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  1. Today I completed my first tour car, Volkswagen scirocco GT24-CNG. Nice to have oil shocks and ball bearings standard with kit. A lot of stickers and was my first introduction to turnbuckles. The FF03 is also a first for me. Interesting build.
  2. Finished my first TTO2B build. Made a hash of the paint job Thou. But I will be running this anyway. Put in my first brushless setup, 15 turn and street wheels and tyres. Get some running later.
  3. Buttoned up the tamiya konghead. Body shell tested me big time. Decided to go dark metallic blue.
  4. Thank you both . Played around with steering dual rate on the transmitter and it’s done the job!
  5. Hey all, I am using my 2 channel transmitter and a y cable I was able to get the four wheel steer active on my konghead build. Rear tyres experience a small bit of rub with the middle set in sharp turns, is that common? hope that makes sense
  6. I have konghead kit to be delivered today hopefully. Think I'm going with dark blue metallic on the main paint colour!
  7. Thanks I'm no expert, close my eyes and hope for best with the stickers. I will run it , maybe take a day or two to admire it so clean! Your right about the front tyre rub, I noticed that and might have to trim the fenders.
  8. After a week of cutting, taping, painting and sticking I’m done with stadium thunder body. I wanted to go box art but I might not again in the future! Phew πŸ˜…
  9. Hey, Any konghead owners give advice. Reading about the 4 wheel steering options for them Do you need at least a three channel transmitter to operate 4ws? If so can you recommend one? I only used 4kg plastic servo in other builds. Would you reccomend stronger metal gear servos for this kit? Thanks Trevor
  10. Preparing some weekend plans. Stadium thunder build. πŸ˜€.
  11. Finishing touches to the dt-o2. Next stop outside...
  12. Fitted front suspension, rear gearbox and wheels to my dt-02 sand viper. Body shell to sort over the weekend. My first build of this chassis. I like it!
  13. Thanks all for the quick replies! Love this forum .
  14. Beginner question, Always find hard to tighten those plastic ends to the piston rods. See image.. is there an easier way, so not to damage to rods... thanks Trevor
  15. My first tt-01e build, thanks to timetunnel models. Picked up some bearings and have #50746 CVA dampers that will add to it if suitable. A bit daunting but looking forward to the body work!
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