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  1. Great work on the RX. Love the sparkling orange. 👍 And a great choice for your next build. I still hope the Bear Hawk will be re-released some day.
  2. Looking great so far. I love all the red hop ups on your car.
  3. Just wow! That looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see it finished. 👍
  4. Maybe I have to think about that. But on the other side the Blitzer Beetle looks so good on the beach.
  5. One of the best parts of RC is let them running on the beach... ...one of the worst is cleaning the car after that... Just a little bit of danish beach in the Blitzer gear box.
  6. Thank you all for your kind words. Currently I'm not sure if Wild Willy is the right driver for this car. When I choose him for being the driver the concept was completely different. But I have an idea for painting him which possibly makes it happen.
  7. During maintenance I found what I already had forgotten: to achieve a low body position it was necessary to mount the dampers behind the shock tower. For this I had to cut a hole into the lower arms and fixed them with an screw shaft which was screwed in the original damper mounting hole. In that way the damper moved 25 mm backwards. Then I made new upper arms as the standard ones didn't fit anymore. So it's not just cutting the shock tower.
  8. Thank you! That's the only picture from the side that I have at the moment. You're right, it's almost like it was made for this chassis. The only thing I have done was cutting a little bit from the front shock tower to get the body as low as possible.
  9. Next step was test fit before painting the body. The Wild Willy you can see here will probably not be the driver of this car as it takes another direction when it come to painting. First of all it was painted with flat black from the underside. After that it got white primer. After that I started my first airbrush paint job which looks a bit weird on first sight. It was done with fluorescent colours from Vallejo. After that masking. And painting with dark metallic blue. And then peel off the masking. It is probably not everyone's taste, but I like it. And for my first airbrush paint it looks absolutely okay. Next is maintenance of the chassis and clear cote for the body.
  10. As I'm currently in the mood for finishing projects I'm going to the next one which on the shelf partly for month but even for years now. When I was build my Sand Rover some years ago now, I've ordered a second Sand Rover body as I had the idea of building a Baja Race version of that. I still like this idea but for now I'm doing something else with the body. As I have switched the beaten body of my Blitzer Beetle to the shortened DT-02 chassis of the Sand Rover, the Blitzer chassis needs a new shell. That brings me to the idea to build a Blitzer Rover. As I mentioned before all I'm currently working on are already started projects, so here's the current state of it. The chassis which was with me on the beach this summer still needs a good clean and maintenance. Before that holidays I've already made invisible body posts for the Sand Rover body. The screw heads can be adjusted in longitudinal direction to fit perfectly to the magnets... I have also made a magnetic mount for the front end but currently I have no pictures. Next step was build a cover for the big hole behind the seats. I was aiming for a box with aluminum style but I'm not sure if I will really go with it. This is how it looks after painting and stickering (not finished)
  11. I have a five year old daughter and she currently discover that it's fun to drive a RC car. No problem as I just set the throttle to 40% and let her go. But I wouldn't give her every car I own. Some are just to beautiful for me to let her drive it into a tree or kerb or something, even at low speed. I understand that you feel uncomfortable when think about giving the cars to your daughters just for bashing. There is to much effort put into them.
  12. It's because of the tires. This body will surely have it's part but the tires are bigger than the Tamiya standard ones. They are not Lunchbox tires. I've bought them some years ago from Hobbyking but they are no longer available there. The wheels I use are just the yellow Tamiya truck wheels. They are still available at eBay or AliExpress. Here is the link to them on eBay: https://www.ebay.de/itm/4-x-12mm-Nabenraeder-Reifen-1-10-Off-Road-RC-Car-Monster-Truck-Reifen-/363470295860?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=707-127634-2357-0
  13. Thank you! She absolutely wanted to drive it by herself. So I put the throttle on 40% and she's doing it very well for being only five years old. Especially with the big transmitter.
  14. Thank you! It's a great looking shell, but mine has some flaws. There is a crease in the rear bumper, some tiny cracks in each corner of the truck and a light bend in the bed, which looks just as a crease in the protective film. So if you have a chance to pick it up personally you should select the best one.
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