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  1. Thanks. Got my BZ for £18 direct from Japan! Yeah...my mate needs an upgrade. 😆
  2. The results are in.... 15T Firebolt definitely faster than the BZ. Not by much but is quicker. Frog now has tendency to roll when cornering at speed which wasnt happening with the BZ. Makes a wicked squeal too. Oh,...completely outstripping my mates Dark Impact! Men against boys! Pleased with the motor for £6.99.
  3. That's poor for a 15t even at the price! Good to know on the batteries. The Core pack is 134mm. The Absima is 137mm. Both batteries would need spacers in the Frog but shorter the better! Thanks.
  4. Yes, currently running a BZ. I bought it over the RZ as I wanted more torque and usually drive off road. Much quicker than the silver can 27t. The HPI arrived yesterday. As soon as there is a dry spell I'll test it out and post results. I'm not holding my breath for much extra speed but at £7 thought it was worth a gamble. I recommend 2S Lipo...definitely an improved performance over the Nimh. I'm running an Absima 2S 25C 4300 with tamiya plug. The pack measures a few mm longer than the Nimh racing pack so had to space out battery stops. Nylon bearings made perfect spacers!
  5. Thanks for the replies. I have heard mixed reports on the Firebolt. It was only £7 so I'll give it a go. Can anyone recommend a brushed motor faster than BZ that won't kill my gears?
  6. Hi all, I'm running a vintage Frog with 2S Lipo, Hobbywing ESC, Tamiya Superstock BZ 23T and upgraded Thorp ball diff and rear dog bones. It goes like a rocket. I have just ordered a HPI Firebolt 15T motor to increase speed still further. Aiming for missile rather than rocket! The ESC can handle down to 12T on 2S Lipo. My concern is the gearing. I'm running on the lowest stock gearing the Frog has to offer - I thinks 16tooth pinion from memory. Will I have a problem? Thanks for advice in advance.
  7. http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/wills7402/library/Mobile%20Uploads/The%20Frog Hopefully this link will work.. Discovered the drive and content gear in my original frog is a single piece and is marked 'Blackfoot'! See pics. Got my Thorp diff and dog bones and Tamiya BZ installed. The Frog goes like a rocket. Took a bit of trial and error to get the diff just the right tightness. Kept slipping to begin with. Also, slight issue with the 'loose' side of the diff. The side where the cup and shaft can be pushed in or pulled out of the diff. The cup and shaft can be quite easily pulled out even when the dog bones etc are assembled. Do I need a spacer or something in the cup to help keep the dog bones tight and stop the cup and shaft pulling out of the diff? Sorry probably not explaining this very well. Will try and take a picture. Will
  8. I'll try and post some pics at the weekend. Having a bit of trouble uploading pics from phone using tapatalk. Not as easy as other forums. I see you have the thorp counter gear. I guess I'll find out soon enough if mine is ok with the stock drive and counter. I have new bearings, brass drive, counter and steel 16t pinion coming soon so I can try the Superstock BZ!
  9. Thorp diff and dog bones arrived today. The diff is quite tight to turn. Is this ok? Also, hoping the stock counter and drive gear works with this hop up!
  10. I'll check. The model is all original as it came out of the box in Christmas morning 1985. Been in parents attic for the last 25 years.
  11. ....and my original drive gear is definitely plastic! I can post a pic when I open the gear box this weekend. I have ordered a new gear set including brass drive gear and clip. Thanks all.
  12. Thanks. My original drive gear and counter gear are both nylon. Was there different releases of the original?
  13. Hi I am after advice / link to the best place to pick up re release frog gear set. I need the high torque set up for the spur and drive gears and the c ring and bearings. I am in the uk. Also, can anyone confirm if the re re frog spur gear is suitable for use with the original frog drive gear set up? Thanks.
  14. Hi Terry As I mentioned earlier in the post I have only upgraded the motor, diff, axles and hubs. I plan to use the stock Tamiya counter, spur and 18t pinion. I guess I'll find out at the weekend when I try assembling it!
  15. Hi again Finally received my Thorp diff, dog bones and Tamiya Superstock BZ 23T motor. Quick question...is it ok to run the BZ with the standard 18t pinion gear? Thanks
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