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  1. 16 hours ago, Reedydriver said:

    Hi all,

    How much would you pay for an original unused team associated RC10 graphite chassis? Potentially I can purchase one, however, I think I have to make an offer.


    For a mint graphite plate I would pay $100-125 for a 6-gear, and north of $150 for a mint Stealth....  Any wear or chips at all and I am $100 or less.


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  2. Just watched a sealed rere classic sell for $550 total on eBay yesterday.   I would put a built one that hasn’t been ran at $400, and a clean one that’s been used at around $300.   And a thrashed one at $150-200 lol.  

    How scratched is the chassis?

    Happy Thanksgiving!



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  3. 4 hours ago, Saito2 said:

    Well, I'd like to extend a hardy "thank you" (NOT!) to RCMart for accepting and confirming my Super Astute order, only to receive an email several days later to tell me they are out of stock! :angry: They claimed both on Ebay and their website to have 9 in stock when I placed the order. 

    I also ordered mine from RCMart (on ebay) 

    I placed my order within minutes of them posting(I get alerts/refresh often)

    Shipped the next day with tracking... I guess we will see how long it takes to arrive!


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