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  1. For postal racing on tarmac I might change the pinion to a smaller one and I searched the parts bin for some wheels to put the tarmac tires on. Traxxas or MST? I think I like the Traxxas (= the first one) better.
  2. Did some work on the body of my TA03F, recutting the entire contour and cleaning up the cutlines with some fine sandpaper. Strengthening with duct tape and adding some self adhesive padding around the body post holes. Made some small shims to put the body posts (and so the body also) a bit more forward. Cut an opening and put some mesh in the front of the body right where the opening is in the bumper to get some cooling air to the motor. Discovered the pinion isn't the 14T standard (according to the Audi manual I downloaded) but an 18T (which isn't suited for a silver can according to the same manual) And also discovered something I've never seen before on a 540 silver can... The shaft is completely round, no flat area for the grub screw.
  3. Great. Has been a long time I see a movie announced I'm really looking forward too. Thanks for sharing!
  4. I only ever lost one after a collision. is there still tension on these parts on full droop? That's the only thing keeping these parts where they supposed to be so increasing tension or using longer springs with the same tension looks like a good idea to me.
  5. That's spot on Fantastic place to mark out a rally course!
  6. I know these are not very popular but I like these instead of the straight axle and grub screw for this application. Screw in from above and they can't fall out
  7. Finally had my first go at Spa - Francorchampette. M-05 as usual and gave my TA-03F a go as well. I really like the lay out of this one (maybe because I live in Belgium?) It seems to help my lap count going wide on approaching number 5 and number 8, like the red arrows on this drawing. TA-03F doesn't come close to the lap count of the M-05 but was fun also. Driving the M-05 again after some laps with the TA-03F makes you realise how agile and nimble it reacts to throttle and steering input. At the moment I had the two Lipo's to storage level it began raining again. I'm hoping for another dry day to give this round another go.
  8. @Juhunio I start with 2 very light coats. Following coats are heavier. I check after every coat by holding the body to the light to see if and where light peeks through. There are at least 8 coats of PS-2 red paint on this now and if the cans weren't empty I'd put on another 1 or 2 before backing it in black. Now I'm thinking of backing it in white before backing it in black to avoid darkening the red by the black backing. I don't know if it's because the paint is thin but the coverage was below my minimum expectations. I painted the Porsche body in PS-21 park green and I only needed 1 can and that still has some paint left in it. Don't think the surface area of the body is so much more on the Defender as on the Porsche especially because the roof has no heavy coats of red on it. And yeah I know I should finish that Porsche with decals and an interior
  9. My LHS has a lot of rc boat builders as customers and so stock a wide variety of round bars, square bars, and also tubes in various materials and sizes. I presume you can saw of a 2mm part of a 6mm outer and 4mm inner diameter tube. Must be cheaper than those rates for postage
  10. Two full cans of PS-2 later... Still work in progress
  11. I would really enjoy some reduction code from TC for Tamico Some interiors (touring and rally), some HCT Wild Willy's, two standard (0,2 s and 6kg) metal geared waterproof servo's, some Traxxas connectors and finaly the OTW126b spur gears for my Ultima and turbo Optima build Happy days!
  12. It's this one from the option list in the turbo Optima manual With the stock spur you can have these pinions: With the OTW126 you can go up to 36T pinion I ordered 2 as the Ultima manual has this gear ratio chart:
  13. That's what I'm gonna do. It has less teelth than the stock one so you can Install a bigger pinion on your brushless system and take more advantage of the extra torque a brushless system delivers over a brushed setup. Should be made of stronger material also. First they were blue but now they come only in black.
  14. I ordered me 2 of these as they were finaly in stock at Tamico. Only 2 of them left in stock now...
  15. I so love the look of that buggy, just fantastic!
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