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  1. AngryGoblin

    Big Wig Re Release

    OHHHH, The precious, we wants it.....we needs it. Come on Tamiya, you know you want to
  2. AngryGoblin

    The first Tamiya you ever saw run?(pre1990)

    First see in plastic? was a QD Pumpkin, saw lots on the video in Beatties stores, but it was the Pumpkin i saw first, screaming along with it's nose skyward. Swapped the guy for a pack of cigarettes in the end and that was my first Tamiya, strange that i can't remember what happened to it.
  3. AngryGoblin

    Quicrun 1060 help

    Hello good people, im in need of some help again plz. I've put a Quicrun 1060 ESC in my vintage Boomerang, as well as a new standard motor. Thing is it goes faster backwards and slow forwards, i tried swapping the wires from the motor around so reverse is forwards on the controller and it does the same?? Any ideas guys?
  4. AngryGoblin

    New member, Old Boomer

    Finished... Has a Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 esc, And a new standard motor, new steering servo. What ya reckon for a first resto? My sticker skills need improving, but im happy with it. Just need a few body clips.
  5. AngryGoblin

    Hornet help plz

    That thing is a beast ! LOL I've talked the wife into buying me a Sport Tuned for my birthday, Then i think my plan will be to put the standard hornet motor in my Vintage Boomerang, which is sporting a Quikrun ESC already, motor in it is a bit tired. Also, would i keep the standard pinion on the new motor?
  6. AngryGoblin

    Hornet help plz

    Sorry NOOB question, are they all the same fitment ?
  7. AngryGoblin

    Hornet help plz

    Thanks for the reply, i understand it a bit more now. The ESC Is the TBLE-02S that came with the kit, but may swap it out for a Quicrun 1060
  8. AngryGoblin

    Hornet help plz

    Hello all, i'm thinking of changing the motor in my hornet for something a bit more lively, but not too much. However, I don't understand the turns and suchlike for them, any suggestions plz? This perhaps? Garry
  9. AngryGoblin

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    One of these.. Seems like it's worth a go for the money, Hope to get my Boomerang running for the first time in many years
  10. AngryGoblin

    DT02 challange event

    I may come along to this, but as a spectator, be nice to meet you guys and watch the racing, maybe do a bit of filming perhaps..
  11. AngryGoblin


    Welcome dude,
  12. This is a great thread, all of them fantastic... Such skills Sadly i don't have a Willy
  13. AngryGoblin

    Servo help please.

    Hey guys, need some help with servo's, well a recommendation really for steering servo's. Noob to this really. Recently bought a 40th Anniversary hornet, Comes with a TBLE-02S speed controller as you all probably know. I presume all the connections are a standard fit ? What would should i get ?
  14. Your doing really well, im enjoying this project. Any idea's popped into your head about making the sled too ?
  15. AngryGoblin

    New member, Old Boomer

    Thank you. Im happy with it for a first restoration. I Like things that i build to be as individual, as i can, hence the yellow. Already looking for the next project....Frog...............mmmmmm....Grasshopper..mmmmmm...Ahhhhh !!!! LUNCH BOX??? :( :( ( So many