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  1. Hi team, well, I've come to the "dark side" and FINALLY pulled the pin on a Truck! Given the COVID world we live in I thought what the badword, a new project. I wanted to buy the Scania r620 but you LITERALLY can not get them anywhere in Australia right now. Stock is gone of nearly all trucks (desirable ones that is) so today got lucky and found a Grand Hauler (it was my second choice anyway to the Scania) - The downside? It's the Black edition.... I say that "sadly" because I love painting and I want to make a "dripping wet" gloss black truck like Yamato does. His trucks are absolutely stunning. So, questions for the wise. 1. Has anyone ever had a pre-painted Tamiya truck or 4WD that they sanded and RE-PAINTED???? I want to lightly sand it back and spray gloss black. 2. Yamato state that they use "two-pack urethane paint" basically automotive paint. I've done a little research, seems like it's VERY hard to pull this off unless you're a car body painter to start with. Has anyone had any luck doing it? 3. Assuming most have not used automotive paint, what's the best way to get a dripping wet look? Tons of clear coat? I've painted a bit and had some pretty good results, I have an airbrush as well, but to date most have been Tamiya rattle cans. Has anyone been over the moon with their results with Tamiya rattle cans? I would love to be able to have a very high end paint job and be able to polish it. Seems like @topforcein has a pretty amazing result with his truck as just saw it in a recent post here. To get the results that Yamato did, what's the best resources you can offer/recommend for parts like chequer plate, bling, interiors, lighting? I will get the MFU-01, just wondering what else people reccomend. Thanks guys, looking forward to my first big-rig!
  2. Yeah agree. I’d love a Samurai. Mine is in oieces and can’t be salvaged. One of the best looking buggies ever made. My Big Bear could be savaged but it’s not a great platform.
  3. That's really odd, and seems pretty strange. I'd be wry as well. I've bought plenty from them, always been A+, hopefully my dampers turn up safe and sound!
  4. God dam. That’s only like $66AUD and shipping is like $9. THAT’S the best deal you’re likely to ever see on them again. Just got another set. Only 14 left now. Funny as as I was emailing RC Mart about them as recently as last week and they didn’t say they were getting them in at all. Well the the prediction was right. If one suppliers getting them in Europe, lots will be.
  5. Ok team, just got the email from RC Jaz and they're back in stock! I bought a pair for $95AUD so a better deal as I thought it may be. I assume get in quick... However I al also still sure that others will get them back in as there is NO WAY in badword that only one or two suppliers will just get them. It will be limited stock regardless. https://www.rcjaz.com/tamiya-47358-top-force-2017-hicap-dampers-for-47350-p-90084118.html
  6. Just remember, if Tony got 'em, everyone will get 'em... Also checked the price he was asking, converted it was $114.81AUD - Absolute madness. I turned down a set for $100 on ebay as I was so offended. Will see if the other usual suspects get them in...
  7. I just knew it! So glad I didn’t spend crazy money ($100+ USD) on a set on eBay. Just had a feeling they would do them again.
  8. My God, that is a thing of beauty! Thanks for sharing. I'm pretty sure that I am going to paint mine white as well, the yellow never pleased me and my OG shell was fluro orange with other bits in it.
  9. Yes I know it is, clearly a typo hence why my #2 point said that "The Turbo Optima Mid is either end of this year or early next!!!!" Amended.
  10. Never be sorry, this is Tamiya Club, builds take years and other priorities take over, but the threads always live on. I will be updating this again when I've done more on the build so no stress! Post some pics! Would love to see it! I also noticed that FINALLY Kyosho announced that they are releasing the Turbo Optima, albeit one year late at their own omission due to the issues they had last year. But none the less amazing news as that means: #1 - Kyosho is alive and kicking #2 - The Turbo Optima Mid is either end of this year or early next!!!! Sadly they're not being completely period correct and using different shocks but WHATEVER!!!! http://vintage.dirt-burners.com/2019/01/30/kyosho-turbo-optima-2019-first-details/
  11. JNSD1

    No more Kyosho?

    The new MP-10 would suggest they’re going nowhere. Granted you could have been developing a new buggy and be so far down the track you had to release it, but generally, if you’re going into receivership then 3rd parties come in, appoint interim CEO, halt all operations and start to sell assets off and manage debt. Lets hope they’re fine and going nowhere. The world doesn’t need less wonderful model companies. Especially ones as good as Kyosho.
  12. The Kyosho re-re's are incredible. The Javelin I got blew my mind. I now run it whenever I'm bashing with a 13.5t and 2s lipo. About to put an 8.5t in here as well! Quality is second to none.
  13. Nooooooooooo. To be honest I am concerned about any of these services doing a similar thing. Unsure any are safe in the long term. I haven’t looked into Google, probably should as most of my stuff is on there and prices are reasonable.
  14. Yeah was very pleased to see that they have let the images back again. When Photobucket did that, it literally ruined thousands, nay millions of forums posts globally. I’ll dettianly never trust them again and have since moved to Flickr. So glad we can now see all old images in threads. Would have been a real loss to loose all that knowledge and work!
  15. Well, there's no build thread for this baby so why not throw some candy in here regardless? One day I'll get better at painting figures, I'm getting marginally better but it's still such a long way to the top.
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