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  1. I'm all over this one.
  2. Details of promo - How to redeem your Coupon: Coupon is only valid when you buy within the latest version of the eBay Mobile App on iOS or Android. Shop for eligible items. (See below for exclusions). Enter the Coupon code in the redemption code field: PSAVETODAY Pay for your item by 7:00 PM Pacific Time on March 12, 2019 Good coupon to pick up some kits with.
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    KhyzerSoze's GMADE GS02 BOM Build

  4. khyzersoze

    KhyzerSoze's GMADE GS02 BOM Build

    So I'm joining the party of BOM build threads. Since the other threads show more of the custom mods, etc. I'll post more detailed step by steps for the stock build for those of you that want to see that, until I fully finish and then venture off into upgrading parts and modifying. Here's what we're building. Follow this build on YouTube - Kit: GMADE GS02 BOM (available on eBay) Parts: Yeah Racing Aluminum 540 Motor Spacer Heatsink (available on eBay) Boom Racing 25T Alloy Servo Horn Team Associated #5422 30wt Oil (available on eBay) X-Rings from Traxxas 2362 Rebuild Kit GS02 Hardened universal shaft set (J30035) (ebay) GA44 Heavy duty diff locker (GM30112) (ebay) BOM exterior detail parts tree (Black) [GM60120] (ebay) BOM mirror L/R [GM30128] (ebay) BOM cage hinge (Titanium gray) [GM30137] (ebay) Crawler Innovations 1.9 XL Deuces Wild Single Stage foams (available on eBay) Pro-Line 1.9 Super Swamper TSL XL G8 Tires (available on eBay) Injora 1.9 Beadlock Wheels (available on eBay) Axial SCX10 Wheel Wells (AX31150) (ebay) GS02 aluminum shock brace GM30130 (ebay) (currently unused) GS02 stainless steel front under guard GM30150 (ebay) GS02 cantilever sway bar GM30143 (ebay) GMADE Aluminum 12mm Wheel Hub (4) (8mm Thick) GM30131 (ebay) Gmade - Rear Link Kit, 324mm Wheelbase GM30133, for GS02 BOM (ebay) (currently unused) Gmade - Rear Link Kit, 336mm Wheelbase GM30134, for GS02 BOM (ebay) (currently unused) Gmade Cantilever Arm Set, for GS02 BOM (Titanium Gray) GMA30139 (ebay) GMADE Komodo Roof Rack & Accessories (ebay) (currently unused) SSD Pro SCX10 II Aluminum Knuckles SSD00144 (available on eBay) SSD Brass Weights (Black version) SSD00140 (available on eBay) Electronics: Turnigy MG959 V2 Servo (available on eBay) Yeah Racing Hackmoto 550 35T Brushed Motor (available on eBay) FlySky R6B 2.4GHz 6-Channel Receiver (available on eBay) FlySky GT-3C 2.4 GHz Radio (available on eBay) Tools: Versachem Brake Caliper Grease Noleen SF3 Grease (available on eBay) Turnigy Metric Torque Wrench Hex Driver Set Tamiya Side Cutter DEWALT DCF610S2R 12V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/4 in. Hex Chuck Screwdriver Kit MIP Metric Speed Tip Set MIP9512 Bob Smith Industries Blue Thread Locker ProTek RC Shock Pliers (available on eBay) Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker Set - 1mm, 2mm and 4mm Tamiya PS-63 Bright Gunmetal (ebay) Duratrax Gunmetal (ebay)
  5. They sell the body shell separately, but not the cage.
  6. Very nice! I've got one on the way as well. You wouldn't happen to be SHOme on RCCrawler would you?
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    MST CFX build

    Nice work on the CFX. I love my MST crawlers as well.
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    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Both. That's what I did!
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    Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid

    Ah, you had me a little confused there LOL! Because I really want a Turbo Optima Mid as well as this one.
  10. khyzersoze

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid

    That's the Turbo Optima, not the Turbo Optima Mid.
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    My G-Made Sawback 4LS build

    Took the good old Sawback 4LS out for the hill climb today. It's definitely not as capable as everything else I have lol. The tires were smaller and the foams too soft, so got snagged quite a bit. The Sawback also had trouble breaking over ledges. I had the battery in the original rear position today. Maybe I'll spend some time with this rig to see if it can't get any better. I'm pretty sure I need to change the foams to something stiffer in the rear, and stiffer springs in the rear as well. I'll also need to revisit moving the battery to the front. I don't expect it to be as good as the others, but I know it can do better than it did today.
  12. khyzersoze

