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  1. I was just fooling around If you drove the original Tamiya ones, then you know how my will drive. Cys design has less caster and will behave differently.
  2. Yeah, sad news indeed. Also the way it leaked shows, that Tamiya doesn’t care very much anymore.
  3. https://fb.watch/7NJ9KZiSFA/ A friend filmed one of the heats of last race. You can’t see my car very often, but it's something
  4. I have a Dyna Blaster and a AE RC10 T2. Both handle very well and are a pleasure to drive. Parts are a real problem. From both, you get only very few and mostly not needed parts. 3d print is the way to go. When running the Dyna Blaster I replace the parts at risk before the run already. Both mentioned trucks are pretty tough, but have some weak spots, where the aged plastic won’t stand the beating anymore.
  5. A Tamiya TT-02 SSRR based on the KRv4 And a Stadium Truck that is ahead of its time (multi clutch and other complicated stuff).
  6. The first race for the v4 is already in the books! It was one of the most dominant races of my R/C „career“. The car was easy to drive. The fast corners were my territory. In these areas I made up so much ground. I also could accelerate sooner and harder into the full throttle zones. I took TQ easily and in the finals my laptimes were partially up to one second faster than the next competitor. Only in one qualifier I rolled the car, which costed about three seconds. On every other heat I stayed clean. I could also repeat my 19.6s fastest lap, even though the track was much hotter than on wednesday practice. Some pictures of my „place“: With „track view“: Because of my late registration all pit spaces were already occupied, but the club was very nice and had huge parasol for me. In between qualifying, the weather forecast predicted heavy rain on sunday, so the race director changed its plan and reduced the qualifying heats from five to two and did all three finals today (not sunday). That meant, that the last finals nearly happened in the dark. The award ceremony did. That is my first night picture with cup First race, first win… couldn’t be much better. The car was bulletproof and the only „failure“ was one screw that was a tiny bit loose.
  7. So cool! I hope this is a sign, that we get LMP and/or Hypercars in 1/10 soon
  8. @DarkSonic: Go for it! I love to see such projects.
  9. Michael, my good friend, first-hour-TT02KR-owner and „business angel“ regarding the TT02 conversions was competing at the ETS last weekend. In the breaks between the runs, he showed around the KRv4. If I remember correctly, he „rubbed in the faces“ of Martin Hudy (Xray Designer) and Ronald Völker (Mugen Team Driver) As he was driving to Andernach together with Max Mächler (Awesomatix Team Driver), Max got the time to take a closer look at it, too. But he wasn’t satisfied there and gave it to a Mikanews (a german R/C news site) reporter. This guy then made a nice article: https://mikanews.de/2021/08/19/tt-02-krv4-von-kevin-kreft-entwickelt-fuer-die-gt-sport-klasse/
  10. The first race for the KRv4 is coming up. It will be at the EMC Marktoberdorf, a track that I visited two times with the KRv2 already. From one of the past races I know my laptimes. A thing that was very important for me today, as I took the opportunity to practice there today. I started practice on medium old tires and had to relearn the rhythm again. Once it came back, I focussed on the line in the difficult areas. With that, good laptimes came. My personal best from 2019 (see race report here earlier) was 20.090s. Through the day, I managed 20.028s as personal best with the tires dying (cuts and belt visible) and a lot of 20.0s and 20.1s laps. Not by much, but the KRv4 was always faster, than the KRv2. Tire preparation was a little strange. 58*C seems to be just perfect. At some time the use of additive made the grip worse at the start of the stint. So I just heated the tires and it was fine again. For the last run, I used a new set of tires and wanted to know how effective the tire preparation with additive would be. And it worked fine, so with aging tires I need to stop using tire additive to prevent a performance loss in the first laps of a run. The last run with new tires then was awesome. The car felt nailed to the track and was super save to maneuver through the fast sections. In the end a lot of 19.6s laps appeared on the timing screen. Four tenths faster than my previous best with the KRv2. Very satisfying! Setup wise, I changed to softer Mugen springs, softer oil and increased caster and camber. I tried anti-roll-bars (1.1 and 1.2), but these did nothing good, like everything else I tried. Now I hope, I have set the bar high enough for a good race weekend
  11. Caster pointers for the TRF420 hubs... Updated setupsheet for the KRv4 chassis to save yesterdays setup: And ... I ordered MTC2 springs. These are softer than the Xray versions (down to 1.89) and maybe unlock even more performance
  12. Unfortunately, the cardans are a tiny bit too short to work with my hubdesign, which leads to the bone leaving the outdrive. Reality is brutal I learned that a week ago on an indoor circuit. So at the front I use „plan B“ TRF420 steering hubs now. Today I was outdoor at the AMSC Augsburg: I finally (and a little surprisingly) had a 0.75 practice day. Unfortunately rain shut down the day with me having the car in the hand to put it on track… My mood was way too good to be angry about the rain. Goal for this day was to find a harmonic setup, a trusty rear end and a car that can be pushed, but stays calm. Sounds a little weird… I like to drive a little bit over the limit and need a car that rotates with ease and has a sharp turn in. All that did I find today. In the first two runs, the car was a handful to drive. After checking the setup, I was disappointed by myself. Especially the rear was more wrongs than rights. Droop, shock length, camber, ride height… all total chaos or not there. I adjusted everything and made the front, too. Now, the setup work could begin. The rear loved to make a side step everytime I accelerated out of a corner. The KRv2 had this behavior too, so it was time to get rid of it. Softer rear springs (2.3) didn’t solve the problem, but suited the track better. As I felt a lack of grip, I removed the rear anti-roll-bar. Again the rear got better. Removing the front arb also made a huge difference. The car became more alive and made the tires work better. Maybe the car is so low and wide now, that it doesn’t need stabilizers for medium grip asphalt anymore. The laptimes came down from 17.2s to 16.9s. For years I have used Volante Hybrids. With their carpet insert, they generated more grip and were faster. But they also made the car nervous in its behavior. On my last race, couldn’t stand that anymore and used „normal“ Volante, because the car became much easier to drive. The fastest lap was slower, but overall faster and more comfortable. Today I gave the hybrids a last chance… and it is over for them now. I used the Volante 36 from then on and heated them to 58*C for 12 minutes. I made more changes to the front: Ackermann, toe, springs, droop, bump steer. And somehow I was on a stroke of luck. Most of my ideas worked, made the car easier to drive and faster. I could manage 16.8s easier and more often and had less times drop throughout the run. In the end my best laptimes were 16.6s. And I used another tire set of a different manufacturer, that worked even better regarding grip and behavior when driving on the limit. So overall a very productive day. I also got to know the car better I had some loose screws and brought homework home. I can’t exactly tell when I will race the next time, but now I am looking forward to it
  13. Now it happened… I build a TT01e and recorded it
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