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  1. I have the AArma Granite, very happy with it. Quick, durable and fun to drive.
  2. back in they hay day of racing we had three tracks racing three nights a week, now I think there is one left, prices went up, wages went down, yadda, yadda
  3. backyard bashing is not racing, you need to go to a track with serious racing.
  4. the bottom one is an Optima Mid with an after market chassis
  5. nice ride, I've always liked the look of that front shock
  6. every car I raced was painted purple and white
  7. strip all the paint with auto brake fluid, use light finishing bondo to fix the scrapes, sand with super fine grit paper and repaint the whole thing
  8. it doesn't work, so you wasted $4.75 trying to save two bucks? LOL
  9. stock for now, but I have a brushless motor and ESC I can throw in later
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