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  1. That's way too cool to hide it under a body shell.
  2. Great pics and GIFs! 👍 I always enjoy your driving reports.
  3. Not only today but also yesterday I've built some Beetle rear lights. Not completely finished yet but turns out okay I think. This afternoon I had the first run with my slightly refurbished TA03-F which was rebuild with a low budget. Turns out that the budget was maybe a little bit too low as it badly needs new tyres. It was great fun and I really need to run my cars more often. Apart from that I have to gear it down as it has a good top speed, but have some problems to accelerate out of the corners. Here's the evidence that it was outside the house...
  4. This helped me a lot today as I was quite confused about the wheel offset (as usual). 👍 It's stunning looking car that you have build. I really love it!
  5. Luckily not that bad, an about 1 cm long and deep, but clean cut into the tip of the thumb. Was bleeding a lot but some plasters have done their job.
  6. In the end my 4 year old daughter "worked" more on my rc cars than me. My Sand Rover shell now have eyes.
  7. Changed the blade in my hobby knife. Then cut accidently my thumb. End of RC for today.
  8. The Terra Scorcher body is available. At least in Germany. Part number is 19334214 at Tamico. https://tamico.de/Tamiya-19334214-Karosserie-mit-Spoiler-Terra-Scorcher-unlackiert
  9. Have done some more styrene and filler work on a Sand Rover body.
  10. That's great. I know what you mean regarding the weathering. When you start it's looking good, second step is looking good, next step is looking good and then suddenly it's too much. But your walls turns out really nice.
  11. A Wild Willy driver figure, a Wild Willy sticker sheet and some wheel nuts.
  12. Thank you for sharing.👍 Will follow this.
  13. Thanks Fuijo, that's what I was looking for.
  14. Put the M-05 on the kitchen scale this morning. Race ready incl. NiMH battery it weighs 1427 g, with 2S Lipo 1257 g.
  15. Cool looking Bear Hawk. I like your personal style in this resto project. Very nice done!
  16. Hi everybody! I'm trying to figure out how the smoke grey clear taillights of the Sand Scorcher have to be mounted. The standard ones which have to be painted are mounted with a small screw, but how are the smoke grey ones are mounted? It seems that the inner part of the taillight have to be cut out for that, but when I'm doing that the small pin for the screw is also removed. Do I have to glue it to the body? Is there an instruction somewhere? I found nothing in the Sand Scorcher manual.
  17. That dropped buggy looking awesome. I'm curious if it will be a good tarmac runner. My M-05 has a ride height of about 10 mm at the front and 15 mm at the rear, but this is the standard adjustment. I'm not sure if this is right as the Mini Cooper never run until now.
  18. That's awesome! A milling machine is something that I also want. I have in fact no idea have to work with it, but I would like to have one. Until then I will go on with saw and file.
  19. Ordered some bits at Tamico and made the rear stealth mount bracket for the new body of my Blitzer Beetle.
  20. Nice build.👍Have though about this model as well, maybe I think about again.
  21. Hi All! I've got this Sanwa Seven ACE TX with a car I've recently bought. Included are a Sanwa SRD-2122RS receiver and two Sanwa 1301 servos. Also included is a LRP SS-Speedy ESC. Does anybody have an idea about the value of this lot? I'm thinking about selling it on. Or maybe someone have some information about the ESC? A manual is included but it says nothing about technical specifications. Thank you. Edit: Missed to say that the TX and all other stuff is only lightly used. Some light scratches on the side of the battery tray on some more on the pedestals. Please se the pics. Set was tested, everything is working properly.
  22. The truck looks great. Love the paint theme, espeacially the Durandal logo. Great work.
  23. Good to hear that you are fine again. Stay safe and have fun with the Hornet.
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