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  1. Good news! The body has finally been shipped. So hopefully I will get it soon.
  2. After a third email last night I,ve got a response that they will have a look for it today.
  3. This shop is starting to annoying me. Three weeks since confirmed order and no response to emails or any other proof of life. Is this standard for L&L Models?
  4. For the front you can adapt the Blitzer Beetle front mount to the shock tower. I have done this to a DT-02 chassis.
  5. As I am a big fan of the Blitzer Beetle, I really like it. What are you planning for the paint?
  6. The only thing that was before there was silver paint. Maybe it's because of the age of the shell. I don't know. Hopefully I can finde a way to rescue this body.
  7. Looking cool. I like this slightly comical look with the tires standing out of the arches.
  8. I can't say anything about cleaning fresh painted shells but it seems it is not so good for older ones. I have recently try it on a Mondeo body and in comparison with Revell Color Mix it removes the paint very well but it seems to damage the shell. Here you can see a area cleaned with Revell Color Mix (takes a lot of effort): This one shows the result of Tamiya PBC (the Lexan seems to get brittle and cloudy) And the smell of it is very intensive.
  9. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=134277&id=23103 If you click on the copyright on the lower right, you will come to the showroom entry.
  10. Thank you both for the information. Hopefully my body will be shipped then shortly. RS2000 sounds good.
  11. This is a question probably to the british members here. Maybe they can shed some light on this. About 2 ½ weeks ago I've ordered a body from L&L Models, paid via PayPal and got the order confirmation. But since then I've heard nothing from them. I've send them an email last week on Monday and another one this week but no response. Is L&L closed currently due to Covid 19 or is this normal behaviour? I know that things can be slow currently, but no reactions is kind of strange. Maybe someone knows more. Thanks.
  12. I don't know where you can get yellow ones, but in black they are one the D-Parts tree of the 2018 Manta Ray. Part number is 10005378. I guess that the size is similar to the Bear Hawk dampers. But this should be maybe confirmed by someone else. If you need yellow ones, I think you have to search for used parts.
  13. Nicely done so far. I like it much. As your are going with an interior I wouldn't tint the windows.one point is that I always find it tricky to stop at the right moment and the possibility to mess it up is huge. And the second point is you've made such a nice interior, but it's hard to see behind tinted windows.
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