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  1. Looking really good. Happy Birthday, even if it is a little late.
  2. I like it. What is it? Looks like a DF-01 front gear box.
  3. The GF01 gets my vote. I wouldn't take a crawler to the beach. Most fun is when the sand is flying from acceleration. Have fun!
  4. Thank you @DeadMeat666 and @jonboy1 . That is very helpful. Today something strange happened: The project is finished for now! The postman delivered some missing parts and from one to next moment the chassis was done. And for now (unfortunately) the project is finished as the Top Force body is currently not available. It will be continued as soon as get a body. Thanks for watching and your kind comments. Another project will be shown here soon (as I have enough of them).
  5. Again some parts for the Top Force. I don't think that I have ever spend so much money in such a short time for parts for just one car.
  6. This morning I had some spare time and was going on with the Top Force. After all parts were cleaned, inspected and polished (if necessary) during the last few days it was time to re-assemble the chassis. Started with both gear boxes. A Turnigy 4250 KV brushless motor was installed together with a Yeah Racing motor mount. For the first time ever I have installed turnbuckles. Nice blue hop-up parts. What tools do you use for adjusting the turnbuckles without scratching the blue surface?
  7. Great looking buggy. Your masking skills are way beyond what I could do. It's perfect symmetrical. Will it be a runner?
  8. I know. I meant the perspective as it is so much wider than long. Didn't noticed that the arms are 3D printed. Great work!
  9. Thank you! In the last few days nothing too special happened. Most of the parts are cleaned and inspected. Some of the aluminium parts still needs to be polished. This evening I rebuild the rear dampers with new O-Rings and oil seals. As almost all parts are in a good condition the difference between before and after rebuild is not so big.
  10. Rebuild the rear dampers of the Top Force while listening to the latest Bruce Springsteen album. Quite relaxing.
  11. On the first photo it looks a bit strange. But with the body on it is pretty cool. 👍
  12. The service and prices are very good. Can't say any negative about Tony. The fees are new and I didn't know about them. So that's my fault.
  13. Picked up a delivery from UK today. The price was about 9 € incl. postage. Had to pay 1,85€ for custom and a handling fee of 6€ for DHL. Lessons learned.
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