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  1. Just discovered that Contact Adhesive removes PS paint
  2. My advise would be to upgrade to the aluminium suspension mounts. That cured my issues with arms popping out and missing dog bones. you can get replacement springs, I think it’s a trf201 front spring set.
  3. Finished stickering, mounted the Audi A2 body to see what it looks like on my XV01LD. Pretty pleased; it's not perfect, but this will be a runner. For that reason I've hesitated to add the front fog lights, those look like they'd last one run. Need to sort out some replacement wheels though. Rummaging through the spares box found these items As much as the former look a bit more period, especially the 30mm version, I think i'm leaning towars the five spoke ones.
  4. Out for a family walk this afternoon, so we took our 'dogs' with us Some of the lines were a little bit unusual But they all got home with minor injuries Unimog CC01 broke a wing mirror and snapped a servo saver. I'm about to do surgery to see if there were any other side effects FJ CC01 had some bumper issues that won't buff out. Plenty more life in the other 3 corners of the shell, so it'll be staying. GS02 just laughed and carried on, no problems there. However I do question whether it should be able to pull reverse wheelies? (makes me think something is actually borked) Lots of laughs, no tears (which is good for 5 and 3 year old pilots). 6 month old in the buggy was very interested in it all, so it looks good for another enthusiast (and more leeway for more RC purchases )
  5. After chatting to some colleagues who’ve got in to RC during lockdown, I had some enthusiasm to get back on with a stalled project. Painted this some time in 2019, then got put off by the stickers not perfect, but it’s going to be a runner on my XV01, so it’s all good. Not as fiddly as I was concerned about, and I think I’ve done the worst of it.
  6. My turn for a big box from Tamico. Ordered 23rd, delivered 26th, great service as always TT02R because offer of the week, CLK been on the wish list for a while now. And then we come to what I actually meant to order. The two spare parts trees for my Unimog 425, because I've lost them somewhere. Then I saw they did trailers, and at a price that competes with imports. Always fancied a trailer, just put off by the price. Not that this was cheap, I just accepted that it seemed to be the going rate. So there we go. £20 worth of spares turned in to, well, you can imagine a fair bit more. To round it off, given that paint seems hard to come by, I added some of that too
  7. Tried out the Gmade wheels and did some stickering: time to figure out the invisible mounts, hopefully I can find some better ones than a few years ago. need to find out where I stashed the light bucket and body decoration sprues too
  8. Wheelbase shortened, but some magic to work on body posts as they are way off The Bronco looks good, but better on the CR01. So I think I might shop for some wheels for the unimog I’ve some of these on a CC01, they might suit nicely
  9. A good day with the wrench means she’s finished bar body posts Tomorrow it’s time to investigate shortening the wheelbase. Bronco is winning at the moment.
  10. Started on a new build, first one in a while. Bronco or Unimog to be decided
  11. This looks like the body that was created for the Formula E launch event
  12. Some spanner time tonight finished converting my wt01 4x4x4 back in to two standard wt01s. I couldn’t get on with the former, it just felt heavy and dull. 2wd version seems much more to my liking, and has gone down well with the kids. I wince less when the wt01 crashes straight in to stuff too 2nd job was to fit the hop up suspension parts to my xv01t. It’s now a long damper version, with aluminium suspension blocks in the front. That should hopefully keep the arms on in it’s inevitable coming together with the wt01! 3rd job was in conclusive. Something not right in my Dancing Rider gearbox. I can hold both wheels, apply throttle and the motor rotates quite happily. However it’s not the pinion, as with the motor out, I can hold the pinion while applying throttle, and the motor whines and doesn’t rotate. Diff seems to work ok too. More experimenting tomorrow, does anyone have any suggestions?
  13. Interesting, I'd not considered those. I had one in my XV01 and took it out, didn't like the feel. I'll keep an eye out for a good deal on one of those.
  14. Three under eights in the garden. All of them wanted to drive the Hot Shot. The poor Neo Scorcher alternative only just beat the option of just chasing the Hot Shot about on foot. So we grown-ups might think it lacks in handling, damping etc, the kids still think it looks awesome . I’ve no idea about reliability, but I do know it saw off my XV01T in head on crash tests too!
  15. This choice selection arrived today I guess I’m on the look out for a good deal on a new Top Force now any good hop ups I’m missing?
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