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  1. @OneSixthRoy: Wow! Thanks for telling us your story! If you have photos of this incredible era you would like to share with us, especially FF-01, I would appreciate it very much. I would like to see your race cars of that time. Where did you race Tamiya Cup? I am glad you registered to share your memories with us.
  2. @Tizer: Thanks for the suggestions! I will take a look at these mirror types. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to @GermanTA03Guy, who send a lot of small decals for my Levin cockpit. Tausend Dank Simon! With these I could fill a lot of empty spaces. Sekiya now has Sabelt belts, a Momo steering wheel, a Arai helmet... and normally a Sparco seat... but I put the stickers on the helmet instead, because they would otherwise be invisible behind the drivers helmet. Overall a nice step for the look of this cockpit:
  3. Thanks @Tizer! I think the same I prepared the parts and the body for the new paint as mentioned above and masked the outside and the windows: That is the result: Unfortunately the old color now looks brighter than the new paint and you can see it That is not what I expected, my experience up to now was, that Tamiya pretty much nails their color matching. Another surprise was the TS blue, that also doesn't match the PS blue. So I had to put a layer of PS blue on the body parts as well. Now I have to live with the result and continued to glue the front lip. I had to use four strong clips to press the the lexan in place. This is how bend the lower front is. While the Shoegoo was drying, I installed the rear wing. I really like the look: The mirrors demand for a bit creativity, especially the mounts. This will need more time, so I postponed it to the weekend and continued with the stickers. Some had to go (like the Yokohama Marinos) and some had be relocated (Total) and some were new (for the wing). The original orange front indicators were scratched and needed replacement. This '95 Primera had white glas already. To mimic that look, I cut the indicator outline out of the headlight sticker I had and it looks more realistic than I expected:
  4. @Kol__: Both has a good and a bad side. I think, I have more joy keeping it save on the shelf. Seeing this body race would be an eyecandy, too. I am back at the Calsonic Primera restoration. The color removal didn't went as planned. The color has some places where it seems invincible for the Paint Remover. As I don't want the Lexan become brittle, I decided to stop. Also the decals are always at high risk using the Paint Remover. Except for the front lip the body is in a excellent condition. No need to risk damaging it. Because of the front, I decided to use my later-years-evolution-front-lip (which I also used for the STW Primera I made years ago) to cover the damage. Using it will have an negative effect on the historical correct appearance of the body... Oh no! Anyway... Last year I saw these pictures: That is the 1995 Primera. It developed aerodynamically regarding rear wing, mirrors and front lip, but has nearly the exact same livery ... I have a plan: In my lair I found a Peugeot 405 rear wing which will fit the look very good (better would be the Vectra wing, but it is sold out anywhere) and I bought Mercedes C-Class body parts for the mirrors (I wanted to use them for the Gruppe C Sauber initially). First step now will be to reattach the decals that came lose over time. Then I will lightly sand the inside of the body , paint it in the darker blue that was used by the previous owner, paint the body parts in the same color and then attach them. Last step then would be to replace the damaged decals and the missing ones.
  5. Looks awesome with Cockpit! I have a Mampe Capri project laying around. I should finish it
  6. Thank you! I am afraid this will be a shelfqueen for the coming months, as I have a runner with this chassis already.
  7. I finished the cockpit today Nothing special, just what Tamiya suggests in the manual, except that I didn't have the cockpit decals (the Levin body set comes without them ). So I used the decals provided by the cockpit set and made the dark blue helmet theme myself with vinyl. I wished, I had Arai stickers at home... The finished body set and chassis: Close ups:
  8. I am a black-Sport-Tuned-guy. So my vote is for the black one. The matte silver doesn’t suit your chrome beetle so much. If you would polish it to look like chrome or put an Super Stock TZ in (would be my choice), then it would fit better.
  9. I finally found time again to work on this car. As this car has a cockpit, it is a lot more work to do after the chassis is finished: I painted cockpit and body parts. As I am not one of the patient guys, the time needed for drying the color is no fun for me: So in between I took the time to work on some minor bits. I changed the soft springs in front for the hard blue ones... ... and attached the wheelstickers. I also came to the conclusion, that red wheelnuts suit the body better: And while the cockpit and helmet were drying, I could finish the body by mounting spoiler and mirrors: A last look inside before the cockpit will block the sight later: Vroom, vroom
  10. Great thread! I should have bought one of these in the past, but had a too strong FF-01 urge at that time. Glad, that you report your build here! I will start another TT-01 build soon, too
  11. I made carbon chassis for the ThunderShot family buggies in 2022 and the demand was surprisingly overwhelming. What started as little side project for my own tuning FireDragon, became a popular tuning option and I am glad, it made so many enthusiasts happy around the globe. At the end of the year, I bought my first crawler, a CR-01. Together with friends, I want to use it to climb a mountain in the Alps this summer. We will see how this turns out. I hope it will be a lot of fun.
  12. Now to the body for this chassis. One of the easier ones. I hoped to make it just with red, but it was too translucent, so I backed it with white and black near the wheelarches. The stickers were straight forward, nothing challenging: Not finished yet, just trying the body parts. The red is not good enough, so I will paint them:
  13. You know I cannot do that So… lets do it: Looks so good
  14. @ThunderDragonCy: I don’t know yet. Maybe I will build a stabilizer mount for my runner. I will let you know in several months I recognized, that there were some ball bearings missing. Not only in the steering, but also the larger ones in the front hubs: Then I installed the motor: A tough decision was to make. I had one last heat sink left nib… should I break it or not…
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