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  1. In Germany you have to cover the pins with some tape and then you can put them in the battery containers in super markets.
  2. Maybe that's one of the reasons...
  3. @Ferruz I love your pictures, especially those with the Hornet so much that I really think if I should get a Hornet. 👍
  4. I'm looking for a 2.4 GHz receiver for a df models transmitter which I've just bought in a lot with some cars. The transmitter is branded as a df models Race-Pro and have a label on which says CY310. It seems that this transmitter was sold under several names. I would like to use it for a build for one of my nephews but don't want to spend to much money on it as I do know if it wil work. Maybe someone have a suitable receiver for it which isn't needed anymore. If so please contact me. I'm located in Germany. Here is a pic of the transmitter.
  5. This is something that I also have thought of. I've made some tests with diluted gray paint in a pump spray bottle (which is use for plants or ironing, hope you know what I mean) and a hair dryer to simulate road dirt. The result on an old plastic can was quite promising but up to now I didn't try it on a body shell.
  6. Two well used Super Fighter, one G and one GR with three radios and some spare parts.
  7. I would recommend an IMAX B6 charger. I'm using mine for minimum 10 years now and have had no problems, except for a defect power supply.
  8. As I was looking for a solution of a similar issue I found this: Maybe this will help.
  9. I know. It was just to show that a 914/916 exist. I would prefer the 911 Carrera G-Model or first 911.
  10. Bought a batch of two used Super Fighter GR, three radios (including 2.4 gHz) and a lot of spare parts for 80€ posted. I guess I've made a good deal.
  11. Here it is: https://www.racersparadise.de/de/porsche-914-karosserie-fUer-tamiya-m-chassis-1-10-unlackiert-mit-decals--11190_415.html
  12. Though I revive this topic after five years. I really enjoyed it back then. Unfortunately some of the pictures are gone. But here is mine from this morning. And the haiku: Monster went through snow Don't know what will happen next Falling of the edge
  13. Had some winter Monster Truck fun...
  14. That looks strange. A little bit like the skin of a snake.
  15. Have searched for 3741 and found them. Already ordered. Thank you for the tip.
  16. Thank you. Didn't know that such a service exist.
  17. Does anyone know a good source for stock car wheels and tires? I am looking for some for a project I plan. Unfortunately the HPI stock car wheels 3852 are out of production and the current vintage line-up of HPI is not what I'm looking for. If anyone have an advice please share. Cheers!
  18. I am not using airbrush for polycarbonate shells but I like your work a lot. I always loved the classic hot rod flames. Great looking car!
  19. Sounds like a broken battery to me. Had a similar situation and in the end I had taken the wrong (empty) battery. With a fresh one everything was fine.
  20. I think the sellers sum up all prices they have paid for the car, parts, paint and so on. And then they charge the work they had for building and painting the car. This is the only explanation I could imagine. I also love the sentence in some advertisements: "Real experts know the value of this car"
  21. About 15 years ago I've had an red 1976 four door saloon for a few months as a daily driver. Bought it for 350€ with the plan to restore it. But it was so destroyed by rust that I sold it on as the repair would have outrun my capabilities in car repairs. The A-pillars for example were almost gone. But the time I owned it was great. Lovely car.
  22. That's looking great. I'm following your building progress from the beginning and was not so sure about the body at first. But you have made a nice looking rallye car out of this.👍
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