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  1. I will definitely have a look. Thanks for the tip. 👍
  2. Sold and packed my Mad Fighter. And also sold four old bodies which were laying around and which I don't need anymore. Started the build of my TT-02 rallye car. Currently figuring out where and how much to cut for more ground clearance.
  3. @bRIBEGuy That is probably the best paint job I've ever seen on a Pumpkin. It's so unique, just perfect. Also great work on the tail gate. 👍
  4. Great car, and a lovely result of the restoration. I would love to see some more pics. Depending on your upload device you can easily reduce the size of your pictures. When using a PC just open the pictures in Paint and reduce the size by around 50% and safe it. If you are using a mobile go to the Play store and search for a photo editor which can reduce the size of the pictures. I'm using LitPhoto, it works well but there are many others. Remember you have only an amount of 73 MB storage capacity in total, so reducing the file size is always a good idea.
  5. Double Post. Edit: But to explain why I use a Killerbody body is that at least here in Germany body sets from Tamiya have become really expensive or are not available. And if I buy the parts (body, spoiler, mirrors, stickers) separately I will easily reach 70€. And that makes no sense to me when I can get a kit for 75€.
  6. I will use the Killerbody Subaru BRZ. Glad you like your TT-02 rally build. I'm aiming for awesome but still hoping for 'budget'.
  7. Postman brought me a fast delivery from RC Kleinkram. This is the starting point for my rally build off. The Nissan body will be sold to keep the budget low.
  8. Thank you for the tip. 👍 I will have a look at their websites.
  9. Great work @Juhunio on both cars. That Audi looks gorgeous, perfectly masked and trimmed. Cool looking Skyline @Willy iine. The trimming of that Skyline emblem was a must.
  10. You're right, there's absolutely nothing wrong with box art, it's a classic and iconic design. I must say I liked the Mad Max style with all those spikes a lot. And if it was mine I would had keep it that way until I would have realised they were from cardboard. One puddle and you have a car full of papier mâché. You should think about the gold rims to make it complete.
  11. Disassembled the Bolink Digger which were waiting patiently in the stash for some attention. And that is really needed. Some parts missing, some are worn and some needs to be removed or at least they need re-thinking as they were some kind of home brew mods. Which I quite like to a certain degree. Now I need to look for parts and I have no idea if spares are still available.
  12. @Cuiken I really like the look of your Rallye-Calibra. Pretty cool. Over the past weeks I followed this thread and was permanently tempted to step into the build-off as I really would like to have a rallye car. Problem is that my RC budget is more than tight currently due to unknown energy costs for the near future. Even £200 or €225 from today's exchange rate were too much. But today I stumbled across an offer from RC Kleinkram which were too good to refuse. So I've ordered: 58625 Nissan GT-R Motul TT-02 kit for €74,90 (no ESC included) Killerbody Subaru BRZ body set for €30,90 (as the GT-R body is not so much rallye) 2 pairs of Tamiya 50476 rally block tires plus inserts for €28,70 Overall €134,50. The GT-R body set will be sold directly so I guess I can subtract around €30 again. As I have a rallye cockpit, ESC, motor in my store I will not have to buy them. Also bearings should be there. Only the oil dampers may be needed, but I will have a closer look into the damper box.
  13. Sorry for late reply, I've missed your question. Up to now I have no solution for this. Currently other projects got priority. But when I have found something for replacement I will post here.
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