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  1. More cutting and trimming, a lot of fiddly bits too
  2. Yeah, it’s a little odd that it’s just the Super Coppermix is reversed. Somewhat disappointingly the other side isn’t the flip, with everything else reversed and the Coppermix the right way
  3. Got the wing on my Coppermix, so I think it’s done. wheelbase is a bit off on the front, but that might. Be exacerbated by the offset of the wheels. I’m not sure it or the TA07 it sits on will ever leave the shelf, maybe one day
  4. heh, I think that was enough to kick things in to life, thanks I think it must be these:
  5. Bit embarrassing, but I’ve found an upgrade in my stash that I can’t recall what it’s for: pretty sure I’d have got it via this site, but no mention of it on the full option website. I know I’ve bought ORV bits from them, but I don’t recognise this given the bag had a hole in it, I’m not sure it’s all there either! anyone recognise it?
  6. How’s the internals coping with those wheels? Did you upgrade them?
  7. Finally got a TB05, and made a start on its dust cover
  8. Greeeeeen Not quite the green I thought it was, but fun nonetheless. Gonna need some black detailing though!
  9. Managed to get some rc time this evening. 1/2 a pack each on my Super Astute and Top Force in the back garden. I thought the TF was going to win that battle, but I really enjoyed the Super Astute. Lighter and mor poised, though a lot more grip roll. If it carries on like this, I might have to treat it to some hop ups cut’n’washed a 934 body ready to be sprayed green a la not thought about wheels yet, I’ll see how much I like the green when it’s done first!
  10. That is sooo awesome! Great job with the course, and great job with getting a yard to carve it in!
  11. Test drove the MF01X Suzuki in the back garden. Kept locking a rear dog bone and eventually spat one out, so I need to look up what that’s about. Fun otherwise, the shorter wheelbase was quite noticeable. Some coats of white on the Audi A2 body, and some window masks in the Silvia. Need to pick a colour for that. Metallic dark blue seems to be box art, but I’m not feeling that right now.
  12. Fitted the rally blocks to my MF01x Suzuki. Nice and soft, so will need some glueing. Then I get to have a little play tomorrow while confirming the body height. Yesterday I found this post about tt02 rally builds: nice post there from @mr crispy regarding sanding the nub off the rear lower arms. Decent improvement in ride height means my eldest’s ‘Rally’ Ferrari should handle the garden a little better!
  13. A belt for my XV01, finally some tyres for my MF01x and the M08 build. I managed to not buy a TB-05 again too
  14. I never noticed that with my re-re Super Astute I built a couple of months back. It never ran on anything too tricky, but seemed nice and smooth. Certainly nothing heard above brushed motor and tire noises
  15. The body for my M08 arrived Lovingly packed all the way from Japan, so much so I can forgive the customs charges I got stung for... Alongside is the previous target, I’ll let you guess what it’s supposed to be. TBG bodies might be good for racing, but it’s lacking some finesse the Silvia body though is a thing of beauty.
  16. I really like the body. Hopefully this is a serious foray into scale crawling land, MST-CFX a like.
  17. Do you mean the body pictured (RSR 934) , as that's a https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Karosserie-Satz-Porsche-934-RSR-Black-TA02SW from Tamico, they have plenty https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Karosserie-Satz-Porsche-934-RSR-Vaillant-TA02SW too I was a bit miffed the Delta body was drilled, it wasn't supposed to be. I keep trying to do magnetic mounts, but I struggle to get the body low enough like that.
  18. Some more bodies to keep me busy. Some wheels for my mf01x rally, some wheels for the M08. A bottle of poly cleaner and a TT02S because Tamico offers are hard to resist
  19. Is the Search function intentionally off, for the update period?
  20. I think you mean https://sugru.com/ I’ve heard of a spray you can use to waterproof electronics, not sure what it’s called yet. Involves taking the plastic case off the receivers, dipping/spraying with this stuff. Conformal, plasdip, drydrone seem to come up in searches. Never used any of them, I’ve just done the balloon/tape thing.
  21. I fear he may be on a break. I’ve seen a lot of his collection on eBay recently
  22. I’ve had a TT02D kit on the shelf for a while now, so built that’s up today. Stock save for the diff locker I put in the rear. No thought there, just been rattling round my tool box with no specific home. TT02s are fun to put together, I’d forgotten that . My eldest has taken a shine to the F12 TDF body I’d sprayed up (badly), so this might become his road car this weekend
  23. Oh wow! My brother and I had a pair of those as kids, pre Tamiya like. I’d never quite remembered the name ( Land something) till you posted this. One was red, not sure if the other was blue. Lots of fun, but plagued by those really short battery lives. Of course they’re long gone, but fond memories a little search makes me think mine was silver
  24. Oh, that’s my bad grammar, sorry. The wheels are for the MF01x. The shims are for other projects. The wheels look tiny in comparison to the Jimny default ones!
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