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  1. That pic looks great. And the Hornet looking cool, even with a broken front. Would be a perfect pic for a calendar, has a nice vibe in my eyes.
  2. Gave the Super Fighter G to my nephew today. Was the present of the day.
  3. Looking great. The wheels are a perfect match for the body. 👍
  4. Finished the rebuild of the Super Fighter G. The car was taken apart, cleaned and rebuild with some new parts and mostly parts of my stock. Got a new servo, drive shafts, wheels, tires, oil shocks and ball bearings. Put in an older Tamiya radio. Overall, finishing the body was the hardest part as my masking tape is totally crap. It didn't stick enough to avoid bleeding but leaves glue residual when removed. But I think it turned out okay. In the end it is a present for my ten year old nephew and will be massively used. Therefore some imperfections aren't so bad.
  5. I have an IMAX B6 charger which is older but should be very similar to yours. You can use the Charge or Auto CHG mode of the charger. I use the charge mode at mine. But you should set a max current for charging in auto mode. I always charge my batteries with 1C. This means if you have a 5000 mAh battery you charge it with 5.0 A, a 3500 mAh for example with 3.5 A. When the battery is fully charged you can see the charging time and the capacity on the display. Of course it is possible to cycle your battery to evaluate the capacity of the battery but this something which is normally done to refresh old batteries. After some cycles of standard charging you will know the capacity of the battery as well.
  6. Hi! What is a Blockhead 4x4x4?
  7. @Carmine A I hope you get well soon. All the best.
  8. That Porsche looks gorgeous. Great work!
  9. Finished the driver for the Super Fighter G... ...which currently looks like this... ...still needs some paint: fluorescent orange and black, and some parts are still missing.
  10. I think I will do the conversion on my next DT-02. For this one I've already got the GPM adapters. I think I will carefully drill out the holes or maybe I have some smaller ball conectors from my Mini Inferno. That would normally be the way I would try it. But in this case the arms have already been bend and are a little bit weak. But thanks for your input.
  11. Good Morning TurnipJF, thanks a lot for your help. This was the information I was looking for. On a first look it seems like 54154 will be a direct fit into the DT-02 C-Hubs. Can you or someone else confirm that?
  12. Good afternoon everyone! I'm currently rebuilding the DT-02 Super Fighter G which I have recently bought. The car should be a birthday present to my nephew. As it is important to keep the costs low for this project I am trying to use as much as I can from my own pool of parts. I have a set of four TLT-1 wheels I would like to use them as the car should get a monster touch. I've bought the GPM hex adapters for the front wheels and tried to fit them today. It is possible to mount them but it will be impossible to steer the car. Is there a possibility to change the steering parts for a better fit? Maybe some DT-02 experts here know what I can do to make those wheels work. Thanks!
  13. I either didn't like cutting body shells because every mistake is irreversible but painting and stickering for me is a rather nice work. Also there are some possibilities to ruin the body but in the end I like it. Important is not to rush. It takes a little time to prepare and do it but it's worth it. Do you have the paint for the bodies? When I order a new kit I always order the paint I need with it. And as you already said it's very satisfying to see the finished result and to know that you have completely done by yourself.
  14. That is such a cool truck. And it's looking great in that blue, but the two wheels in the back screaming Baja race truck and so I would plaster it with sponsor stickers. To hide some scratches is a nice extra benefit.
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