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  1. If I were to suggest a color for the body......
  2. Nice lookin paint job! Looking forward to watching the build.
  3. Great topic here! I'm loving all the box art from back in the day! As a kid in the 80's, any Tamiya 4 Wheel Deal would've been fine by me. Having said that, with a "gun to my head", My list is as follows: 1. Boomerang 2. Supershot 3. Egress But going out of the Tamiya 4WD spectrum for a moment, I always wanted a Yokomo after seeing a build/review of one in R/C Car Action magazine back in 1990-91. Can't remember the model, I just remember not being able to afford it. Mike
  4. Weevie, First off, welcome to TamiyaClub! Good to see another TT-02B owner(Dual Ridge here) to share notes with. OK, here is what I know. The size screwdriver you need for most of the MB-series screws is a #2 Phillips head. I got mine at ACE Hardware, as well as a number of replacement screws as some of mine in the kit "walked away". Tamiya tends to throw a few extra of some screws so don't be alarmed if you have a few different spares at the end of the build. For the screws that are starting to "round out", there is a crude but effective solution in order to continue to use them. Take a broken piece of rubber band and stretch it over the tip of the screwdriver, now use it to grab extra bite on the damaged screw head. As far as the screws not tightening, do you mean you couldn't get them to screw all the way in, or do you mean the screws don't seem to want to stop turning? If its the former, the correct size screwdriver will correct this. If its the latter, then put a drop of plastic glue on the thread before starting it. I hope this helps. Mike
  5. Awesome, another fellow TT-02B owner to compare notes with! Welcome, John! I'm looking forward to watching this bad boy come together. Any thoughts to which motor and esc you are going to use?
  6. At the risk of being unpopular, I have a Dual Ridge and I love it. I bought it because I liked the way it looked. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Mike
  7. Just a penny's worth of free advice. When you order a new motor, go ahead and order a spare set of rear tires. I remember way back when I upgraded to a 540 on my Grasshopper, I shredded the original tires in about 5 minutes. It's a night and day difference between the 380 and 540 motors.
  8. Lookin' good, man! I love those wheels. It really makes the Hornet look menacing. Great, job so far! Mike
  9. This kit looks like a fun build for you, my friend. I'm looking forward to watching this bad boy come together. Are you gonna keep the silver can or put something in with a little more "hutzpa"? Mike
  10. Welcome aboard, from one new member to another! I started my RC adventure back in the 80s with a Grasshopper, just like you. Only my friend had a Falcon and I drooled over the Boomerang. Are you still running a stock motor in your Frog?
  11. Fingers crossed that the motor's front bushing was the root of your problem. Good luck with the rebuild, sir.
  12. I got my Dual Ridge around 3 weeks ago, and finally got my hop ups last week. I ran the snot out of it this past weekend and after about 15 good runs in it, I have to say I LOVE this car. It isn't fast, but man o' man, it sure is quick! I haven't had any major spills yet(knocks on wood) but I did hit a tree at a pretty good speed. I lost the bottom spring clip on the right front shock, but my LHS had v-parts trees in stock. As a person just getting back in the hobby after a 20 year hiatus, this car is just what the doctor ordered. I'm looking forward to my wife yelling at me for the hundreds of dollars that I'm surely going to spend turning this thing into a beast. My excuse is that this is a much cheaper mid-life crisis-mobile than a 2015 Corvette C7. Mike
  13. Hi Simon, welcome to TC! I too have just come back to the hobby after 20ish years. For me, though, it was the TT-02B Dual Ridge that drug me back in. The Lunchbox looks like it would be a blast, though. @XV Pilot- I love the 3 tone blend on your Hornet.
  14. My old 86 F-150 used to bark around turns. My friends called it "Dino" because the barking sounded like Dino from the Flintstones. From a real world perspective, you had to be real careful taking a turn with posi-traction. A hair too much gas would break the rear end loose.
  15. "Equip the establishment meter monocoque chassis of a battery with a four-wheel independent suspension every length." I don't know why, but this sentence made me shoot coffee out my nose. Edit: It's like Gary Busey is their company spokesman.
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