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  1. Last day of my holidays in Denmark. Went to the beach this evening with two full lipo batteries to have a last run with the TD2 on the beach with the new brushless set up in it. It popped out one dog bone after a few seconds. No chance to get it running. Currently l'm a little bit upset with this car. Now discharging. Should have taken the long time approved Blitzer Beetle with me. Silly me to try something new and not go with the beach veteran.
  2. This. ⬆️ I always loved the look of Hornet, GH and GH2 but didn't like the bouncing behaviour. I really hope they also bring an updated GH and GH2.
  3. I really admiring your airbrush skills. That is very impressive. I like the technical aspect of those nitro trucks and sometimes think about getting one just for restoration. But then I have no place to run it and all my fleet is electric powered. I would like to see some pics of the chassis without the body.
  4. They are. Seidel only sell Tamiya parts, except for some Carson parts and Futaba electronics. But they don't ship abroad, even not in the EU.
  5. I'm absolutely serious. This forum is usually no place for sarcasm if someone is seeking for help. Unfortunately I can't help you with your problem with the ball diff though as I don't have a DF-03. But maybe you could clarify the problem so that someone else with knowledge of the chassis can help you.
  6. Swapped the motor and ESC on my beach runner today from brushed to brushless. Should be plenty more power now. Will be tested on Monday as we will going to Legoland Billund tomorrow.
  7. Here you go. Source is Tamiyabase.com. Many of them are no longer available. This list does not claim to be exhaustive. Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTI 16V Rally Volkswagen Golf Mk.1 Racing Gr.2 VW Karmann Ghia VW Type 2 Nissan Silvia (S13) Nissan Silvia (S15) Mini Cooper '94 Monte Carlo Ford Escort Mk2 Rally NSU TT Toyota GR Yaris Suzuki Swift Sport Citroen DS Opel Kadett GT/E Alfa Romeo Guillia Sprint Fiat 131 Abarth Rally Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR Alpine A110 1973 Lotus Europa Special Citroen 2CV / 2CV Rally Volkswagen Beetle Rally Mazda Demio / Mazda 2 Mercedes G 320 Cabrio Mazda Roadster Suzuki Jimny Lowride Pumpkin Renault Alpine A110 '71 Go Pro Monster Sport Super Swift Volkswagen Beetle Mini JWC Coupe Honda Ballade Sports Mugen CR-X Mazda RX-7 Suzuki Swift Super 1600 Honda S800 Racing Alfa Romeo MiTo Abarth 500 Assetto Sport Mini Cooper Racing Fiat 500 Mini Cooper S 2006 Eunos Roadster Mini Cooper (New) Toyota bB BMW M Roadster Honda S2000 Suzuki Wagon R RR Porsche 911 Carrera Mercedes Benz SLK Porsche Boxster Honda S-MX Lowdown Datsun 280ZX Sports Version (OEM) / Datsun 280ZX Street Custom Renault 5 Turbo Rally
  8. Looking forward to your pictures @Ferruz. Have fun andfsome relaxing days.
  9. After been on holidays for one week already I've managed to go to the beach with the TD2 this evening. The car is way to slow for a large spaced beach. The current Dirt tuned motor and 1060 ESC will be swapped for a brushless combo I have in my parts box. The layout of the chassis is probably not the best for beach running with the motor before the rear axle. Swirled up sand is flooding the chassis and also get to the motor. Will see what has happend with the gearbox and motor when I change the motor. Nevertheless I had some fun and also managed to take some pictures...
  10. Exactly. Don't know why but I love these little rubber caps. In my eyes they have the perfect shape and size.
  11. I think it's a electric monster truck as those side pods are looking like battery cases. After a little research I think it's a Reely BIG 1. It was sold by Conrad Electronic in Germany. Don't know if it was also sold under different names by different companies.
  12. Thank you guys, I really appreciate it. @Rinskie All the best for your recovery and take care.
  13. Finished my beach runner for this years holidays at the danish north sea. Will see how it will perform and how it will last in comparison to its predecessor the lovely Blitzer Beetle which was my beach car for the last years. As I love the way how the wing is adjustable on the Avante, I've designed and printed a adjustable wing mount which is currently adjustable in three steps. More of a gimmick than a necessity. Additionally as the space under the cage was too empty I printed a V8 motor I found on Thingiverse and adapted it with a lot of carving on the air intake of the TD2. Not perfect but looking cool from a distance. I will do an updated version later for better fitment. Please excuse the crappy pics but weather doesn't allow outdoor pics at the moment. Hopefully more from the beach...
  14. Maybe you should ask the Losi customer service?
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