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  1. Can't say anything about the Lancer body but I had a Subaru BRZ from Killerbody. The BRZ body is wider than a Tamiya body. Which makes it necessary to use wheels with a lot of offset.
  2. I love those Goodwood videos on YouTube. My favourite is already some years old. The battle of the Mini against the Alfa Romeo Giulia. I could watch it for hours.
  3. What a nice and ambitious project! For painting from the outside you could use PS paint as a primer and TS paint for finishing. I've didn't tried it yet by myself but read about it several times.
  4. I don't want to stop your joy about this message but every time I see a message saying "please click the link below" or "confirm something" or something like this my inner alert starts to ring. The email address at the end of the message is different to the one stated on the website of Plaza Japan (there's an 'a' missing in japan). Maybe contact them directly over their website? But I hope it's a genuine email and you will get your goods. 👍
  5. Two great Hornet action pics : @Jimaroid that's a lovely shot with a nice late summer vibe. Love it! @Ferruz : What a great shot. You always make great action shots, but for me this one is outstanding! Perfect picture.
  6. Thank you all for your comments and tips! That's really helpful.
  7. It's very impressive. I would have problems to work on it. Regarding its size the only place would be the dining table.
  8. As I don't have a clip tool I would take a needle-nose plier and press gently from the open side of the clip. You maybe want to do this in a bag as those clips accelerate enormous.
  9. Thank you. The picture without the body shows the real, enormous size of the car. All the tiny electronics. And you're right, it looks amazing. Where do you run it?
  10. As many of you I don't like masking body shells for painting. This leads to a stack of unfinished projects as painting still needs to be done. But every now and then I'm in the mood of doing some masking (even if it's gone as fast as it came) and this sunday morning I was in the mood to mask the canopy of my Thunder Dragon body. Easy job, nothing really special. Washed the shell with warm soapy water and dried it thoroughly. Then I thought "when I wear gloves there will be no fingerprints or something else after masking on the shell". But masking with gloves is a pain for me and so they were thrown away after a few seconds. So now my question: What do you do after masking to degrease the body and remove residues of masking tape? I can't wash it again with soapy water as it would also remove the masking tape. Is Tamiya Polycarbonate Cleaner a good solution or does it leave a film on the shell? What about silicone remover from automotive painting systems? Is it a bad idea for polycarbonate bodies? Thanks for your tips.
  11. I love your MCD rally car @bRIBEGuy. Would you show us a picture of it without the body shell?
  12. No need to feel that way. Sometimes you can stare at your own work forever and you won't find anything wrong.
  13. Do I see it right, that the body is currently uncut? It looks like the cracked part need to be cut away. Those areas of the body are usually pretty thin.
  14. Funnily no one else got something in the mail since my last post. Or at least doesn't post it. So here is what the postman brought today.: Bought over a classified website it was a real bargain for 160€ posted, including the alloy diff nut.
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