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  1. I have an 1:1 body in my garage. My sister bought it as a replacement for her Fiat 126. Unfortunately nothing happend to it for the last two years. Sometimes I think I will rebuild it but I have a lot of other things to do. If you need some measurements from the original car let me know.
  2. You can order them at Tamico. You can choose what the should look like. Or you could ask in the trade section if someone has a set remaining from a build.
  3. Absolutely. I think about the kit every time Tamico has it in the weekly offer, but boxart isn't also my favourite. I would probably go with a Rothmans theme. But the Polizei livery is also great.
  4. I really like your Manta Ray. And I am at least a little bit jealous for your snow. I am located in the middle of Germany and years ago we had at least a few weeks snow every winter. But that seems to be over. The last two winters I didn't even need the shovel for one day. Cool GIFs by the way.
  5. That is pretty cool, also the green painted light bar. Just like "Alarm für Cobra 11"
  6. Due to the Corona and the need to stay at home we've played with HAMA beads. I've made a Rough Rider:
  7. The colour is perfect. Really a cool looking buggy. I was never a fan of the Sonic Fighter but this one I would take.
  8. Looking pretty good. Also like the license plate D TM. Well done. If you are going to paint the light bar you can also change the red glas to a blue one if you have. German police only use blue flashing lights.
  9. Continued the building of the bumper from styrene for my CMX and after that I took the Bullhead and the CMX for a little spin in the backyard.
  10. Start to build a front bumper for my MST CMX Bronco.
  11. I'm running mine with original silvercans on 2S or Nimh 7.2 V and in my opinion it is perfect. Enough power for wheelies. The Clod is delivered with two silvercans and a ESC for dual motor, so no need to buy something different. But if you want to run faster motors nevertheless I'm pretty sure you have to buy a different dual motor ESC. Regarding the steering I've made the experience that even a strong 25 kg servo is useless with the flappy steering. Through the servo savers and the inapropriate position of the servo so much steering power is lost that an accurate steering is almost impossible. I've made some mounts for mounting the servos on the axles which changed the steering performane completely. I know this is not liked by everyone and maybe you didn't like it either. In that case you can search a little this forum as there are some threads regarding improving the Clod Buster steering without the on-axle-mod.
  12. This is absolutely amazing. I don't like nitros that much but this build and the result is more than great.
  13. I think it's perfect. I often think about doing something similar in my backyard but there are a lot of other things to do before.
  14. The Bundespolizei is subject to the government of Germany. They are the railway police, and beside other functions they are also responsible for frontier-defence. Normal police is subject to the single federal states. Up to the year 2000 the police cars were green and white. After that green and silver and now silver and blue, like the Cayenne above. Some german police cars also have fluorescent yellow stickers on it.
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