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  1. Thanks for the tips, I'll be watching out for those areas specifically. I generally use the soapy water method, I haven't tried the hair dryer in a long time. Light buckets seem to be problem with most shells, I swear there must be a difference between the white and brown sides of the double sided tape
  2. More progress with my TB-03 Nearing the end before the dreaded stickering!
  3. The top force comes out ahead in all but one comparison. It was more composed, dynamic and fun. It only suffered in altercations with the tt-02b. I think that was mostly ride heights, with the Top Force going airborne when they came together. It did lose a drive cup due to a tie rod coming off in a collision, but thankfully 5 mins of searching recovered it. The gravel was fairly chunky, so the Tt02s smaller size didn’t help. On the pitches it was less noticeable. The Tt02b felt more rigid, though I was surprised that it had a sharper turning circle than the TF, or is that just the TFs being poor? My boy (4) had a great time, he certainly did mind. He was more perturbed my the ‘smoke’ from the gravel, though he enjoyed that surface more though.
  4. Took the boy out for some bashing dusty gravel action, then some pitches. Nice to compare the two buggies in open ground too
  5. I bought a set at £6.99. One of those has been run in at Tt02b by my 4 year old, performed well with no issues. I ordered another set at £7.99, they seem fine to, all set up in a TA02. They seem ideal for light bashing or shelf queen use
  6. Some more progress with a TA-02 Porsche build done, detailing left to do. Need to source the wheels to match its sibling
  7. Made a start on my TB03 Shims a plenty, but a pleasing build so far
  8. jupitertwo

    Chain drive

    I built my re-re Optima with the chain, much for the same reasons; I'd never had one, and was curious. I found it fun, the noise is different but not noisy I'd say. I have a re-re Javelin that I built belt drive, and running them side by side you could identify the noise difference, but the belt drive car wasn't whisper quiet either. I've bashed, jumped, beached etc my Optima, and it's all been fine. I doubt I've run it enough to stretch the chain, but so far so good. I'd recommend an Optima/Javelin, they're a great build, sturdy and handle really nicely. If you fancy the belt drive, the Optima and Javelin come with everything you need to do either. The Turbo Optima doesn't come with a chain (there's a sticker in the blister pack highlighting that it's now an Option part), but I think it has everything else.
  9. Yeah, that's be a shame. The Optima buggies had adjustable mounts for the different battery sizes But on the photos it looks like the mounts are part of the upper deck, which I'd doubt would be duplicated? Option part maybe?
  10. I loved this, you've inspired me! I've just ordered a scorcher body shell kit to hopefully do a good enough job to open the full nib kit!
  11. The Scorpion buggies all had their diffs and slippers pre-assembled. There was a bit of disassembly to grease things. The shocks were ready to be filled too, just the gasket to add. For the Optima buggies, that was all to do yourself, diff, slipper, shocks. Tomahawk manual: http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/instructionmanual/buggy/pdf/30615-Tomahawk_2015_im.pdf Optima manual: http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/instructionmanual/buggy/pdf/30617_OPTIMA_IM.pdf
  12. Modelsport UK have it up: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/kyosho-1-10-2wd-ep-racing-buggy-legendary-series-ultima-kit/rc-car-products/442738 16th October ETA
  13. Made some progress on my M-08. Silvia body didn’t come out too well, a little thin in places with the translucent red. M-08 build is nice so far, the smaller scale is so cute!
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