 A no-name ESC An FS-GT3B Transmitter & Receiver Some 6mm Tamiya Masking tape in a dispenser A couple of bags of Core RC Metallic Purple body clips And finally....Some spring mounts! Nothing large but all bits to keep me ticking along
  14. Hmm, I'm wondering if there are any other Tamiya models that might have a solid axle, might be worth messaging Madinventor, I know he has quite the trick set-up for his Lunchbox.
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