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  1. That depends on the price in the end. The pro just has a lot of blue aluminum parts. If you don’t get one, you can easily hop up a standard one.
  2. I am using Tamiyas blue aluminum ballstuds for allen key. The „play“ topic is often a very personal one. My opinion is that these have exactly the right amount (just tiny bit) and they stay like that for a very long time..
  3. I can’t tell if it will fit, but the possibility is high. The problem could be that the middle part is not wide enough and the angles will not match. But as said, I don’t know exactly. What I would do, is to buy piano wire and bend & paint the wires myself. The price is cheap and the skills needed low. I was lucky, that my friend gave a lightly used set to me, after he cleaned his hobby room.
  4. Next thing was to add the suspension mounts on the lower deck: Another highlight... assembling the rocker base with aluminium nuts: Married with the gearbox: Adding the steering turnbuckles:
  5. If you just want to have fun off the racetrack, don’t worry too much about Hop-Ups. The FF03 is very good balanced and fun to drive. I would only recommend TRF shocks, double joint cardans, steel pinion and you can think about upgrading to the oil filled gear diff with aluminum outdrives and blades. Then I recommend the Ride 24025 tires and you will have a lot of fun. If you want it to become more beautiful, then you can go for blue turnbuckles, blue ballstuds and the carbon bits, like damper stay, servo plate and rear chassis connectors. You can see all these parts in my FF03 build thread. One more thing: Cheap, precise and better to work on and use, are the 54869 adjusters.
  6. ... or is it? Another adventure is waiting. For me it is the king of all FF-03 versions. It should have been called TRFF-03, but Tamiya just called it FF-03evo It starts with a lot of hop-ups. The diff was assembled earlier here already: Titanium screws here as well as the aluminium camber link mount: It is a real pain, that Tamiya produced such a low number of aluminium spur mounts... For now the plastic piece has to do the job. I got a aluminium one in the pipeline, which will be made by good friend, though:
  7. There it stands on its own tires again: Just adding the rear anti-roll-bar is left. Pictures of the completed car. A very special chassis and a quite rare one, too. For a FWD fan like me, a kind of must have. I am very glad that I could pull it off with all the missing parts: The end
  8. This build is so straight forward The bumper is next. It has 3x0.7mm shims to close the gap created by the carbon chassis: At this stage the build continues at the rear with the installation of the suspension arms: Then comes the rear bulkhead: That then hold the shocktower and camber link mounts: I spare you all the damper build, but show the result of course: I was a bit forgetful making pictures... Here the servo mount with Yeah Racing mounts is already installed: The battery mounts are something special, because of the vertical plates. In front two horizontal posts hold the battery down. In the rear it is this pin. Depending on the battery size it can be mounted in two positions: You may have seen, that I didn't use many Hop-Ups so far. I couldn't resist buying the rear shocktower, though: Now, the rear shocks were installed also.
  9. The front stiffener gets the aluminum bellcranks: Steering rack assembled and installed on the chassis: ...with turnbuckles: Then it was time to attach the front stiffener unit to the chassis. This step made me nervous, because if I made a measuring mistake, it would have shown now: Then the suspension changed chassis (and the sun came out): In preparation for the gearbox attachment, the connection brace got ballstuds: It was installed on the gearbox and then all went on the chassis:
  10. Finally time to start the build. First: Package art parts alignment. Vertical frame plates to bulkhead attachment: Attaching the unit to the lower plate: Installing the mechanism decks: Front stiffener unit: At this stage it is time to disassemble the benefitting FF-03pro chassis. A last picture of the pro in its present condition:
  11. wtcc5

    wtcc5's TB-02

    @TwistedxSlayer: Thank you! Now the final step of the chassis build: Brothers:
  12. wtcc5

    wtcc5's TB-02

    @Juhunio: I found them in a german shop that doesn't ship outside Germany. It seems these were also his last, as these are out of stock right now. Your 49293 look very good. Nearing the end of this build The car becomes more beautiful. Now it is about hexes and tires: Similar to the TBevoIII, I will use Sorex racetires for the 24mm rims, but hexes first: Shiny: The bumper is next: Then more carbon and blue aluminum
  13. wtcc5

    wtcc5's TB-02

    I am back from the Bilsterberg and Nuerburgring racetracks, where I spend time racing my small hatchback in the rain and watching the 12 hours race. It was a great end to my holidays. At home again now, it is time to continue with this build. The anti-roll-bars come next: Just in time before the shocks would block the space: The real TB-02R had TRF415MS damper housings, so I had to get these: I really dig this look:
  14. @GermanTA03Guy: Awesome! Thanks!
  15. Thanks… I was referring to the instructions, not the pictures of the build body (found those, thanks again).
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