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  1. That looks awesome. Great work! šŸ‘ I like the look and the technical aspects of nitro cars but it's not so easy to find a place to drive them.
  2. I've just made a search for the manuals you've asked for and found the 58318 manual from the german distributor Simba-Dickie. Unfortunately it is to big to attach it here. Do you have an E-mail-adress where I can send it to?
  3. Yes, for the clean look magnets would be good. I will keep this in mind. But for now I will try to copy Tamiyas solution with the hinged bed for easy access to the battery.
  4. Stretched the wheelbase of my MST CMX to fit the Ford F-350 body. I have to rework it, as it is slightly to long. But it's going in the right direction. Not sure about the wheel / tire combination. But I love this Tamiya shell... Now I need to work out the best way to mount the body on the chassis. I will check the High-Lift manual later.
  5. Great pics and nice place. In my opinion it doesn't matter what weather is when you're by the sea. I like it anyway. Enjoy your holiday and keep up posting such nice pics.
  6. Good idea to do the painting now and the build in winter time. I like the orange on the Mad Fighter. šŸ‘
  7. A used F-350 body. Not my favourite colour combination. Will get some new paint.
  8. Wow, you were busy. Love the Top Force and his brothers. That reminds me of my Dirt Thrasher in a box which needs some attention.
  9. Finished the first project for a long time! I actually call the Top Force completed: I' very happy with the result, as I never owned a car like this: FRP double deck chassis, polished and blue aluminum parts. Also never done the effort of shortening the wires of the servo and ESC. It's none box art as usual for my builds and also a mix of Top Force and Top Force Evo parts combined with other manufacturers, e.g. Schumacher but I like it. Hopefully I can drive it on a rece track some day.
  10. Try 9225056. Modellbau Seidel says it is the spare part for 50746 but you should verify as I don't have the dampers by myself.
  11. If you say back garden basher, what kind of surface do you run? From looking at the Sand Viper I would say the front tires are not designed for grass and may tend to understeer. Also to add a little weight on the front may be helpful.
  12. Do you still know what's inside the parcel?
  13. Some of the Nikko cars just seem to be disappeared. I had a Nikko Big Grolly when I was a kid. It's almost impossible to find one for sale, not that I need one. My brother had an beautiful (in my memory) Nikko Buggy. But I can't even find some pictures of it in the web. At that time most of the cars were trashed when broken or out of use.
  14. Replaced 12 older un-compressed photos with compressed ones. This saved me 14 MB of my attachment limit.
  15. Don't worry. Thanks for watching. I appreciate that very much.
  16. I use these LiPos: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Gartpot-7-4v-RC-Lipo-Akku-4000mah-2s-50c-Lipo-Pack-mit-Deans-Plug-fuer-RC-Auto-/184802521643?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 They have rounded corners as djmcnz already mentioned and fit perfectly in my cars. I think it's better than modifying the battery tray.
  17. The first RC that I've bought by myself was a Kyosho Mini Inferno in 2005 (still have it). Before that I only had toy grade RC cars during my childhood which I've got to birthdays or Christmas from my parents.
  18. I still have a Wild Dagger in the project stash which will hopefully be rebuilt and upgraded soon. Still unsure about the body, as I don't like the Wild Dagger body that much.
  19. Yes, shipping costs would be a nightmare. I wasn't aware that these chassis are susceptible. But to be honest, all my cars are running extreme rarely. So I'm not to worried about it.
  20. You can have it. I will have a look how small the box for shipping can be in order to keep the shipping costs as low as possible.
  21. When I compare them to the pictures of M-02 chassis I don't think that they will fit. But I already have a plan for some custom battery holders. Thanks for looking!
  22. A M-02 with a strange body and some standard 1/10 wheels on it. It for my Ford Escort project. Unfortunately the battery holders are missing, but it was a very reasonable price.
  23. As the body was surprisingly available I could go one with the Top Force. Yesterday and today I've painted the body with colours which were available in my storage and which were already used so I could empty some cans. Started with some coats of PS-45 Translucent Purple, followed by PS-41 Bright Silver, PS-12 Silver and PS-5 Black. Turned out pretty good, even if it's far from perfect. But translucent colours aren't easy to paint (at least for me )and this shell have many small gaps. On the picture it looks like blue but it is definitely purple. Also started to install the electronics. For the first time ever I've shortened the wires of a servo.
  24. Wow! That is a very eye-catching paint job. I love those fluorescent colours on buggies. I'm currently working on a Top Force as well and think about the best colour choice. This gave me some ideas. Well done. šŸ‘
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