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  1. I do think that trying to find the right programs is a problem. I guess that it is try and see what works. Ok here's one is there anyother 3d printing service other than shapeways that might have printers in europe and USA ????? mr fog
  2. hi pinto So are you saying that sketchup is good to use for 3d printing? mr fog
  3. hi pablo68 no start up or educator, poor me lol
  4. hi all what about sketchup any good for designing parts and other things mr fog
  5. hi Johan

    Could you tell me what software you use to get you designs printed. Very keen to know so maybe i could have a go at designing.

    Mr fog


    1. Johan


      Hi Mr. Fog,

      I use cinema 4d. It is normally used for 3d animations, but models can be exported to be printed.



    2. mr fog

      mr fog

      hi johan

      Are you a cad designer as your day job?

      Mr fog

    3. Johan


      no, .. just hobby, I started out building scenery for simple games maybe some 12 years ago..

  6. hi gooney bird thanks for that
  7. hi are the decals waterslide (model kits) or stickers?????? mr fog
  8. Not found the sinking feeling with rc cars, but 1 9 foot custom surfboard yep a very big regret to this day mr fog
  9. Daverobbo5 great video, the light looks great and the beach. Well that looks amazing. Mr fog
  10. Johan Wow So good to see the mf01x doing some great stuff and the toyota, well to cool by half mate. Very good camera angles and a great place you have found to play. Very well done, would like to see more lots more. Mr fog
  11. Wow now that fast. Love it hahahahah mr fog
  12. well done ian Good looking car and love the paddles any video of it racing on the beach with the paddles on Mr fog
  13. hi babble Looked on your shapways page found it lol Good work mate mr fog
  14. hi babble do you have any more pics of your brushless fitting kit, like fitted, and are they waterproof.? Mr fog
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