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    Backing Colour

    Good Morning, Currently I'm painting the Chevy Blazer body shell for my Bullhead. The Body is paint in translucent yellow and purple. I have two different colours for backing, PS-12 silver and PS-48 anodized aluminium. Which colour should I choose? Has anyone done something similar and made some pictures. Unfortunately I have disposed the lexan scrap of the body shell. So I have no material for testing. Any recommendations? Greetings,
  2. Aerobert

    Backing Colour

    That's a little bit what I'm looking for. Maybe I will order this also. At least I will have it for future projects. Thanks. Thank you for this tip. I have already start a test. Of course I will post it. But it will still take some time till it will be finished. And hopefully it will be nice, up to now there is already a lot of work in this body.
  3. Aerobert

    Backing Colour

    Thanks. I've already googled PS-48 and that was the reason I've bought it. I will it be at least used to paint the front bumper.
  4. Aerobert

    King Hauler Drag Truck

    Cool looking truck!
  5. Aerobert

    Show Me Your Porches ...

    I really love the Kuhfarben GT2.
  6. Aerobert

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Continued masking the Blazer body for my Bullhead chassis.
  7. Aerobert

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    Double post
  8. Aerobert

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    Also love these M-Chassis wheels, the old school Beetle style. Used them on my Sand Rover, customized for the use with Buggy Champ tyres.
  9. Aerobert

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    For Touring cars I really like these HPI wheels:
  10. Finished my Lego Creator Expert 007 Aston Martin.
  11. Have done the same with my Blitzer Beetle. Unfortunately it was on the first ride during the holidays and the receiver was scraped and no replacement in the spare part box. Since then I stay a few meters away from the water. I'm always surprised how much sand is in a RC car when you strip it down back at home although it was cleaned directly after driving.
  12. Up to now I have run my Blitzer Beetle and my modified Sand Rover on the beach in Denmark. The brushed powered Sand Rover is rather slow and have more scale appearance and driving at the beach is very relaxed. The Blitzer Beetle is brushless powered and a lot of fun to drive. For me driving at the beach is the best part of RC driving.
  13. Aerobert

    ebaYJ - aka. "Daydream B'leafer"

    Fantastic build!
  14. Aerobert

    Bullhead / Clodbuster alternative bodies

    Had the same problem as I've recently finished my Bullhead chassis. I'm a bit afraid of ruin the Bullhead body because I'm planning not to paint box-art and this will take some time. Therefore I've ordered a Proline 1980 Chevy Blazer lexan body. Arrived yesterday and looks pretty cool just laying on the chassis. Wheelbase is with 285 mm slightly longer but it is not really noticeable. I've decided to paint it yellow and probably silver. The only thing I have to figure out is the rear body mount as this is not a pick up. Maybe I will mount it on the back or the side of the body.
  15. Aerobert

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Started to build the Bullhead just to found out that I've forgot to order ball bearings. So this will be a very slow build for the next few days until the bearings are delivered.
  16. Aerobert

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    My new Bullhead from the Modellbau Lindinger special offer. What a huge box.
  17. Aerobert

    Tamiya Bullhead

    Hi! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but if you are looking for a new Bullhead you should have a look at the Modellbau Lindinger website. I know this is not cheap, but only today they have 50% off for the Bullhead. The discount code is COLD50 : I've just ordered one for € 166,25. I think that's a very good price. Remember: Only today!
  18. Aerobert

    Xo-1 diffuser on 4tec 2.0

    I don't think so. XO-1 and 4tec 2.0i are different scale. If you compare the size of the cars on the Traxxas homepage you will see the huge difference between both. For example the wheelbase of the XO-1 is almost the same as the length of the 4tec.
  19. Hi everybody! Yesterday afternoon I wanted to take out my re-re Grasshopper 2 for a little run in the garden. Unfortunately it was impossible due to the size of my Lipos. I'm using NVISION 2S Lipos with 3700 mAh in the rounded shape like the classic NiMH style. It is impossible to put the battery into the battery tray. When I remove the servo it is possible to put the battery into the tray but it is impossible to close it. This is a little bit confusing me as the Lipo is the same size as an NiMH-Battery and fits all my other cars. What kind of batteries are you using in your GH2? Have a nice Sunday! Robert
  20. Aerobert

    Grasshopper 2 Battery

    Thank you ThunderDragonCy! It seem that I will buy some NiMH-Batteries. Seems also be better for traveling as I don't need to take all the LiPo-Safety-Stuff with me.
  21. Aerobert

    M06 Alfa Romeo cup racer

    Looking really good. I like the weathering.
  22. Aerobert

    Nikko Slot Car Identification

    Thank you Mokei Kagaku for this bunch of information. Very interesting. I've had a Carrera Servo 140 by myself when I was a child. It was very disappointing because it never really worked. Nevertheless I've bought three Servo cars on that sale, two 1:60 "obstacle" cars and a 1:32 Kenworth Truck. Don't know what to do with it. Maybe I will sell it, maybe I will keep it.
  23. Hello everybody, a few days ago I was on the clearance sale of a local toy shop and found some old slot cars from different manufacturers. Personally I have no slot racing track and even no big interest in them. But they are up to 40 years old and they were quite cheap so they have to come with me. The problem is that I bought two Nikko slot cars which are really hard to identify for me. Both are white Corvettes, one seems to be a demonstration model at that time because the shell looks really used and is also broken on the front end, the other one is brand "new". I've made some Google searching and it seems to be a radio controlled slot car. It is about 8 cm long. Maybe someone of you know this model and can tell me for what race track it is suitable. Thanks, Robert
  24. Aerobert

    Nikko Slot Car Identification

    Thank you for your advise. I will keep that in mind.
  25. According to the website you need a clearance of 80 mm between the cab and the bed.