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  1. @Willy iine That's an impressive Mini collection. πŸ‘
  2. Thank you. I've used a heat gun for the stickers but not distilled water. And additionally I don't have much experience in making complicated touring car bodies. I guess the disappointment comes from the expectations I had. I will have a look at your post and carry on. And if the rest will come out better I will maybe get an additional sticker sheet and do the first four stickers again. But that will be decided when the rest is done.
  3. Started stickering the Audi V8. I always wondered why you do see so much of them. Now I know. I've only done four stickers up to now but I was several times pretty close to the point to throw it out of the window. Up to now it turns out not so nice. Will continue when I'm in a very calm mood.
  4. What is the switch mod? Please tell me more. Just made a quick Google search and can't find anything. Maybe the wrong search terms.
  5. I like the A-Team styled Lunch Box as the A-Team is a part of my childhood. But I think I would prefer the Barbapapa Lunchbox as it looks like so much fun. Great work!
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum. I don't know where you get the kit from but normally those shops also sell the paint (must be Tamiya PS paint or something similar for poly carbonate body shells) and light kits. For the specific colour you want you will probably have to test a bit to find the right composition of main and backing colours as the original car colours don't exist for painting RC poly carbonate bodies.
  7. What a beautiful truck. Great work and worth all the effort.πŸ‘ And as jonboy1 said now we want to see the matching trailer.
  8. Thank you. Yes, it's vinyl on an unpainted body.
  9. Finished this Super Fighter DT-02. It's the birthday present for my second nephew. It will be his first hobby grade RC and I'm pretty sure he will be very excited.
  10. Over the last couple of days I cut 82 decals for the Audi V8, sold my Bullhead and bought a used Wild Dagger. btw: do I have to cut the dotted lines on the stickers? It's long ago that I have build a new shell and I can't find anything in the manual.
  11. I've tried those scissors last night and they are great. Very precise working possible.πŸ‘
  12. Love it. Maybe I missed this but what kind of wheel/tyre combo is that?
  13. Today I've managed to finish painting the Audi. Still a lot of work to do and I'm a little bit worried about the huge amount of stickers. But so far I'm pleased with the result.
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