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  1. hi everyone. new here but not to the LB truck. love the thing to death and determined to make it better. My current project http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=77522
  2. Just got most of my rear end parts. updated with some mock up photos. full independent suspention.
  3. Hello. New here but my first rc's were all tamiyas i got from my uncle. including this original lunchbox. over the years ive had spare parts and at one point 2 working lunchboxes before everything got broken and stored for a while. Well dug out the last remaining truck last summer and got it running. old novak 610 esc 17x3 handwound motor and an old 3300 6 cell race pack. and the 5th shock mod. A litttle back storry on this truck cause i feel like sharing. This perticuler LB started out as a limited edition Snapon Tools truck. all white wheels and a lexan Snapon Tool Truck body. My uncle used to work for snapon in the 80's. everytime id go to his place hed get it out for me to play with. eventualy in 2001 or 2 he gave me this and a hevily modified blackfoot he used to race with in the erly 90s. it was about then that me and my dad found a club to go race at and i raced for my first time with that blackfoot. following week was with the LB and the week afterthat i had run a frog. after that dad bought me a used rustler. case being got into rc heavy for racing and the lb was retired to a play truck or storage again for years. Now durring all that time racing i had the idea to make this fun little truck competitive cause i had built a slight rep at the track for doing somewhat off the wall stuff and having it work. (sedan bodys on all my off road vehicls for one example and converted a losi sedan into a 1/10 Truggy using truck parts before truggys were even a thing) Now this summer i finaly decided to start the huge overhaul i always wanted to do with the truck. What follows is some serous modification and frankenstiening of things. I have been keeping track of it on my FB page. let me know what you all think or any suggestions. Most of my parts for my rear end build should be here today. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153362655871597&set=a.10150167216091597.302983.553261596&type=1&permPage=1 Whats done: Futaba FX1 front conversion Aluminum knuckles aluminum body mounts traxxas slash turnbuckles for camber links and rear braces Losi XXX Steering rack and tierods installed (modification to chassis required) Losi XXX Buggy rear shocks on all 4 corners 35WT 2.3lb spring up front and 32.5WT 1.8lb spring rear List of yet to do: Front upper brace Cross braces to remove flex Rear drive train rear suspention ESC Motor Steering servo and new mounting system Lead weight the front end to balance truck standard 2.2 race wheels and tires for outdoor dirt Body (dont want to use a stock body. need sumthing that will fit chassis and be lower profile. Tech and tune practice session at the track
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