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  1. Two entries done. Pit crew finishing post run checks
  2. Vajra? Parts bin special? Dubious name? Questionable handling? I like mine though, even she is a little fragile
  3. This must be proving very popular, your mailbox is full @TurnipJF
  4. I've been tempted by these for a while, but never enough to pull the trigger. then they did one of my favourite bodies and then RCMart put a deal on and I could resist no longer Not a clue where it'll get run, as we don't have the space and I doubt it'll cope with 5 and 3 year olds driving it. but still very prett, which make me slightly concerned that they could be addictive...
  5. Just had a measure in the garden (it's dark, so we'll see tomorrow) and I think I can just about squeeze the 5m width in. Grass is a bit long, so this bear seemed appropriate
  6. Coo, thanksl. I only went for the M07 Concept, a I have a set of trf dampers to put on it. Not sure about anything else being required. All the surfaces I'll run on are rough at best, so bumping some ground clearance is always useful.
  7. This thread is encouraging me to finally do an audit of what I have. Get a list / spreadsheet going. I had one initially, but over the years it’s got out of date. I tried to use it to track the spend on each car, but I think I made it too complicated for me. I’ve hit a point now between built and nib cars that I’ve started to run out of space. I have pondered selling some, but so far it’s been a small list I fall into that Juls1 mentioned, about losing so much money. I’ve a couple of Unimog CW01s for example, that never go anywhere. One is pristine, the other has been bashed. I doubt I’d get much for either, so I don’t try to eBay them. So I don’t thin the herd I can’t think of anything else to thin, so given I have 70+, that can’t be right. And then there’s my experience of the last couple of weekends. I’ve had two drifters on the shelf for at least a couple of years, just gathering dust, so would have been prime to sell. Instead I’ve had a great time with them recently, and they’ve now on the go to list as they suit the areas I can run cars. So the answer is I need a bigger house , not less cars
  8. Was that in stock kit form, or did you require some hopups? How much did you achieve? I’ve been tempted in to ordering one after all the chatter in this forum. Mainly for the build, but it’d be nice to get it out and about some.
  9. I know it’s not 2wd or a buggy, but have you scratched the XV01 itch? Satisfies most of your original list save 2wd? Xv01t is good value too, if you can cope with the body. Might even squeeze the beetle on there? other than that, did the wt01 get a mention?
  10. Ah ok, cool. [puts away two tubes of steel reinforced epoxy, moves them from rc toolbox to diy toolbox] Thanks all for your input, I think I'll try out some of this 3M tape. I've seen a few magnets advertised with it already, so I'll try there.
  11. I know little about crawlers, but I thought I’d post my BOM just because I could: I wasn’t sure if I’d make much use of it, so I went for the cheaper option vs an SCX10II etc (RCMart special). It was a good build, went together nicely and I’ve not had any issues with it. I’ve a 2-speed upgrade to fix for it, but it doesn’t get out too much to really test it. It does do stoppies though, I discovered a few months ago. I think if you’re planning to customise it, the market around the TRX4 surely has to win out. If you were going to make the bits yourself however... Have you looked at the MST CFX-W? This beast caught my eye a few weeks ago, thankfully I’ve resisted https://www.rcmart.com/mst-cfx-w-1-8-4wd-front-motor-high-performance-offroad-car-kit-w-clear-lexan-j45c-body-532182-00100727
  12. I’ve had a couple of tries at this, and both times the glue has started to affect the PS paint. So now I’ve a couple of bodies I’d prefer not to use traditional mounts with, but I’m concerned I’ll damage the paint. What glue(s) has everyone had the best results with? Strong enough for the rare earth magnets, but not affecting PS paint on poly bodies?
  13. Bit of drift practice today Knowing little about what I’m doing technique wise, I think I actually prefer the 50:50 to the RWD. With the gyro on the RWD it almost seems easy. Get a nice circle going, and just minor tweaks and it goes round. Not to sure if the MST has too little grip tbh, if that’s a thing. Doing figure of a 8s was a little trickier, but still quite tight. The 50:50 TT02 on the other hand, is much more of a hoot. Sure I don’t think it’d do well on a track, but it requires a lot more energy to do things, an the slides look a lot more impressive Takes up a lot more space, so I’d imagine doing trains or what not takes a lot more skill or setup. I did try taking the gyro off the RWD, certainly noticeable, so I didn’t leave it like that for long.
  14. Fitted some TT02 upgrades to the RWD Rally spec Dampers were originally intended for the TT02SD. However the choice of either chassis on the floor or 20mm ride height meant they were unsuitable. However 20mm is better than pogos on a Rally TT02 hmm. I should reroute that switch wire, given there’s no prop shaft to foul!
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