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  1. Other than the rumour of the Novafox being rere’d again in September, do we know what other releases Tamiya had scheduled or rumoured for 2020? I’m don’t know what restrictions were in place where Tamiya kits are manufactured, but it’s safe to assume production will have been halted for a good while With lockdown measures being ease in certain countries, I’m wondering if we'll start to see some more information coming through on rere kits?
  2. I’m not sure - I measured the driveshafts on my vintage fox and they are showing 4.8mm using a digital caliper. With the 5mm aluminium hubs fitted and the wheel nuts are fully tightened, there’s a tiny bit of play, it’s minuscule, but it is there. To be honest I think could be wear on the original shafts, but even the 0.2mm difference gave a tiny bit of movement. If the Novafox uses thinner diameter shafts, I wouldn’t advise the 5mm hubs, going off the above
  3. Thanks - just got home and mine have just arrived
  4. I’ve ordered those hubs for my vintage Fox restoration, as the plastic hubs were worn where the pin holds them in place. The ones I ordered were 5.0mm ones as when I measured the drive shaft it was 4.8mm. Did yours fit ok?
  5. Its not confirmed yet, and the rumour says its only for the Japanese Domestic market - I'm hoping we all get a chance but i'd wait before taking it as a dead cert Fingers crossed though!
  6. It says that they are only for the Japanese Market, and it may not happend but fingers crossed! I missed all 3 of those re-re's so I hope it happens
  7. As per the title, I'm looking for NIB/unbuilt original Clodbuster i know it's a long shot but if anyone has one in the collection they'd be willing to part with, let me know Thanks
  8. Welcome! Lookig forward to seeing your build
  9. The ultimate re-re for me would be the Hilux Monster Racer and King Cab Those two are brilliant trucks
  10. I've just restored one of these - should I get a re-re to go with its vintage brother?
  11. Its not just you I've sold goodies from my other hobbies to fund my Tamiya nostalgia trip
  12. Hi folks I need the rear wheel hubs for a vintage Fox if anyone has any they can sell? Thanks Simon
  13. A couple of years ago i bought someone's Grasshopper 2 that was in great condition but the body shell had been stripped back ready for primer, and there was evidence of a repair. I wasn't looking for one but thought i'd have a go at restoring it as it was one of the cars me and my friend drove as kids and to be honest it was a good price. Body Shell after a coat of primer: Repair After a few coats of White and some clear it was time for decals and a bit of Black paint: The finished car: Its completely stock and has the original MSC and balloon bag. I've connected a battery and spun the motor, gearbox runs nicely. Haven't ran the car though. Really enjoyed giving it a new coat, although I had to use re-pro decals which was a bit of a downer but they look ok to the casual observer. Apart from driving one as a 10 year old, I don't know an awful lot about about the Grasshopper 2, and will look to sell it on to someone who wants one for the collection but it was a fun project anyway. Cheers
  14. Ouch! £439 is too much for me. Would never get that past Mrs Newsh
  15. What cars you getting rid of? Might be worth posting here too and save yourself the Ebay fees
  16. Hornet is a good fun buggy, and it's pretty robust Also, you could give the Hot Shot a look if you fancy a more challenging build
  17. You didn't miss anything with the Ghostbusters fire house by not seeing inside, as the interior scenes were filmed in a LA Fire Station. They only used the New York location for exterior shots unfortunately. As for the Trucks, if Tamiya released RC fire trucks I'd be all over it.
  18. £189.99 at the retailers that have it up for pre-order
  19. Great that you still have it. Shouldn't be too hard to restore, definitely keep it
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