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  1. How well do these pistons fit in the CVA shock bodies? The kit pistons are a bit loose and let a lot of oil around the sides.
  2. I have just finished building my sons CC. As far as the shocks go, I have fitted a softer Schumacher black spring on the front, and added a single 1.1mm hole opposite the notch to the front pistons. I used an Associated piston which is a similar diameter to guide where to drill the hole. On the rear I have the grey springs, kit pistons and 30wt Associated oil. I have yet to run the car but it feels more in line with what it should imo.
  3. I started building my son's Cougar today. One thing I have done so far is replace the 10mm screws (that imo are not quite long enough) which are used in the steering bellcranks and drag link. I have now used 12mm and nyloc nuts to save using threadlock and they go right into the nut now.
  4. We race Rally X at my local club, which is a very bumpy smallish mixed AstroTurf track. We have a mix of different chassis, most of which are modified Tamiyas. The LC goes very well once set up, as does my modified TT02 S. A couple of modded TA02's go well too. I also have an XV01 which is good, but could do with a bit more front suspension droop. This is hampered by the steering rods on the chassis, which has already been modified. I will try and post a pic of my car soon.
  5. I would really like to have a go at this, but it's too far away. My local club does some 1/10 scale rally racing which is a bit difficult on a pretty bumpy track, but it's good fun 🙂
  6. Hi all. I ran my rere TS today at my local off road club. It is basically kit including the silver can, A5 reinforcement part and different front shocks. Unfortunately I clipped the side of our crossover bridge with a front wheel and split the front wishbone at the front hingepin hole. Are the wishbones known to be weak, or was I just unlucky? I am an experienced racer and set a very quick time with my Associated B74.1 today, so I can still drive! Thanks 🙂
  7. I would recommend these too, red on the rear and yellow on the front. Rear toe in hubs also give you more rear end stability.
  8. The MS version has the Aluminium shocks which are what I have on my Boomerwig, so thats the version I was after if possible. 9805917 may work, but I don't know the length of them.
  9. I have managed to find it in the DF-03MS manual, 19080876. Finding the parts is proving harder! Thanks for the help :-)
  10. Hi all. I have the DF-03 damper set 53926, and I am trying to find the part number for the rear piston rod (long). It is not in the instructions, can anyone help please?
  11. Because the piston fit in the CVA shock bodies is so loose and sloppy, a lot of oil will go around the edge rather than mainly through the holes. This limits the pack of the piston. You are probably better off using an oil between 30 and 40wt and the 1 hole piston than going for much heavier oils.
  12. Sorry, at what point was Farage ever trying to effect positive EU change? His agenda was always to cause trouble and get the UK out, which he achieved with the help of other parties only interested in their own ends and certainly not the average Brit.
  13. On the front I have used my dremel to grind away some material from the chassis, this has increased the downward travel. The long damper spec mods have given me more upward suspension travel too, so the chassis can now bottom out.
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