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  1. Some spanner time tonight finished converting my wt01 4x4x4 back in to two standard wt01s. I couldn’t get on with the former, it just felt heavy and dull. 2wd version seems much more to my liking, and has gone down well with the kids. I wince less when the wt01 crashes straight in to stuff too 2nd job was to fit the hop up suspension parts to my xv01t. It’s now a long damper version, with aluminium suspension blocks in the front. That should hopefully keep the arms on in it’s inevitable coming together with the wt01! 3rd job was in conclusive. Something not right in my Dancing Rider gearbox. I can hold both wheels, apply throttle and the motor rotates quite happily. However it’s not the pinion, as with the motor out, I can hold the pinion while applying throttle, and the motor whines and doesn’t rotate. Diff seems to work ok too. More experimenting tomorrow, does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Interesting, I'd not considered those. I had one in my XV01 and took it out, didn't like the feel. I'll keep an eye out for a good deal on one of those.
  3. Three under eights in the garden. All of them wanted to drive the Hot Shot. The poor Neo Scorcher alternative only just beat the option of just chasing the Hot Shot about on foot. So we grown-ups might think it lacks in handling, damping etc, the kids still think it looks awesome . I’ve no idea about reliability, but I do know it saw off my XV01T in head on crash tests too!
  4. This choice selection arrived today I guess I’m on the look out for a good deal on a new Top Force now any good hop ups I’m missing?
  5. Kids bashed a Tt02b and a Hot Shot round the in laws garden on Sunday afternoon. Lots of laughs from them, Hot Shot was the most popular. Seems though it was all too much for the Tt02b though. 17t pinion on a torque tuned, everything else stock. However the motor got far too hot, so much so that I think it’s toasted. Spins freely enough, but the esc wants nothing to do with it. Dropped a silver can in to replace it, while I look to source a 16t pinion. Hopefully that’ll help with the temps.
  6. An afternoon masking and painting: An evening stickering
  7. Had the M08 and Dancing Rider out with the boys today. Dancing Rider was a hit, until the gearbox started slipping something chronic. I’ve had it apart and I can’t spot anything amiss. I was suspicious of the pinion, but I was able to stop the motor by holding it, so I don’t think it’s that. Something crash related, as it took a 4 year old brain a little while to understand the steering being so much slower at speed. This evening was XV01T repair time; sourcing some of the plastic rod ends to go in the suspension mounts, along with pricing up the mounts themselves to try to reduce the suspension popping incidents. I’m sure smaller wheels and better driving would help too, but those are harder to source I thought I could have a family reunion. XV01T, XV01LD and XV01TC-Pro. I bought the TC years back when the XV01Pro had just gone eol, and converted it to mostly rally spec. Never been run because it looks too pretty, so I’m contemplating converting it back to TC spec and picking a suitable shelf queen body.
  8. That looks like one of those builds you buy to run, then make such an awesome job of you daren’t get it dirty
  9. Spent the afternoon bashing cars with my boys. The cars they picked to run (Hot Shot and Dump Truck) ran flawlessly, the shot even picking up and admirer in some how recognised it from his childhood “they still make those?!”. The two cars I took tried, but the rough gravel/sandy surface took its toll. The Super Astute decided to have an esc issue, so would refuse to power the motor. The XV-01T took a pounding. Every few minutes I seemed to be retrieving a front dog bone or reattaching a damper. I’m not sure if the forces, but it was enough to start stripping the threads of the ball connector. And that was before we proved twice that in a head on collision, the hot shot always wins! so my xv01t is a little poorly tonight. Some wrenching this evening, reassembling my Optima. The intention was to strip it down to put the belt drive in, but I couldn’t deny the novelty and left the chain drive intact. However, it got the start of a new look. Still waiting on a few bits to complete it
  10. Started on the stickering, and thought I’d finished the M08 A trip to a local park reminded me that I hadn’t finished the wheels. The rear tyres aren’t glued, and certainly didn’t like staying on too long! I think I’ll want some softer tyres too, not a great deal of grip.
  11. Thanks for the tips, I'll be watching out for those areas specifically. I generally use the soapy water method, I haven't tried the hair dryer in a long time. Light buckets seem to be problem with most shells, I swear there must be a difference between the white and brown sides of the double sided tape
  12. More progress with my TB-03 Nearing the end before the dreaded stickering!
  13. The top force comes out ahead in all but one comparison. It was more composed, dynamic and fun. It only suffered in altercations with the tt-02b. I think that was mostly ride heights, with the Top Force going airborne when they came together. It did lose a drive cup due to a tie rod coming off in a collision, but thankfully 5 mins of searching recovered it. The gravel was fairly chunky, so the Tt02s smaller size didn’t help. On the pitches it was less noticeable. The Tt02b felt more rigid, though I was surprised that it had a sharper turning circle than the TF, or is that just the TFs being poor? My boy (4) had a great time, he certainly did mind. He was more perturbed my the ‘smoke’ from the gravel, though he enjoyed that surface more though.
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