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  1. In my take along toolbag from dynamite is a nice long thin walled 7mm hex wrench. It's not thicker than the Tamiya 4 way wrench. I found about ten of those with a quick look around, must have around 15 in total + 2 from Kyosho + 1 from MST + 1 WLToys.
  2. From Lamborghini a LM-002 and Urus on CC-01 and a Huracan on TA-08 or TC-01. From Bugatti a Veyron on TA-08 or TC-01. From Opel a GT and Manta A on M-08. A Lamborghini Estoque and Bugatti Galibier on a new chassis. Nothing new on another TT-02
  3. At first I looked for olive drab fabric but couldn't find the exact same shade. Better another colour than almost thesame but clearly different IMO.
  4. I like the idea of the camo net!
  5. This is my first topic on the forum so hope I get it right I would really like some help or at least your opinions to help me decide which colour of tarp suits my Unimog best. Can make several but I'd like to limit it to 2 maximum. I just threw them over, it's only about the colours matching for now. Other colours in the next post.
  6. Other side of the basement
  7. The table on wheels should be covered with thin clear plastic to create an inside RC paintbooth to become independent of the weather outside.
  8. For everyone thinking their workspace is a bit cluthered, take a look at my workbench and storage in our basement. Yes, compensating for a sitting daytime job I do all my RC work standing at my workbench.
  9. How cool would it be if Tamiya made us a 1/14 scale military style tractor truck with a deeploader for a 1/14 scale tank and/or 1/14 scale halftrack? They could do a whole range of 1/14 scale military vehicles on tracks like bulldozers, those specialized "tanks" to build bridges etc or even a Ripsaw. Tracks look right at home under these type of vehicles. To my mind they do indeed look (too) odd under a car. Just my opinion.
  10. As far as I can see it is now (-40% presale) around £ 1500. But I'm sure it's an absolute blast and uncomparable with the Tamiya tracked vehicles
  11. I used liquid tread lock first but when I realised that wasn't working (obviously) I used the tape. Taping that rubber piece was the most fiddly together with the transition between the belt cover and the rear gearbox on the bottom plate. I hope they "engineered" a better solution for this rere
  12. I believe the picture is of an original mid missing some bits. (like the belt cover) I cut small strips of electrician's tape to cover the edges of the belt cover on my turbo Optima mid BITD, never had dust in my gearboxes.
  13. The A-arms have build in sway bar mounts but I don't think the sway bars come standard with the new Mid. Hope I'm wrong.
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