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  1. Modelsport have them listed as available, £97.99 https://www.modelsport.co.uk/schumacher-cat-xls-transmission-upgrade-kit/rc-car-products/408412
  2. Finally getting myself some time for RC. Replacement body for and masking tape for my Cat XLS turned up today, hopefully the masking goes better this time
  3. Looking good mate, looks a really nice quality kit👍
  4. Sorry only just seen your question. Yes this was a 1/10 but it has now been sold
  5. £85 posted uk only if anyone is interested please let me know
  6. Great read as always, I enjoy reading your post race write 👍
  7. Hello all, Looking at moving on my Schumacher cougar KR 2wd drive buggy. As you can see it is in excellent condition and has had very little use and never been raced. This has the geared diff fitted. There is a crack on the corner of the spoiler but everything else is in excellent conditon. Ideally I would prefer a trade for the following, Frog, wild one, Monster Beetle or Blackfoot, but I am open to other kits and cash sale as well. Let me know if interested.
  8. This car had a hpi motor in, but inthink that was driver only sponsorship and not Schumacher
  9. Gorgeous bikes and a legendary rider
  10. Looking very good, really like the colour scheme
  11. Cheers mate, I will get some of the 871 tape on order and give it a go.
  12. It is a gorgeous looking buggy. Can you tell me how you found the masking for the paint? I had some bleed on the red to yellow. I do like the silver on your as well👍
  13. I have a cougar KR and K1 aero, which I think have the same shocks, I will give the shocks a measure when I get home later👍
  14. Welcome to the club, The receiver will not be waterproof as it looks like this is XB kit radio gear. What type of speed controller is fitted? Is it a Tamiya one? There are a few guides available to waterproof existing equipment but there are waterproof electronics available now, Quicrun 1060 is a very good brushed speed controller and is very popular on here. Other upgrades are replacing the shocks as they are a bit bouncy for some cva dampers, also maybe a fifth shock mod to remove the springs mentioned above. Battery wise have a read as to what you want, nimh or lipo then go from there. Other than that go out and use it, I have only broke a couple of bits on mine in 5 years of bashing👍
  15. Just had a look at rcmart had some parts from there but never any kits. Uk postage adds another $100 to the kit cost but for the buggy champ that is still a good price👍
  16. Got back from my hols and started to look at what kit to get next. Been doing plenty of looking the last week but that has not helped the narrowing down. So far on the list is; Bruiser, re-read @Nitomorbuilds which are excellent and very detailed, along with the mountain rider build have given me plenty to think about. So far against the bruiser is cost and will I use it or want to use it? SRB, I was going for the Scorcher but having built one and done the dreaded box art, I don't know if I want to do it again, so I may look at another SRB build. Problem is finding one for the right price. Wild one, as I always wanted one and it is on the to get list but near the bottom. High lift, I like the scale look and there are some cracking my examples on here. I just know I would not use it. 1/8th buggy, I want to build a big buggy. A tank, but I know full well I would not use it but would love to build one. This is what happens when you lay on a sun bed for a week😁After a week back home I will probably change my mind again
  17. Going to have to try my other sizes now👍
  18. Going to give it a clean this afternoon and see how it comes off. I noticed there was some shrinkage on the masks when I left it to dry overnight, never had this before on other Schumacher kits. Also I have tried my batteries in and my nimh fit. They are Voltz brand of that helps. Let me know of you need anymore info
  19. Mine did the same, very poor material used for the masks.
  20. Classic film, good ole frank spencer😁, I was only thinking about this film the other day, did condormans car have a ramp on the front?
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