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  1. Waiting on a shifting servo, so made some progress on the Ryft body. Some tidying and sticker in to do on the panels, but I’m liking it so far The netting is 3D printed from Thingiverse, still assessing whether black is the right colour
  2. Some wheels for the Ryft, some dampers from eBay (from a TC member I think) A chunky Lipo, here getting a fit check
  3. More Ryft building, including this rather large spur gear:
  4. D20 is the ESC mounting plate. That would cover the shifting servo, so I've skipped that for now. D21 though we can do All attached and waiting for the links. Tonight went nice and smoothly again, save for the hiccup with the servo. The instructions so far have been clear, I've not found reason to misinterpret them or have to reassemble anything. Section E is the dampers, so a good point to stop for the evening. I'll need to gather up my soldering gear too, as once the esc can be mounted I can assess the cable lengths.
  5. This is wear our tale takes an unfortunate turn. The shifting servo. After using PowerHD micro servos on an SCX10 III and them not fitting ideally, plus having to source the servo saver mount, I thought I'd do the simpler thing of buying their recommended servo. Sure enough, in nicely, all lined up correctly. D19 parts ready, oh, hang on, I've not centred the servo. Sadly, this photo is the one I've provided in my return form on eBay. DOA servo, not a squeak from it. Tested in two receivers and in multiple ports. New one ordered, at the pace I'm building it hopefully shouldn't block anything.
  6. D17. Shifter arm. I chose to mount the upright first, then to the pin. Not sure if this was best, as it was fiddly to get the mount on.
  7. D16 - time to cover up that rude spur
  8. For the motor I've gone with a Hobbywing Xerun Axe550. 3300kv. I miiiiight have got too much power here, but we'll see. D14 attachs the motor, D15 the pinion. The manual thinks this is a 32dp pinion, which is incorrect In anticipation of too much speed I've ordered some smaller pinions from the good folks at RCBearings.
  9. D11 secures the transmission case together. 4 to the motor plate and one between the two halves D12 is all about covering the shifter hole. Not for us, so D13 instead A rather tasty spur gear. Mod 1, so big teeth. All attached, ready for the motor.
  10. D3: Time to assemble the transmission case Two speed gears and centre diff installed. One speed gear providing the support. Time to add the shifter. I'm not sure how they really intended this to go together, with the gears in place. Thread the shifter then attach it to the arm with a spanner? Bit of fiddling though and it's on. Onwards to D8! (skipping the steps for assembling it in one speed) The other side of the transmission case Bearings in D9 is the beefy motor mount, popping the bearing in place. Time to bring it all together In my jiggling to get the shifter on, I unseated a bearing. That meant the motor case wouldn't fit. Once resolved, it's all snug.
  11. D-Bag time, and it's 2 speed set up. Getting the 4mm e-clips on is a bit of a fiddle. I like my 2mm tamiya tool for that, but the 4mm multi tool is foldable so a little trickier to put a lot of pressure on. Once assembled, it's nice and sturdy. D2 is nice and simple, just slip the gears on. Everything is nice and chunky.
  12. Postie dropped this off today: A tight fit on to the servo, but attached easy enough after that.
  13. Great work, and great inspiration. I like the tree and the bark mixed in, passer by will just think you've made a rockery.
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