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  1. @cosworthwesty Looking great and surely performs way better than the original.
  2. Oh no! Not again. Grab your gear. Women and children first and all that, if only we speak of this.
  3. So 26 x 47 x 96 shouldn't be a problem, thanks! For less than € 20 a piece I ordered these
  4. @Starky_UK what chassis is under the Porsche 959 if I may ask? Nice collection you have there and some very neat non boxart but boxart inspired livery's IMO. Good work!
  5. Are there maximum dimensions for the batteries mentioned in the manual? Can anyone of post them here? I'm not at home now but saw a great deal on some batteries hence the question.
  6. 2 pairs of rear aqroshot wheels? Or do they come with a rear and a front on one sprue? 1/10 Louise E Rocket tires and wheels? They're quite deep so might be rubbing as well...
  7. Is the steering limited with the included universals? Or you just like the smootness of the DCJ's?
  8. If in anyway possible take your time to recover. A nice Alpine on an M-08 might help
  9. I had a go this evening. It has been a long time since my last attempt. I found out several things. The brushless system in the TT-01E is to powerful for unglued rallyblocks. Well used rallyblocks have almost no grip on polished concrete. Just going around the markers seems easy but it isn't. I definitely need superglue (or what do you guys use to make tires stick to rims?), I definitely need more practice and postal racing is definitely fun!
  10. I'm on holiday and have my TT-01E (and the Rustler) with me. Charging 2 Lipo's ATM. We have this basket field nearby (the camper in the background is ours) so will probably have a go this evening finally.
  11. Congrats to @Verskis and all contenders. The M-05 is a real beast with a silver can.
  12. I know there has been an XV-01 pro chassis kit and there are XV-01 kits with a body included. So maybe (hopefully) they do the same with the XM-01PRO. By checking this I found out there has been an XV-01 pro touring car also (58588) that I totally missed.
  13. @Alex97 My fault. I thought the rere of the Golf Mk1 was a few months ago, apparently it's more than a year already.
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