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  1. This is the best news I’ve had this year so far. I’ve been waiting for my holy grail car, the Turbo Optima Mid for so many years now. May be the first time I buy 2x at the one time.
  2. You could be right, but without direct experience with this setup, you could be wrong. I've put plenty of 3S Lipo's through the Clod over the past 4 years with that setup and thrashed it. Never had any issues, so I base my experience exactly off that, experience. Burning out silver cans isn't an issue, they're cheap, if I burnt out the ESC I would be very unhappy, but this ESC is desiged to handle this, so I don't see the issue. There are plenty more experienced than me in this exact setup with Clod's (I only have a paltry 35+ years in the hobby ) Maybe @Percymon or @MadInventor or @tonysmini have an opinion on this...?
  3. The setup I'm running had had absolutely zero problems, and I've used it a bit. Have run it so hard in sand, grass, mud, wet, dry anything. This is likely due to the high end ESC - which is expensive. It's the Traxxas EVX-2. You will see on page two of my thread I went through all of this after a lot of discussion and reading. Without a good ESC you will have issues, not with this one though. I am using a Turnigy Nano-Tech 3300mAh 35-70c discharge Lipo from Hobby King. But you can use anything as long as they're not too long to fit in the holder. It fits perfect, no issues at all. Enjoy the thread, it's a rollercoaster lol.
  4. That's actually pretty impressive. God I've been toying with the thought of buying a 3D printer for years... give me strength to resist...
  5. Bit late to this party (LOVE a Clod party!)... Onto the first post about speed and motors, my thread from many years ago should provide some insight. I played around with a vintage I bought and ended up settling with the stock silver cans and 3S battery using a Traxxas dual motor ESC - It is absolutely as fast as I can handle now, like, any faster and it would break every time I used it. I do not see the point of faster motors. Just throw a good esc and use 3S and you're DONE!!! Wish I had picked up the Black Edition, out of all my toys, the Clod actually remains the most used. It is absolutely the biggest joy to drive and for me, represents the best of the hobby from the pinnacle in the 80's. Like, take yours to the beach and see how much fun it is (with dunes etc). They're just a blast. Only word of warning, is when you use more powerful batteries etc. I have learned to never drive it on anything but sand and dirt/gravel. Anything else and you break stuff. Even grass is a bit touch and go. My thread below, enjoy! :
  6. Agree that HobbyConcepts videos are amazing, but his weren't the ones that dragged me out from the dark depths of Turnigy 9x badword. I found another lady who did that on YouTube. The MFC's are very difficult if you have a radio that others haven't worked out before, like I did. Now if you have a common 2.4 like Spektrum you'll be fine. I do agree that it seems to be a piece of technology that is in desperate need of a proper upgrade, you need to be able to program it on a computer or app. For the price of them it begs belief how painful they are - I still don't have all the functions I want, like the simple function of using a switch on my TX to turn on high beams! - I think I have a work around for it but still, it's painful. The only final note though for all and sundry is that there is a certain sick pleasure from struggling SO MUCH with something then working it out, it's one of lifes greatest pleasures, and partly the reason most of us love this hobby, building stuff and problem solving, it's half the hobby.
  7. Brilliant, thank you - as like a lot of things finding that for a reasonable price in Australia is a challenge, found this for $34.40 shipped to me from an AU seller: https://www.wagneronline.com.au/tymphany-1-6-aluminium-cone-transducer/prod-id-usersearch1/994239/fl/ looks the same to me? Seems that it's a laptop speaker in that spec? (Or as I searched for after some time was: Aluminium Micro Transducer 1.6" Rubber Surround 200 Hz Driver for laptop tablet) My build is nearly there and this was one of the items that, while I found a few different ways to proverbial skin this cat, in reality a smaller speaker was always the better option. However I do hold reserved scepticism that without the box it will sound as good, but I am certainly not an audio expert by any stretch of the imagination... You may well be right that inside the cab will act kinda the same... if anyone is an expert or can chime in I'm all ears!
  8. I love this, want to know more about that speaker because like you (and probably everyone who has ever installed a MFC) I can not believe how big that speaker is. So, following on from that and being in Australia, what specs should I look for for a speaker like that, and do you think that the sound quality will be as good? Are you building it into a smaller box?
  9. Love the fake Bronski Beat tunes. Makes it.
  10. I got 3mm chrome led holders. They work perfect if you need. Just drill the front bumper.
  11. I can tell you my re-re Kyosho Javelin is incredible. The build quality is better than Tamiya and it's bulletproof. Can't recommend highly enough.
  12. Hey Ray, welcome to one of the better RC forums in the world. You'll get a lot of VERY experienced guys and gals around here, many of us much like you have been into this stuff on and off for 30+ years (I've been in the hobby since the golden 80's as well). Well I can say that firstly the Grand Hauler is an absolute beaut. I just built one (still going) as you can see in my detailed thread on here. I used the MFC-03 as I got this just as we went into COVID lockdown and stock of everything was sold out. To be honest I can't tell any difference at all, no comparison of course but meh... From what I gather in lots of reading the MFC-03 is a new model as well and has better functionality. But in reality they're both amazing, the issue of course is the programming! If you go down the path of the TGY-06 my thread will help and also there is a YouTube on how to program it.
  13. No a silly question at all. I did just wire the LED's into the existing MFC-03 unit without any thought to drivers or amp draw. Now that you've mentioned it you may well be right! I was actually pretty disappointed and also surprised that they wern't far better, but this may be the reason. I think I want to have them on a separate power supplly and switch them from the transmitter with a manual switch, that would fix it. Just got to find the motivation to finish it all off now, got all the bits basically, just lacking the inspiration!
  14. UPDATES! Dual tanks are IN!!!! They make a MASSIVE difference to the look of the rig. I also worked out more and more details. It's a classic case of "until you actually do it, you don't know". So, for those who are coming here from the future to do this and can use my pain and frustration to their advantage: 20x20x1.6mm aluminium channel is "basically" perfect. By basically I mean that the actual frame of the truck is a little bit bigger, like maybe 1mm. So while that's close enough, what I learnt the hard way was that if you screw down the fuel tanks from the bottom first, leaving the small 1mm gap at the top then screw the top down, it snaps that plastic!!!! Yep, boy I was not happy. Mine just cracked but I caught it before it was totally written off. Screw down from the top first then the bottom snug it up. Don't go too hard. OR do what I should have done and shim it. Use an M3 tap to make the holes. It's perfect for the Tamiya screws. The channel runs the whole length from the front wheel to the back fender. I used primer then Tamiya Matt Black. It's marginally off, to the anal retentive should have used semi-gloss probably. It's a little light the matt... The photos make it look worse than IRL. Hard to pick IRL. Now the interesting part - You can't keep the exhaust stacks the way they come stock. You have to cut the plastic housing at the part at the bottom where the stainless pipe hits and "flip" that bit around. I've tried to glue them twice now with 2 part epoxy but both times haven't gotten it right as you have to have them aligned perfectly so that when the pipe is in place it's seamless. I have to work out a method to get it correct. I'll update when I nail that! I messed up the holes a few times. Also, every time I take a photo of this truck outside in good light I cringe about the orange peel. I'm so *******ed off about it.
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