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  1. Hi everyone, I'm selling all the parts that I used to make my Tamiya M05 rear wheel drive (with onboard suspension) conversion. It will include the back half of the M05 Chassis which is where where the modifications are. I will also assist in explaining how it goes together for anyone interested. You will require a standard M05 for this conversion. Thanks, Sam
  2. Hi everyone, For sale is my Tamiya BMW Z3 M Roadster body shell and wheel set. It has a 239mm wheelbase (MChassis) and is now a very rare body set and wheels. The body is in used condition and the paint is flaking off. However, there don't appear to be any splits and the decals seem to be in great condition, so perhaps it could be re-painted! The wheels seem like new, there is lots of tread left and the rims are in nice condition. I'm after £25 + postage (ONO) Thanks, Sam.
  3. Hi everyone, For sale is my Tamiya Williams FW24 (#58303) on the F201 Chassis. This is a very rare chassis and kit now and this is a lovely example. It has been used, but the chassis has just been fully rebuilt and is like new. The only part that shows some sign of use is the underside of the chassis, which has scratches. The body is a nice condition with some signs of use, but there are no cracks or splits. It really would make a lovely shelf queen or perhaps a good runner. The car has some hop-up parts too. It has full ball bearings along with a Tamiya Sport Tuned Motor and also a larger pinion. It also has Futaba ESC along with Acoms radio gear. Apart from a battery, the car is ready to run. Also included in the box is a few spare parts including some gears. I'm looking for £185 + postage (ONO)
  4. Hi everyone, I'm after a HPI Mazda Miata/MX5 #7205 Body for my Tamiya M07. Open to anything, Sam
  5. Thanks, but looking for the M04 Chassis itself
  6. Bump, still looking. Id be open to parts too.
  7. No, it has an extra set of holes to increase ride height.
  8. Hi guys, The C-Hub on my M05RA has just let go, does anyone have one lying around they don't need, I don't really want to buy the whole tree. thanks, Sam
  9. Thanks TWINSET. I'm actually looking for the re-release kit, I just got the kit number wrong.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm after Tamiya kit 84316/47308, the Mk1 Golf kit in Kamei colours on the M05 Chassis. I'm only really interested in a NIB kit. thanks, Sam
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