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  1. Maybe the battery can get under the motor if it's in "high" position on the rear?
  2. I don't think it is on the MB-01, however looking a bit better at the drawing you're right
  3. Anyone in the mood for the big white blob Toyota land cruiser 300 on CC-02? I'm already fan of the BBX and would really like to see some of the MB-01. No interest whatsoever for the Land cruiser 300...
  4. I've been driving on thin ice... [media] You can hear the ice crack under the weight of the car [media]
  5. I'm not a very experienced painter. If the body needs work to accept the rear shock stays means it is necessary to send the whole car, which is rather heavy so more expensive. Maybe laydown shocks for the rear might be a solution to keep the bed intact? By using shorter shocks instead of cutting down the springs on the current ones you get the car lower to its wheels and keep more suspension travel I think.
  6. This circuit is a real challenge! At least for me it is. I want to get on the throttle right after cone 5 forgetting I have a sharp right turn right after cone 6 which is actually really close... This is the first time I restarted so many times, resetting the timer and abandoning the previous attempt. But great fun. A bit cold at 0°C. XV-01 and M-05 These were taken at the same spot but at an uncleaned part SLOMO [media]
  7. I don't think it's a silly idea at all. Would like to collaborate if you could give an overall idea what you think the end result should look like BUT, and it's a big BUT: as you are in the UK and I'm in Belgium I'm afraid this might get more complicated than fun?
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