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  1. OK thanks - I assume that if it does go "out of range" - the power will shut off - to save it disappearing over the horizon ? Also - what is the best (simplest) way of increasing the steering lock ? The steering IS centred - but the lock is very small !
  2. Will the range not be reduced - or is the external aerial just "for looks" ? And what about the holes not lining up ?
  3. I am having problems with a TTO2B based Neo Scorcher, with a ETRONIX PULSE EX2 SPORT radio set, in that the aerial clip, when screwed on to the side of the Rx box fouls the central propshaft and also the pre-drilled hole in the chassis base, does not line up with the hole in the Rx box ....
  4. Its flashing Green on each beep (not double beep) - a continued Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep (you get the idea ?) How do I enable Reverse ? Orange lead from ESC not connected Motor is brushed (I am assuming - SILVER CANNED) ???? How do I actually bind the Tx to the Rx ? I have no instructions !! Also - does it matter, which "slot" the plugs are fitted to on the Rx ? thanks
  5. I have the TBLE-02S ESC Etronix 2.4Ggz radio gear battery is fully charged Rx not bound to Tx - how is this done ? Steering moves when steering moved on Tx
  6. Yes - it is - I have unplugged everything and plugged it back in again - no change beep beep beep beep beep beep beep ...... Could it be a faulty ESC ?
  7. I have a TT-02B based NEO-SCORCHER with a problem I have finally got around to running it for the first time (after almost 12 months) The problem is the beeps When I turn it on - it beeps - 2 times per second - continually The steering obviously needs centering,- it does "steer" to a degree. But the throttle does nothing - not a degree of motor turning !! What have I done wrong ?
  8. So it appears that my ESC is NOT designed to run with the brushed motor - that was all supplied together in a kit ?
  9. OK Ready to try for the first time The motor is BRUSHED and I am using a TBLE-02S esc Could someone please advise me on the setting up steps ? Tamiya instructions are "ALL OVER THE PLACE" ie not clear which I follow I don't want the car zooming off damaging itself - if I do things in the wrong order Thanks
  10. Thanks - I still need batteries for the TX before the next step (Centring steering and calibrating ESC) (Hopefully tomorrow) And the ESC is a "brushless 025" whatever that means Googling the TBLE-02 - It looks identical !!
  11. I am about ready to run my Neo Scorcher for the first time I have plugged in the battery pack and hear a series of beeps - the steering also turns - but nothing else - no turning of the motor Would I be right in thinking that to get the motor to turn - I need an input from the Rx - and batteries in the Tx ? How do I synch the 2 together and get the steering centred ? Tamiya instructions are very poor !!
  12. No - a JIS has a different profile - it fits the screws better with less rounding of them...... Well worth the money !!
  13. I have not even tried the motor yet - I am trying to finish building it first !! I am using 2.4Ghz and the ESC is a "brushless 025" What do I do with the spare (orange) lead ? cut it off ?
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