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  1. I'm not so sure what is around that part of London that might run anything vintage tbh. There are clubs and meetings that may run older cars but you will need to travel.
  2. Whereabouts are you, and what kind of racing are you interested in?
  3. I have fitted the Tamiya Frog hex adaptors.
  4. The front wheels are Tamiya ones (not sure which ones?) and the rear are Kyosho Turbo Scorpion.
  5. Thanks. The front towers are the alloy ones on eBay, and Tamiya CVA 50519 on the front set to 70mm. The rear shocks are Trackstar and green Team Associated springs.
  6. This is my Frog with a front shock conversion. I have not had chance to try it yet, but it should work a lot better than the kit setup.
  7. Setting up a ball diff to slip will flatten the balls and make it gritty feeling very quickly. It would be good if a slipper could be fitted, but I can't see how tbh. If you can find a way to glue the splines to take away the play and make it removable to change bearings that would help. It's the loose fitting of the splines that make them strip out. I am going to try epoxy resin next time.
  8. I have a Bigwig which I race sometimes at my local track, which is mixed AstroTurf and pretty bumpy. It goes well for what it is, but as its a fairly small twisty track the lack of steering lock does not help. I am using a Savox 1258tg servo which has plenty of power. The only solution would probably be to try some heavy mods and install a twin bellcrank system similar to modern race chassis. I don't know the steering layout of the Scorcher though, but from pics I have seen I would guess it would work better on track.
  9. Can you check that spring part number please, it's coming up as an acto power motor.
  10. I ended up with an alloy brace from Full Option, needs a bit of body trimming to fit a Bigwig but is nicely made.
  11. It is always worth keeping an eye on oople, something will come up. Without a reasonably up to date race chassis, I fear you may struggle speed wise and for reliability there. Since you have raced before, I would say a 10.5 motor will do to start, too much power will not help on a fairly small track like DMS. All of my modern race cars are used, picking the right one can save a lot of money.
  12. Most people would run Schumacher fusion tyres on the front, and the cactus on the rear in the yellow compound and medium foam inserts on EOS carpet. Getting rid of the bullet connectors for reliability is a good idea too.
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