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  1. I really like the look of the TLT-1 tyres. Not so 'monsterish' but cool in it's oen way.
  2. I would have been nervous as well when cutting the shell but it is looking very good. I will follow this with interest.
  3. Postman brought me a unused and almost complete Dirt Thrasher. Just some minor bits are missing, like one wheel nut. Shell is unpainted but needs some rework because of not so good cutting. Not sure if I will paint it box art PS-1. Maybe pearl white or some kind of silver.
  4. Aerobert

    1988 Marui Shogun

    Cool looking buggy, I also like the radio. Good work!
  5. I would say it's a Saab 99 and my first though was Kamtec as manufacturer. But it's just a guess and someone else will probably know.
  6. Hi, I've just checked the manual of the esc. There is a chapter about turning on and off the reverse function of the esc. You have to press the set-up button when you switch on the power and can turn on and off reverse. But please double-check with your manual.
  7. Bought an unused and not completely finished Dirt Thrasher over the eBay classified web page. The Body and decals are still untouched.
  8. How likely is it that the Dirt Thrasher will be re-released? It's the same chassis as the Manta Ray therefore it should be easy for Tamiya to re-release it.
  9. Finished the 4 WS servo on axle mod on my Bullhead. And dusting off my models (yes, I drive them that rarely that they have to be dusted off) and the shelf...
  10. That's also one reason to try first without servo saver. The servo savers costs about the same as one servo.
  11. Yes, this is what I'm trying to avoid. I also use cheap 25 kg servos from Amazon. Possibly the same manufacturer as yours, they also came with alloy horns. I will try without servo savers and see what happens. Thank you guys!
  12. Thank you. Do you have any issues? For example that the movement of the servo is not completely transferred to the wheels?
  13. Happy new year to everyone! I have converted my Bullhead to on-axle-4WS-steering. After finishing the mod I've realized that now there is no servo saver as I've mounted an metal servo horn. I used two 25 kg metal geared servos. How necessary is a servo saver for those servos? And if a servo saver is needed which one would you use? I've often read about the Kimbrough heavy duty servo saver. But also read that it is still too weak for Clod Buster steering. Any recommendations?
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