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  1. Maybe you should try Kyosho Mini Inferno oil shocks IHW-2006SS. They might be to long for the front but for the rear they should suit. I have used them for different projects. Working pretty good and the are cheap. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kyosho-Oldruckstossdampfer-Oil-Shock-Set-Mini-Inferno-all-1-16-IHW-2006SS/223494517743?epid=2254432509&hash=item34094fb3ef:g:bnsAAOxyshFRfPaJ
  2. After doing some excavation for our future patio, I took the Bullhead for a little spin on the removed dirt.
  3. Aerobert

    TT-02B MS WEE

    Absolutely awesome. Not only the car, also your documentation of the build and the clean look of the pictures. Really cool.
  4. Like all of your builds this is also absolutely incredible. Especially the front grill, dash board and engine are my favorites.
  5. Although I'm currently not looking for a Tamiya Buggy this is a great guidance @speedy_w_beans. I will keep this in mind when I choose a new buggy.
  6. My first thought was silicone spray. The only issue I see there is that it possibly will be difficult to remove. You should try it on a small piece before you spray it on the hole plane.
  7. I'm also often looking for international offers. But most of the time I didn't buy anything due to the huge amount of additional costs. If I want buy something for 20€ and then have to pay more than 30€ only for shipping I try to buy it local or at least from a national or European dealer. Interesting is that shipping from East to West is cheaper than West to East. And how it is possible to offer free shipping from China to Europe for products which cost less than 5€ is a complete mystery to me.
  8. Took my MST CMX for a little spin in my backyard (work in progress ).
  9. Hi! I would buy the Manta Ray. I don't really like the new Tamiya Buggy line-up, except of the Dual Ridge with is a modern version of the Manta Ray in my eyes. In the end it's up to what you like and what you want to to with it. If you just want to drive it for fun it makes no difference if you've got a modern or an old school buggy.
  10. Made 7.5 cm³ of masking dots with a hole puncher for the new paint of my Blitzer Beetle. Probably I will need at least the same amount of dots in addition.
  11. Start to refurbish my Blitzer Beetle body. Have removed the stickers which already has peeled of on the edges. Have not completely decided which way to go but have still a lot of work stripping down the paint and sticker glue which stayed completely on the body. Is it possible to put the hard body in the dishwasher without ruin neither the body nor the dishwasher? Will paint be removed by the dishwasher?
  12. This is absolutely incredible. First I though the car on the picture is the original race car and for me it's hard to find evidence that it is not. Maybe the wheel nuts... And to know this is a Lexan body shell makes it even harder to believe. Superb!
  13. Very impressive landscape. Here some pictures from Iceland 2016: Such an amazing country.
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