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  1. Modelfixings has been a very useful store for me.
  2. A quick question regarding the TA03 ball diff in the Top Force. Can you use the original TF diff gear with the TA03 parts, as it looks like the TA diff gear is narrower? I race mine so strength is important. Thanks :-)
  3. My first hobby grade RC car was a Grasshopper, I would love to put one together like this that could get round a modern track well :-)
  4. If you can get them, the Core RC lipo stick packs fit in all of my Tamiya cars.
  5. Hi everyone. I now have a Boomerang and a Bigwig, and would like a brace similar to the Team CRP brace to strengthen and remove slop from the front upper suspension arms. As they are not likely to be easy to find, is there an alternative or perhaps a 3d printed version available? Thanks for reading :-)
  6. I used some carefully applied gel superglue to retain my outdrives. It hopefully helps stop the play in between the splines and diff plates as the fit is not very good imo.
  7. I just typed it into Google, a well known uk shop has it in stock.
  8. Matrixline do an Aston Martin DBR9, wing looks a bit poop though...
  9. Your Frog looks great, I have done the centre servo mod and the MIP ball diff. Do you have a link to the rear shocks you have used please?
  10. You may have to be a member of the forum. It might be worth looking on the RW website, and as mentioned it was on the iconic page on fb.
  11. Apparently RW racing is about to release an upgraded top force spur gear set. There is a thread on the oople vintage forum if that's ok to mention.
  12. Hi guys, is there a way of widening the front end on a rere Hornet?
  13. I have been keeping an eye on this, and I'm glad they are going into production. I had a look on the site today, and noticed the price for two diffs has gone up from $115 to 140. As I am in the UK that means after shipping and added taxes it could end up nearer $200. Thats pretty much what the whole car cost me.
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