    My G-Made Sawback 4LS build

    Well it's been a while since I've spent any meaningful time in this forum. I got back into this hobby because of my Tamiya and Kyosho nostalgia with all the re-released kits. This in turn opened my eyes to the world of crawling and the other brands that mostly fill out that spectrum of the hobby. I started off with the G-Made Sawback 4LS kit as my first foray into the scale/crawler world. I've got plenty more lined up behind this truck to build in this genre too. I've got a thread on another forum that I forgot to update here... This is pretty much my first scaler/crawler type R/C. Pretty average normal build and nothing crazy like some of you more talented folks out there. Follow this build on YouTube - Kit and Parts G-made Sawback 4LS Kit Hobbywing 1060 Brushed ESC Power HD 20KG waterproof servo GoolRC 27T Brushed motor G-Made Aluminum CHub G-Made Zero Ackerman Knuckle G-Made Zero Ackerman Steering Links G-Made Rock Sliders G-Made Brass weights G-Made Long CVA Kit for Sawback 4LS and Komodo G-made 20031 Shock Spring 19X58mm Soft Green GMA0020031 1/10 Tow Shackle for Off-Road Trail Rock CrawlingJunFac 80012 Heavy Duty Rear Bumper for G-made Sawback Boom Racing Aluminum Servo Plate I always forget to take pictures while I'm building. Chassis pretty much built A look at the Zero Ackerman Setup A look at the electronics & motor have not started to clean up wiring yet. Started paint on the body Masked with masking tape only to find out later that the light kit included light masks!!! Grrrrr :x Test fit. Started applying decals. Started wiring up lights As it sits right now. My first flex shot. Am I doing this right? More to come. Sliders and brass weights are arriving today. I have some ideas of what figures I want to use for the driver. Trying to decide if I should cut out a footwell so the figure will fit. Also plan on getting scale accessories for the vehicle as well.
  13. khyzersoze

    Budget Servo Power HD LW-20MG

    I used to use those servos as my budget crawler servo. I now use the DS3218 for my budget crawler servo. It's 20kg, waterproof, and comes with a metal servo horn! You can find them on ebay for around $15 or in packs of 4 for around $50.
  14. khyzersoze

    58661 - BuggyRa Fat Fox TT01E Truck build

    Looking fantastic!
  15. khyzersoze

    Another Trike - Not Tamiya

    Saw this. THis one looks pretty cool!
  16. I got this around 1989 when I was in Jr. High. It was my first hobby grade R/C kit after my first R/C car that was a black Nikko Typhoon from Service Merchandise. I ordered it from Tower Hobbies along with the Kyosho Pulsar Pro 2000 transmitter/receiver/servo package. Drove it for a few years, then left the hobby for around 20 years. I happened to dig it out of my parents' shed so that I could see if I could salvage this and a Kyosho Tracker that I had sitting in there for my son. Straight out of storage. The MSC that you see on there is a newer replacement from the Kyosho that I got later on. The one that came with the car is an even older model with all the contact points exposed... which I still have. As you can see... the stock leMans 05 motor is still in there. Unfortunately, I painted the front wheels green, and the rear wheels I traded for a set of 3 different ones back when I was younger. The rear wing is something I added on later from something else. Anyway, took it out and started cleaning it with a disposable toothbrush. I ordered a body from ebay since my original one apparently went missing, and it had a terrible paint job anyway from what I remember. My son likes the color blue, so I decided to paint it a metallic blue. Finally got the car up and running using a Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 Brushed ESC, Airtronics 371W receiver paired with Sanwa MK-V Transmitter. The original shocks/dampers were in bad shape. 2 of them had cracks in the tubes which was fairly common for this car. I took them off and replaced them with Kyosho FD-37 FD-38 ultima oil filled dampers. I also painted the wheels I had back to white. Ordered some repro decals made by ******* Racing. Not exactly the same as the original kit, and definitely not the same quality... but for this project, it'll do. I think it looks great now! I have an old brushed twister scorpion motor that I might stick in this, and I'm considering upgrading the kyosho servo to maybe a savox servo or something stronger. I'm also looking into seeing if there is a way to improve the tie-rod/turnbuckle system that it's currently using to help it turn better.
  17. khyzersoze

    KhyzerSoze's GMADE GS02 BOM Build

  18. khyzersoze

    KhyzerSoze's GMADE GS02 BOM Build

    I ran the truck today.... I... Absolutely... Love... This... Truck! Drivetrain is so quiet! Performs well as I have it right now, and I know that it's not even completely dialed in yet since it was my first run! I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one.
  19. Always wanted a Lunch Box when I was younger, and I finally got one. For being my cheapest kit... I've seemed to have spent the most on it. