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  1. I think it looks great. I like your paitlnt scheme. For me my painting results are always a bit disappointing as my imagination of the result almost every time differs from the actual result. But when the stickers are on it gets a completely different touch.
  2. Not just today but for the last two weeks I've designed and printed a exhaust for my Porsche Carrera RSR build. The exhaust itself is printed, the pipes are from polished aluminium tube. The design is highly inspired by the original exhaust but not perfectly scale. It still needs paint and probably some filler but I've made a test fit today. It is designed to fix it with two screws to the bumper mount.
  3. Nice crew. All of them look great, but I like especially the MF01-X FJ45 and the QD Beetle. 👍
  4. Can't answer your first question, but you have to change the mount position of the motor as the high speed gear spur has only 68T in contrast to 70T of the kit spur.
  5. That looks like a snake. Great work @Xeostar. Really impressive.
  6. That's a great looking Astute. To install a regular BL motor with the wires on the side is a real pain. What pinion do you use?
  7. I already had the lawn roller (don't know if it is right word) out, but it didn't work either and I wasn't in the mood to run up and down to pack the snow. So I stopped it there.
  8. Had an afternoon of unsuccessful attempts running one of my RC cars in the snow. Eventually we've got some snow here. Unfortunately it is very heavy snow and all cars, including the Rochobby Willys 1:6, a Wild Dagger on 3S got stuck in the snow and they didn't even make 50 m. Wasn't the fun I've had expected. Now the batteries are back on the charger for storage charging.
  9. With part number 54735 those tires are also available in soft compound. But I can't say what soft means. I like the KM tires from MST. Almost same size and good grip for trailing: https://www.rc-mst.com/product_info.php?class_sn=3&class_sn2=108&sn=2666
  10. I'm using Tinkercad for my 3D desings and I really like it. As said before it is more basic, if you need to create special shapes it could be better to use something else. I've tried to modify a stl-file in Tinkercad which doesn't work.
  11. That's cool. I love that Camaro, I hope you paint it red. Good luck with this project. Will follow it.
  12. Depending on your definition of budget I would have a look at the Tamiya Sport Tuned motor.
  13. Just realized that the kit RSR body has an antenna hole in the roof. I'm totally fine with body mounting holes, even if it looks better without them, but an antenna hole on a body from 2013?!
  14. Make clean cut and glue it back together with plastic glue. For some extra strength glue some styrene stripes inside of the chassis. I've done that with a DT-02 and it's takes hard bashing without any problems including some hard rollover.
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