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  1. Gotcha - ok I read that wrong the first time Yeah I do like that MF-01x but I think it would be a stretch (no pun intended ) to make it work. Down to the xv-01 and yes that DT-02 buggy looks promising as well, although I was hoping for awd. Thanks again!!
  2. So with the MF01x I need to buy a particular drive shaft to get up to 254mm ? The chassis itself can extend that far with the included parts otherwise? Is it easy to widen the track? It just might work and if not it still looks like a fun chassis to bash around with.
  3. Oh wow love those photos a.w.k.! I think that's the first time I have seen the body in action. Thanks everyone for these suggestions - I have a lot of ideas now. I would have never pictured a Frog under that body! Starting to picture an AWD buggy under mine... hmmmm
  4. I have this old Bolink 2387 Porsche Rally body: https://imgur.com/a/HT2Tm and I would LOVE to find a 4wd chassis that will fit this thing. Can anyone help!?! The wheelbase is about 10 to 10 and 1/8 inches Front fender width is about 8.5 inches, and rear fender to fender is nearly 9 inches. What could I get as a good electric 4wd more off road than not chassis (with available parts and isn't insanely expensive) to fit this thing!? Doesn't have to be perfect but most things I find that match the wheelbase just don't seem wide enough, or the wheels seem like they will look to small. Any help is appreciated! My history in RC is from the distant past, and involves a Cox Turbo Scorpion buggy, and then a Tamiya Bigwig. I always wanted a dang 959 Rally and I hope they re-release that one day!
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