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  1. Took the BOM out to CDM Rocks again on Sunday. I love the way this truck performs.
  2. I had a chance to take this out to CDM Rocks again this past weekend.
  3. Here's a section of CDM rocks that Chris "Browneye" (from RCCrawlers.com) and his buddy introduced me to. When I saw it, I was like, "how in the badword?". Then he and his buddy proceeded to make it up. That was it... I had to make it up that section that day. After many tumbles... I finally made it up several times when I got the hang of it! It's really much more impressive in person than on video. The video doesn't really show the correct perspective of how impressive making it up that section really is. One wrong placement of the rear driver's side tire completely ruins the climb and results in a tumble.
  4. Details of promo - https://ebay.to/2u15HTM How to redeem your Coupon: Coupon is only valid when you buy within the latest version of the eBay Mobile App on iOS or Android. Shop for eligible items. (See below for exclusions). Enter the Coupon code in the redemption code field: PSAVETODAY Pay for your item by 7:00 PM Pacific Time on March 12, 2019 Good coupon to pick up some kits with.
  5. They sell the body shell separately, but not the cage.
  6. Very nice! I've got one on the way as well. You wouldn't happen to be SHOme on RCCrawler would you?
  7. Nice work on the CFX. I love my MST crawlers as well.
  8. Ah, you had me a little confused there LOL! Because I really want a Turbo Optima Mid as well as this one.
  9. That's the Turbo Optima, not the Turbo Optima Mid.
  10. I'm all over this one. http://www.bigsquidrc.com/kyosho-to-re-release-the-turbo-optima-buggy/
  11. Took the good old Sawback 4LS out for the hill climb today. It's definitely not as capable as everything else I have lol. The tires were smaller and the foams too soft, so got snagged quite a bit. The Sawback also had trouble breaking over ledges. I had the battery in the original rear position today. Maybe I'll spend some time with this rig to see if it can't get any better. I'm pretty sure I need to change the foams to something stiffer in the rear, and stiffer springs in the rear as well. I'll also need to revisit moving the battery to the front. I don't expect it to be as good as the others, but I know it can do better than it did today.
  12. I used to use those servos as my budget crawler servo. I now use the DS3218 for my budget crawler servo. It's 20kg, waterproof, and comes with a metal servo horn! You can find them on ebay for around $15 or in packs of 4 for around $50.
  13. Saw this. THis one looks pretty cool!
  14. I ran the truck today.... I... Absolutely... Love... This... Truck! Drivetrain is so quiet! Performs well as I have it right now, and I know that it's not even completely dialed in yet since it was my first run! I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one.
  15. Thanks! Your video seriously has me considering that Comical Grasshopper now LOL! I'll probably wait to see what other comicals they release. I for one like the cage and body on this kit, and I'm pretty happy with it. That being said, if you don't like the body and cage so much, maybe wait for the new chassis kits coming out. They're releasing this chassis in 2 flavors as raw building kits. I'll probably pick up their "pro" chassis kit for my second GS02 chassis.
  16. I got the replacement skid and transmission housing a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to installing them. Here are the replacements. [/url] Here it is compared with the old transmission housing setup New skid also seems to be stronger material. (New on left, Old on right) Top half of the transmission housing (new on left, old on right) Here's the real reason why the new setup will work. All the gears are now meshed together at the top half the transmission housing, and kept in place by that top half. This is the old setup where these two gears were just placed in the bottom half of the transmission, and held in place by "sandwiching" the two halves of the transmission together.
  17. They're more solid I guess. Less chance for things warping out of shape should it become stressed through twisting. The stock plastic ones were 2 halves pieced together which I didn't care for.
  18. Excellent! Might convince me to pick up a second one now! So far the chassis is very capable!
  19. More stuff came in the mail. SSD Pro SCX10 II Aluminum Knuckles SSD00144 (eBay) SSD Brass Weights (Black version) SSD00140 (eBay) Ran into a snag with the hardware included with the brass weights.... 1 of the 4 screws was too long. Anyway, I used a dremel to cut it down as I did not happen to have that particular size screw in my parts boxes. I was reluctant to do this, because I was worried about a bad cutting job possibly ruining the threads of the knuckles. I guess it turned out ok though.
  20. Some parts came in the mail recently. GS02 aluminum shock brace GM30130 (ebay) (currently unused) GS02 stainless steel front under guard GM30150 (ebay) GS02 cantilever sway bar GM30143 (ebay) GMADE Aluminum 12mm Wheel Hub (4) (8mm Thick) GM30131 (ebay) Gmade - Rear Link Kit, 324mm Wheelbase GM30133, for GS02 BOM (ebay) (currently unused) Gmade - Rear Link Kit, 336mm Wheelbase GM30134, for GS02 BOM (ebay) (currently unused) Gmade Cantilever Arm Set, for GS02 BOM (Titanium Gray) GMA30139 (ebay) GMADE Komodo Roof Rack & Accessories (ebay) Stainless front guard went on first. I bought 3 generic silver ones made for the SCX10.2, but they were on the slow boat from China :roll:, so I went ahead and ordered the Black one from Junfac in Korea that came within a week. :shock: Next are the metal cantilever arms and the sway bar. I decided to go with the medium bar for now. Comparison. Metal on left, plastic on right Both installed Time for the sway bars. Soft (green), Medium (white), Hard (red) Sway bar on
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