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  1. chevelle

    Want ta01 or ta02 chassis

    I have these two available, 1=Ta01 & 1=Ta02 I'm based in Australia.
  2. Here is one i need help with, I feel I know this but can't quite remember Top drive shaft Hotshot, bottom one....?!?!
  3. just spotted these
  4. Just spotted this, Fair price ( Not mine no affiliation)
  5. chevelle

    Wanted: Hot Shot 2 rear shock tower

    Just checking, But you know that apart from the colour they are still both different
  6. chevelle

    TT02 Datsun 240Z rally build

    This looks brilliant buddy, Nice job on the body detail's
  7. As for the shock, It's not perfect but great for a runner So payment would be rude of me It's your's for the cost of postage Pm me your details
  8. Well a dual shock look's great next to an original
  9. Hey buddy, Where are you located? I may have what you need, I'm based in Melbourne Australia.
  10. chevelle

    Project Rally Bug / Street Scorcher

    What a great looking custom rally bug my friend Looking forward to seeing what you find for a front bumper & of cause some pictures of it spraying dirt
  11. chevelle

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Today was finish the Terra Scorcher day Tidied up the wing then cut and applied the decals I'm happy with how she's come up Original body with paint cleaned off the windows then backed the paint, New TF wheels and tyres, Front arm metal brace upgrade
  12. chevelle

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Hi all I recently picked up this lot of HSII parts and a nice SS body set to make up another Hybrid beauty to join the Dark shot After sorting out the parts I spent the day out in the workshop and came up with this
  13. chevelle

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Yes British racing green, With some Yellow accents
  14. chevelle

    Marui Samurai Restoration

    Hey there is a guy on Gumtree Aus selling a roller chassis amongst other cars. maybe he would do a deal?