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  1. Does anyone know what the wheel base is for the tyrrell p34 rc
  2. That probably what I will end up doing, just wanted to know if there was a product already out. Than again there is not much aftermarket support for the high lift
  3. Motor came today. About half the size of a 540, yet it has more power. Motor got mounted on the transmission. Transmission got mounted on the chassis. If anyone know where to get taller shock tower please let me know because I would like to have the shock a bit higher in the chassis
  4. Just wanted to show you the placement for the steering servo. I still need to drill the the hole for the other side. This is not the servo I will be using it is just a mock-up. The servo that will probably go on this truck is a OMG servo, they look awesome and are good performer
  5. I just order the motor for this truck and I bet no one would have thought it Be a outrunner motor. Finally I can say this high lift is different from the rest. Hopefully after I am done with it, it will be as fun as my scx10 is.
  6. Agree with you. I sometimes question tamiya thinking. The good thing is I am still under the retail value of high lift even with the upgrade I plan for it. The 3 speed transmission is ok if they made it smaller, the thing is huge, maybe for a semi truck or a bigger kit it may work but not for this truck. 2wd is always fun, but when you need grip, it is nice to have 4wd at hand. The transfer case I pick for it also very compact like the transmission and Fitts nicely inbetween the frame rails
  7. Just wanted to show you the new transmission and how small it is compared to the kit transmission. Here it is in the chassis sitting up front like I want, right over the axle. The width of the transmission is perfect for the frame rails, all that I need to do is to drill out the holes for it. I will still have 3 speed but instead of being part of the transmission, it will be part of the transfer case. 1:1 4wd, 1.9:1 4wd, 1:1 2wd
  8. No The transmission is not installed. This is the current look of the chassis. I will not be using the included transmission, instead I am replacing it with a planetary gear transmission connected to a transfer case, so nothing sticks out the bottom of the chassis, other then the drive shaft of course. If you are using the stock transmission and want to make it less noticeable, I would recommend you to buy a gearbox down motor kit (ebay seller name Yokomo13 sells them) and this will allow you to lift your transmission more and make it less noticeable or if your handy you can always swap out the transmission for the scx10 transmission, you find them pretty cheap on ebay
  9. Finally slammed my yota. This is as low as it gets with stock parts. I like how the frame rails look in this photo simple and no transmission poking out or transmission guard. I plan on trying to keep this simple look with only the axle shaft sticking out. As you can see I need to trim the screws a bit and I may just make a custom leafs spring for it.
  10. If this truck can keep up with my scx10 I may have to look into it.
  11. I have thought about buying bigger tire, but I still would like to lower it, because right now it gives me more of a monster truck look instead of the every day truck you would use to go to your local hardware store and that is the look I am trying to get. This is with axial scx10 stock tire and rim. Front Side by side
  12. Yea, completely agree, great looking trucks. Here it is with it's trail trailer and the surfboard it came with (yea i know the wheel don't match but those where the only pair I had that I was not using).
  13. For me it is very hard to not upgrade an rc. I just enjoy upgrading them almost as running them. I have a scx10 to love it, the high lift is my second crawler, I bought it mainly to be a scale rig, something to mess with in my front yard and make some video of it towing my touring car, not really a trail rig. If it wasn't for the good price I got it for I would have probably just bought a Mountaineer. The only upgrade I have in mind for it is the transmission and a transfer case and a metal light bar for the body and interior
  14. Thanks for the recommendation mongoose1983 Here is current look of it, I am still not done with the body parts This is how the chassis currently looks The transmission it came with is most likely going to be replaced with a planetary gearbox transmission and I will probably sell the one it came with to help pay for other upgrades
  15. This Friday I received a tamiya high lift hilux, I am almost done building it, but I have some questions on it. First is there any way of lowering the height to a more scale look? Also are there any recommended upgrades for it? Keep in mind I will not be using the transmission in the kit, because I want to add a scale interior and the transmission height wouldn't allow me to do so.
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