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  1. I have used normal plain spraypaint from Dupli-colar, including primer and also a clear coat for the body
  2. Thanks for the answer. Tried the soapy Water with a few small stickers and it went well. Now i'm les worried about the big stickers. Regards Johnny
  3. Hi Tamiya-freinds I have started my first Tamiya build, a Scania R620 and have reached the point where the first stickers are going to be Applied. My earlier build have included decals, which seams a bit easier, as they can be moved around to the correct position. Not so with stickers, one of the first ones (luckily a small one) went wrong at had to be moved resulting in peeling of the paint. Not so good! Any advice in applying stickers would be nice. I'm a bit scared about the big sticker for the cab-sides. By the way, below is a link to Flickr with some Pictures of my build so far. I think it´s quite nice so far. More Pictures are on there way. Regards Johnny https://www.flickr.com/photos/134686869@N07/20601702776/in/datetaken/
  4. Just added some more Pictures of the gearbox.
  5. https://www.flickr.com/photos/134686869@N07/19922860203/in/datetaken/ Hi again Seems like i succeded with a Flickr-link to a few Pictures from my Scania R620 build so far. I hope the link Works . What do you think? Just finished with the gearbox. More Pictures to come. Regards Johnny
  6. I have just signed up on a flickr acount and uploaded some Pictures. Working on making a link to these.
  7. Hi again Well underway in my build, i thought i would post some pictures, but it seems difficult because the taken picture-files are to big. What do i do? I started assembling and testing alle the electronics and after a few frustrations it all seems to work as desired. So far i have painted most of the frame-parts and assemblied the frame and the modified front axle. The color is a very sharp red (RAL 3000) and i think it looks good. Next comes the rear axles and gearbox. The cap, side panels and fenders are being painted metallic blue. Regards Johnny
  8. Hi again Thanks for the answers. I think i'll paint all the frame and suspension parts before assembly but off the sprues. It's guite a big job but i believe this will give the best result. I'll try posting some pictures then i'm well under way. Best regards Johnny
  9. Hi there! I'm new in the RC-World and new in the Tamiya Club. Just ordered a Scania R620 with Servonaut Electronics, a low-rev motor and modification parts for the steering gear . I have made quite a few plastic truck models in scale 1/24, there all parts are to be painted, including frame, axles, suspensions and so on. I would be pleased to get some advice in what to to best on my new truck. The cab is no problem, this must of course be painted. I will also paint fueltanks and fenders. But what about the rest. Should i leave it unpainted, like i have seen in many pictures? Or what should i do with: The main frame Axles, front and rear Suspensions and other "moving parts" such as front steering gear, drive shafts Regards Johnny
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