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  1. OHHHH, The precious, we wants it.....we needs it. Come on Tamiya, you know you want to
  2. First see in the..um plastic? was a QD Pumpkin, saw lots on the video in Beatties stores, but it was the Pumpkin i saw first, screaming along with it's nose skyward. Swapped the guy for a pack of cigarettes in the end and that was my first Tamiya, strange that i can't remember what happened to it.
  3. Hello good people, im in need of some help again plz. I've put a Quicrun 1060 ESC in my vintage Boomerang, as well as a new standard motor. Thing is it goes faster backwards and slow forwards, i tried swapping the wires from the motor around so reverse is forwards on the controller and it does the same?? Any ideas guys?
  4. Finished... Has a Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 esc, And a new standard motor, new steering servo. What ya reckon for a first resto? My sticker skills need improving, but im happy with it. Just need a few body clips.
  5. That thing is a beast ! LOL I've talked the wife into buying me a Sport Tuned for my birthday, Then i think my plan will be to put the standard hornet motor in my Vintage Boomerang, which is sporting a Quikrun ESC already, motor in it is a bit tired. Also, would i keep the standard pinion on the new motor?
  6. Sorry NOOB question, are they all the same fitment ?
  7. Thanks for the reply, i understand it a bit more now. The ESC Is the TBLE-02S that came with the kit, but may swap it out for a Quicrun 1060
  8. Hello all, i'm thinking of changing the motor in my hornet for something a bit more lively, but not too much. However, I don't understand the turns and suchlike for them, any suggestions plz? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/381149537764?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649 This perhaps? Garry
  9. One of these.. Seems like it's worth a go for the money, Hope to get my Boomerang running for the first time in many years
  10. I may come along to this, but as a spectator, be nice to meet you guys and watch the racing, maybe do a bit of filming perhaps..
  11. This is a great thread, all of them fantastic... Such skills Sadly i don't have a Willy
  12. Hey guys, need some help with servo's, well a recommendation really for steering servo's. Noob to this really. Recently bought a 40th Anniversary hornet, Comes with a TBLE-02S speed controller as you all probably know. I presume all the connections are a standard fit ? What would should i get ?
  13. Your doing really well, im enjoying this project. Any idea's popped into your head about making the sled too ?
  14. Thank you. Im happy with it for a first restoration. I Like things that i build to be as individual, as i can, hence the yellow. Already looking for the next project....Frog...............mmmmmm....Grasshopper..mmmmmm...Ahhhhh !!!! LUNCH BOX??? :( :( ( So many
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