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  1. Made some progress on the Terra Scorcher. All standard save for three 1150s for thrust bearings, and a torque tuned for the silver can. I had a Thundershot as a boy, I thought this build would bring back memories. Nothing, zip. I recognise it more from seeing everyone else’s photos I think! Perhaps all the memories are tied up in hand painting the body. Still, looking forward to running it, seeing how it feels against it’s 80s and 90s brethren.
  2. That’s probably because you’re using the forum built in image storage, which is very small. Use tcphotos.net (free to subscribers) or any other image hosting service and paste links. There’s a guide in one of the sub forums.
  3. Interesting, I thought the case was the exif data was correct, just a lot of software not reading it, so showing the photo as taken by the sensor. The iPhone’s sensor is always in landscape mode, so sets the exif to say which way you were holding that phone. It doesn’t try to rotate the image itself. isn’t that what the code snippet is doing, paying attention to the exif rotation? Nothing iPhone about it?
  4. I never thought to try to throw perspective, might have to try if I allow it out again.The mini-z bodies are very nice, quite durable too. yeah, I’ll get round to stickers and taking the window masks off one day. I was too eager to get it out running a couple of weeks ago, not got back to a stickering evening yet. The black does suit it nicely, I don’t think I’ll put the wing on, leave that for the shelfer. I had another all black ( finished though! ) bodied car ready to go too. Hopefully another day as it look good under the electric light too
  5. After queuing 90 minutes for the recycling centre, my run time was a little reduced. managed to get two runs in, thought I’d use something familiar and something not TB05 was a lot of fun, making me want to take it to a full size track when lock down ever finishes. Mini-z was funny, even getting better performance as it’s tyres warmed up. I’ll have to find it some peppier batteries and look up what hop ups are available, the Duracell’s only doing so much. I was a little concerned mid run that it might catch the outdoor run lap counts, but in the end blushes were saved. I had 3 other entrants to run with me, sadly some tiktoking youths put me off. You’d think a five storey empty car park would have enough space for the both of us, but they chose my floor for their antics near some inappropriate graffiti. Still one week left though eh?
  6. Spike of warmer weather yesterday, I couldn’t resist making a start: Scorcher done, but ran out of time and only completed the FE masking today. masked up the driver figure for the scorcher too, that’s my challenge with these builds. I’m rubbish at getting drivers done!
  7. A few false starts and aborted runs, not limited to: Endpoint set to low for kiddie drivers, so little speed twigs stuck in the rear arms receiver making a bid for freedom tyres coming of the rims - seems that silcone sealent degrades? numerous grip roles due to the instant drag brake the crawler esc setting However, we got there, CC01 run completed! At one stage I thought I was going to beat my XV01 lap count, thankfully in the end I didn't get too close. Probably due to this truck being able to mount the paving slabs if I went wide, vs the XV01 painfully grinding it's body shell down them I think with harder tyres and a little less aggressive drag brake, there's a couple more laps out there. Next up I think I'll have to give the XV01T a try, and perhaps see if I can coax a Monster Beetle around the tight confines of the garden.
  8. But well worth it! A fun build and a distinct, cool looking buggy. Are you going to paint it box art, or your own creation?
  9. Early Christmas presents arrived They'd both been on the list for a while, so when I saw them both on Jadlam's deal this week, it felt rude not to. The weather's not the greatest for painting, so no idea when they'll get built. Thundershot was my first RC car back in the day, so I'm hoping for some memories to come back as I build the Scorcher.
  10. Service day today. Cleaned off a the Top Force and Avante after previous garden adventures. Always amazes me how you think you’ve cleaned it all, move the buggy and more dirt appears?! Got the Trail CC01 down in preparation for a postal run tomorrow. Fired it up to find out the steering bridge was loose. Seems the nephew who drove it in the woods last time was too excited to notice the steering wasn’t great. Or perhaps he’d driven a stock CC01 before? Thankfully it was just a loose retaining screw, so swiftly back to it’s Yeah Racing improved self. Finally, a bit of fettling with the SCX10 III build. This one has been crawling(!) along, waiting for the micro servos to arrive. They duly have, but sadly I only seem to have ordered one set of adaptors to make them fit the weird servo horns required to operate the 2 speed and dig. Plus discovered that the servo is a smidge too small, so some packing will be required to support the retaining screws. I’m sure some would say it was a very ‘Tamiya’ thing for Axial to do, make the two servos need to be their specific ones without a bunch of work. The size I can take, but requiring you to buy 2 separate spruces to get a small servo hat off each is a bit cheeky. So back to a crawl the build goes while I source AXIC3009. Out of stock in the UK, and Tamico haven’t found another deal yet to compensate for the €14 delivery. Brighter note, Jadlam’s pre Christmas sale means I’ve two early presents from Santa arriving tomorrow!
  11. Pre-ordered mine with Fusion, with the TC discount Fingers crossed they get enough to satisfy the demand!
  12. Nice! I had got my CC01 low rider out ready for a concrete run at the weekend, but never made it. Sounds like I need to get the trail one out and give you some back garden competition. LWB though, could be a bit tricky in this short, tight course. There, got the excuse in
  13. Got the XV01 mucky doing Postal runs Hopefully the body will last till they come back in stock, or my driving improves to stay off the kerbs!
  14. Had a first go at the Round 5 track in the back garden with the XV01. Conditions are a little slippy Ran a bit wide on the previous marker, up on to the paving and slid nicely into the hedge.
  15. Did some ‘Racing by Post’, four entries submitted. If I ever get to move house, a large smoothie tarmac driveway is getting higher on the ‘must have’ list This evening some more time spent assembling my SCX10 III. I think some proof reading of the instructions would have helped them. Nothing huge, but quite a lot of wrong crew counts and misleading diagrams. for me, I need to read up on assembling aeration shocks. They don’t feel right, certainly not like the diaphragm shocks I’m used to.
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