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  1. Ferrari 308 GTB Volvo P130 Opel Kadett GSI / Vauxhall Astra GTE Only some from my wishlist.
  2. Done with water and heat. Otherwise I would have destroyed the decal (and it still looks like that).
  3. Thanks. Because of your tips I am doing it that way. Works well on the Alfa but the Audi is a class of its own.
  4. In a brave moment I decided to continue the stickering of my Audi V8. I must say it is the worst body shell I've ever worked on. I don't like to apply stickers in general but this makes me mad. It's too complicated for me. There should be an advisory that advanced skills are necessary to build this body to an acceptable standard. Hats off to everyone who manages this. So, enough of moaning about the Audi as the body itself is very impressive and I will probably build a second one but completely different to box art.
  5. What a gorgeous Audi Quattro @Exit13. Love the colour combinations.
  6. Up to now I've only run 2wd cars on the beach and all had open diffs, without any issues. Don't know what you are planning at the beach, but if you what to climb sand dunes like Formula Off-Road you should lock the diffs. If you just want casual beach running with the Formula Off-Road style you can keep them open. Sand paddles are a good idea as they make a huge difference to many standard tires. As most beach running is about speed (at least for me) I would put in a waterproof brushless set-up, and waterproof RX (the water is closer than you think 😉). All bearings which are outside the gear box should be rubber shielded. There are different opinions about the use of bearings on beach runners from essential to put in plastic bushings but I think it's better to replace a worn out bearing than an axle. I would probably go with the friction dampers first. If it doesn't work you can switch to CVA's later. Besides that cleaning is the most important part of beach running. Sand and salt are a huge challenge for RC cars and a rough cleaning after each run should be done. Followed by a complete rebuild after holidays. Have fun.
  7. I've already saw your Mog on the main site. Really nice truck. I would go with the third option of the first post as it makes a nice difference to the main colour and also matches the roll on the hood. If it is too bright for you I would then suggest the second option of the first post. This have a slightly green touch which complement the main colour.
  8. Do you have pictures of the problem? To be honest I don't understand the problem from your description. Maybe your question is better placed in the general section or in the build tips section as not everyone take a look in the trading area.
  9. Snow is meanwhile pretty rare where I live. But if it's there I love to run a car or a truck in it.
  10. This is probably the one I'm most proud of. It's the second car I've ever build and the first after joining the forum. It's a re-release of the Sand Rover on the DT-02 chassis. I've done a lot of research that time to find the right solutions for what I was aiming for. I've shortened the front and rear arms to narrow the track and shortened the chassis tub about 1 cm and glued it back together. I know there are more elegant ways to make the wheelbase and track narrower but at that time the budget was more an issue than today and I like to make/mod things by myself rather than buying. Anyway, the body fits perfectly and is mounted invisibly with magnets. All holes are filled with styrene and putty and for the holes in the rear I've made a rear seat. The wheels were a little bit tricky as I read somewhere that the Sand Blaster tires were a perfect fit to M-chassis wheels, which aren't. But I wanted to use the VW style wheels and so started to search the hardware stores around for a solution. In the plumber department of one of these stores I found a tube for toilet flushing which had the right inner diameter and almost the perfect outer diameter. I've cut eight slices of about four mm thickness and glued them to the inner and outer part of the rims. Then put them in the cordless drill shaped them with a hobby knife and paint the part silver. Also the front wheels and tires were cut in the middle, narrowed and glued back together. I have some pictures of the car on the beach on my computer. I will try to upload some of them Currently the chassis is used for a Blitzer body with a brushless set and even some serious bashing is no problem for the glued chassis.
  11. The original thread starter Badboy passed away in 2017. Maybe a little bit wider discussion should be started to decide what should happen to the "What have you done today thread", including an admin to see if there is a way to keep the original thread alive. If not, I think the new thread should not be started before the old one is closed and archived.
  12. Looking good. When you say "soaking in Metoxypropanol", how much of it do you put in the bag?
  13. Mostly I don't glue my tires either if not really necessary. And that could lead to some debris in it. And it seems that some grams are enough to cause this.
  14. Unfortunately not. The battery got lost in the last ten years. That's the reason why I'm thinking about LiPo. But you're right, in the original battery are 4x 1/3 AAA cells. I guess I will order a small 1S LiPo and test if it will run. Just have to find a very small LiPo alarm or cut off.
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