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  1. You must live in phx, tucson has no racing other than drifting and large scale oval track.
  2. Yup building is the best part. It's hard to keep NIB around me.
  3. I'll buy one when the kits are at my local stores and a body that I'll like.
  4. What a shame to bench this car already.
  5. There is a MB01 area already. I'm debating on a M05 or a MB01 in fwd.
  6. I still remember my log in for myspace lol
  7. Just went to a lhs and there are barely any left but found this. They has nib TA02S, 2 M06's, 2 M06's and xv01.
  8. So is there only 1 shell for the MB01 so far? I've looked on tamiyausa and they say nothing about more body styles being released which is a bummer.
  9. Just fill the box with peanuts and wrap the box in paper. I'll be painting the shell so I'm. Not worried about the box.
  10. how much shipped to 85602
  11. I can't find tie rods for my M03. I bought the tt01 hop ups but they were only 40mm and way too short for my M03 so I stuck them on my tt02 where they fit good. Would the DT02 tie rods be too long? I can find those in stock and I want to keep it all tamiya.
  12. Well my paypal doesn't go back that far. Is there a way I can contact you Chris? I don't want to send info on here.
  13. I'll see what I can find but not sure if PayPal goes back into the 2000's
  14. Here's the rear tires from racing lol
  15. So you like the M03 better than the M05? Have you tried a even numbered M aka rear wheel drive? I've been debating on getting the MB01 so I can do both.
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