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  1. sweet! will this be a nib, shelfer, bashed or tracked?
  2. Bored listening to a conference call, so I had a doodle. I'm looking for suggstions as to where best to place the Tusken Raiders?
  3. Is that just a replacement of the ball diff with a 54471, and upgrading to a 54398? I added a one way to my XV01, sounds like the gear diff from there has a potential new home
  4. I think you'll find the FF03R will go very well. Your car setup experience will enable you to dial it in very nicely no doubt. I found my FF03 on the surface I had just wanted to rotate all the time. It made it very difficult to not add extra hairpins to each lap! However I could feel that getting that under control will allow for some slick manouevering on the tight corners. Hehe, driving round my own circuit on a secluded driveway with no-one watching is quite different to doing it with other cars and people around! I have to say the tyre really helped, once warmed up the TB05 was on rails. I'd reduced the pinion size to get some more pep, I must have found the sweet spot for that track and for my throttle finger. The FF03 for example was far too twitchy on the throttle, even with similar tyres on. I think the lap monitor does help so much. Not having to keep manual count allows focus on what you're doing. The call out of the lap time helps with investigating different lines or squeezes of the throttle. The latter it really showed to me, that going faster most of the time didn't really help. Tight lines and composure seemed to win out (even if it was less exciting!). Thanks Great to see 15 entrants, looking forward to some suggestions for the next track. Perhaps after the recent touring car wins, we need something that suits buggies more? Maybe putting a small jump in there is too much?
  5. Did a handful of runs this afternoon. TB05 settled in nicely. TA07 suffering a lack of steering. Not understeer, just a lack of lock really. I thought I'd read that the TA07 had a better steering angle, so perhaps I need to revisit that knowledge.
  6. Did some postal racing, enjoying the sunnier weather. Thought, seems warm enough, make a start on a car body. Half a can of Translucent blue, two coats of Bright Gun Metal, then two coats of Black. Disaster. The Blue and Gun Metal went on over the course of a few hours, but still the black managed to penetrate it. So now, do I strip the whole body back, or find some way to salvage that, or just live with it as a beater?
  7. Lovely day here, children preoccupied, so time for some racing all this MF01X Escort talk encouraged me to get my own MF01X out conditions have changed so much, that grip rolling was the major issue. Good giggle, though the suspension felt a little stiff, a lot of bobbling about. Probably didn’t help with the grip rolling either. next up I got the FF03 out. That was all a bit weird. Like driving a reverse rwd, lots of over rotation with power. Once I was more tender with the throttle the laps started to come. Boyed by the success with these two, out came the TB05. That was awesome, got a nice rhythm going. So much so I hit the lower lap limit on the Lap Monitor have to review the timing later to see what it does. Is it logging a limited lap time but not adjusting the actual time, or is it time shifting? after adjusting that I tried again, and I could get under the limit, but ended up trying too hard and kept collecting the lap monitor unit. I wonder how much weight I’d need in something to mount the lap monitor so that it didn’t move on contact? A housing with sloped edges to divert the cars away? Or just drive better!
  8. Tamico tempted me again (just in time for the TA08 to be annonced ) All nicely done without vat by @Tamico Admin, ordered Tuesday, here 9am Thursday. No letter/note attached to the delivery from Parcel Force - I can hold out hope that HMRC don't catch up with me eh?
  9. Cool, I'm always surprised by how long the TA07 has actually been around. If it's June that'll be about 5 years? Is there a TRF car to influence the changes between TA07 and TA08?
  10. That is bizarre. They are nice though. I picked a few up years ago when Klien was selling them cheap (I think they did a one make series with them ). Funny thing is, I’m not sure I want to part with them, I’d rather build them later sometime.
  11. Success, two runs done. XV01 felt good, the ground was damp so lots of fun sliding the back end proud to complete the hair pin. A good run, decent lap count I think TB05 had a pinion change earlier in the week, and felt a darty and nervous. However it destroyed the lap count of the XV01 by 10%! Might have to look at the gearing of the XV01 now. The Vajra hadn’t been run in a long time. Rear out drive was dislodged, so a bit of fettling before we could get started. The kids were more interested in this one, so we had a fun bash in the garden. However the out drive came out again, and there looks to be some wear on the outside of the gearbox. Somethings amiss, so some surgery will have to happen. So no lap count measured for this one. Never going to threaten the other cars with its hard tyres, but it’ll be interesting to see what it can do.
  12. Have you had a look at some of the previous layouts. Prior to this lock down some were a bit bigger (one had a 10m stretch I think). While the results are in, it could be good fun to see how your counts compare against the different vehicles etc. I’m hopefully going to get some laps in, if I can keep the stones out of my ta07. Mid week I had a little bash on the surface, and got two stones jammed this time. 13 degrees where I am, nearly summer
  13. That is really nice. Hopefully some places will get it back in stock soon!
  14. Yeah, they do fit. I can see it slightly different to the eye, and I was referring to this post regarding the 2mm difference Not much in it, but the Porsche 934 officiandoes certainly seem to worry about it on those chassis
  15. Heh, yeah I love my Vajra, but it is rather delicate It was a nice idea, but I think the wheel forces are just a bit too big for it? Body is a bit of a let down too! I bought an Axial Yeti for this sort of purpose some years ago. Great fun, but it kinda scares me somewhat unless it's in wide open spaces. Lots of power, lots of plastic and metal hurtling at you. I reckon it would kill a small dog if they collided.
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