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  1. @Tizer: Wow! This is a very good looking chassis. The blue parts look superb together with the HPI plates I guess you will do some more tuning, pins with e-clips replacing the rusty armscrews would be a nice fitting upgrade.
  2. The 5x11x3 bearings arrived and now allowed me to install the universals. They fit perfect (without o-ring)!
  3. No, did not. But I I found the mistake. I left the o-ring in the diff outdrive. This is worth at least 4mm of bone length Now it will fit. Thank you guys for being persistent on this topic.
  4. Very strange. When I put it in yesterday without the inner bearing it still was too long... Have to try again then
  5. @ruebiracer: 53791 definitely won’t fit on an original SA with a 3mm bearing only. The 70mm shaft is too long to. Even without the inner hub bearing it was too long.
  6. Always creating pressure Matthias I find myself very well behaved with these Tamiya antics. It is the others who want me to open Pandoras box. Just recently @Quincy asked for an custom FF-01 carbon chassis and I had to resist the urge to go fully KRFF-01 on it For the Super Astute my plans are just a little tuning, setup and adaption for my electronic components. Especially with the Hi-Caps the car had a lot of ride height. I had to work on that. In the rear the shocktower is already designed to move up two more steps. I set it one step higher and it is perfect: Unfortunately there is no option to do this in front. Removing the ride height rings of the damper housing does the trick for the right height. The downside would be a spring that grinds on the housing and has no upper guidance. So I printed a sleeve cup: Now the buggy has a competition ride height. Then I worked on the Hi-Caps. The guidelines of Tamiya for them are strange. In the original Super Astute manual, Tamiya recommends a 4-hole piston. With the 400cst oil this setup nearly has no dampening... My recommended setup for the Super Astute on classic low grip tracks is: Rear: - 2-hole piston - 600cst to 800cst oil - 42214 X-ring O-ring - no shim under piston Front: - 3-hole piston - 400cst to 600cst oil - 42214 X-ring O-ring - no shim under piston The rest is all stock parts and my build process from the "Fire Dragon" thread. I should make video of this, too... Then I wanted to add tuning parts. Especially the axles were interesting to save the original parts. But this was a flop. The bone is too long and the axle too short To make these fit, I would need a new hub design and longer rear arms... This couldn't be saved with other ball bearings. So these went back into my parts box. The servo mounts were more satisfying to install. As you maybe saw on the other pictures already, I changed the electronics layout. Esc, servo and rx are taken out of the Dyna Blaster. I don't want to change the cables to make the chassis switch easier. And this "forced" me to this layout.Especially the short steering servo cable and the position of the antenna mount were determining. Also the battery cables are very short and ordering this location for the shorty lipo. Of course then the original battery brace was covering the plugs... I printed a optimized one: Also the rear of the battery needed a brace: All upcoming work will be on the body and undertray. Both are battered a lot and need cosmetics as well as repair.
  7. Rear shocktower: Rear drivetrain and suspension: Motor: Quick overview: Gear cover: Electronics: Rear wing mount: Hi Caps: Intermediate build result:
  8. Yesterday, I found the time to build my Super Astute. Again, if it wasn't for the strange gearbox and differential, this thing could be on the same level with a Dyna Storm. I especially love the chassis layout and the bearings-everywhere-concept. Also the rear shock tower with its height-adjustments is really cool. As my chassis is an well (= often) used original version, I replaced a lot of screws, ballstuds and bearings. Most of the plastic parts are still good. The exception were mostly the rear armmounts and gearbox. In front the bearings fused with the steering arm and became inseparable... I could get my hands on a lot of spare parts and these will secure the operation of this car for a long time. Enough rant! As you know me, I made a lot of pictures... enjoy! Front bulkhead: Front suspension: Steering: Rear suspension: Battery box: Gearbox, differential and slipper:
  9. Unfortunately there is no real interest in this HPI chassis. Not even on Fb in the Tamiya Legends group... Unimpressed of this setback, I continued with completing the steering setup. The parts of the original FRP set arrived. Everything fits just like we know it. I added the front inserts: The connection to the steering arm now moved behind the servo arm, because of the longer (steering) arms:
  10. @ruebiracer: @Quincy and I are near Ulm. @Sgt.Speirs lives a little south of us. @ruebiracer you are living north of us all
  11. Thank you both for the kind words! The wait for the carbon parts is longer than expected... In the meantime some more oem parts arrived. More exciting was the arrival of the Shapeways parts: The prints look good so far. I am thinking of making a build video this time...
  12. It is finally time to board this thread! It took some time until my Super Astute arrived. At first I aimed for a Rere too, but it didn’t work out. Again Michael Koos (Thank you!) helped me in this case by making a good deal on a haul of vintage buggies. A used original Super Astute was part of it. He already cleaned most of the parts when we sealed the deal that I can buy it from him. Today it arrived sorted and packaged: I also bought some spares just to make sure to keep it running for a long time (some more are coming).
  13. How about the Steinbruch Keltern? Or the huge space north of it (north of A8 and B10)? On Google Maps there is also a good looking location directly west of MAN Truck & Bus Service.
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