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  1. @ThunderDragonCy: Full of wisdom as always Thank you for the suggestion. A different spring could cure the bounce I guess. Even though I found the Boomerang front spring too soft already... If you lift up the front of your Thunderdragon and let it go, does it have a bounce in the end? @ruebiracer: The Kumamon parts on the boomerang are just the black lights next to the cockpit. Regarding the Terra scorcher, I already ordered new front shocks for it. My conversion just came too late, so the Scorcher had to give up the parts I will need to check the color code my dad used. I think it is brilliant blue.
  2. Thank you both for the kind words! Sunday the weather will be fine, so Quincy and I will run our buggies. When I ran the boomerang for the first time offroad, I wasn’t convinced by the damper setup. So I pulled out my competition 4wd buddy and compared both damper setups. The boomerang was really bad. First the resistance of the damper until the rod moves was very high, then moving the oil was much too thin to dampen stronger shockwaves. Especially the rear damper were bad in these categories. I disassembled them and found the black o-rings causing all the resistance of the rod. I replaced them with TRF ones (old ones I had laying around) and put in blue 600cst oil. Much better! Now the front. Monodamper... hmm ... rod resistance was ok, but the piston movement still was strange, because the the three holes were very small... less than half a millimeter in diameter. I tried different oils, but never reached a satisfying behaviour. So I widened the holes to one millimeter. That made it much better, but still the front always bounced. Again testing different oils didn’t cure that. I was for a long time checking out the Hotshot, as I like main chassis-body concept very much. The monodamper front and rear are a no-go for me. Videos of it running on rough terrain look horrible. So the Super Hotshot sooner or later crossed my search. The Bigwig also has four dampers on a similar chassis like the boomerang. Both cars have different types of front shock tower. The former concept would easily work with the boomerang. Searching Tamico I found the Super Hotshot parts. Unfortunately the upper shock mounts were sold out. I nearly forgot this topic for two days, when my brain remembered and then gave me a solution. I 3d-printed the lower shock mounts and used a aluminium profile for the upper mounts. It took half a day until the second optimized design met my standard. My dads Terra Scorcher (it lives at my home) had to donor its front shocks. Again I tested different oils. I now settled temporarily for 1000cst, but 1500-2000cst would be better. The dampening is now a lot better. No bouncing The design looks like it came that way from Tamiya and I didn’t butcher any parts for this mod. All plug‘n‘play and easy to return to normal spec. This is now my Super Boomerang First test tomorrow.
  3. Another gem arrived. Michael (you remember the "business angel"/"early adopter" I mentioned here earlier?) sold this max tuned FF-01 chassis. This thing has no scratch and is perfectly build by him Now I have the luxury problem to think which body and wheels go on it... Mondeo... Primera... Beetle With it Michael sold me this full body set And then I found this in his box: This guy ... always so generous to me If you read this: Thank you very much, Michael!!!
  4. The new tires and a set spur gears arrived. The old tires were fairly easy to remove. My uncle must have used a yellow rubber glue. In hindsight a very good decision. I would say it is some kind of Pattex glue. With a little effort it was good to remove off the wheel. I put on the tires, but didn't glue them, yet (researching for the right glue). Next time out, @Quincy and I will use both buggies --> Boomerang for me For the third outdoor offroad run I hope he has restored his Stadium Blitzer. Then our stadium-truck-fights will be epic
  5. It looks awesome @ruebiracer ! Nice paint scheme, too! Can you post pictures without body for the comparison, please?
  6. @Quincy used a Tamiya Super Stock Motor Type-BZ 23T #53930. He replaced the fragile and precious aluminum diffs with the standard ones. That is all I know. I am sure he will add some info later. He is a very busy man these days...
  7. @Fabia130vRS: I hope lady luck is on your side and you will get one for an affordable price. As a young teen these were so far out of reach. And even if you worked and saved, then the electronics were so expensive, too Phew, how long I saved for my first electronic esc
  8. By the way: You just got to love april. Sunday it was sunny and warm all day. Today I woke up to this: I had to put the Dyna Blaster in the snow for the contrast
  9. Up to now all the reports were from 2020. I woke the car from its shelfqueen status yesterday with the aim to run it next weekend. Today it got a new motor and the electronics chamber got resealed. I test drove it and everything is fine. After my last outdoor-offroad-run with @Quincy (Top Force Evolution), I really have to praise the Boomerang gearbox: It is dustproof. A calming aspect. Ready for the next dirt run:
  10. And then it was time to race it hard! I also made some videos, but these didn't came out good, so I spare you these.
  11. You might have noticed the tires on the pictures above. I didn't intend this car to become a just-build-shelfqueen. But spares aren't easy to get for many Reres and so I saved the original tires and also bought a new set of wheels. The chassis and arms got some protection for the first offroad run: I also don't want too much dirt around the electronics and additionally sealed the chassis:
  12. As we know from the box. The Boomerang is white and has the rear wing located very close to the body. In comparison to the Taiyo Jet Fighter, it also has no air scoop behind the driver and no lights in front. First step: The right color: Second and third step: Something, every purist will condemn: I bought Bigwig and Kumamon tractor body parts and adapted them for my Boomerang. As last change, the rear wing had to move rearwards. And that is the result:
  13. In between my build, my father finished his Terra Scorcher: What a beauty
  14. The chassis design is a mix of elegance and roughness:
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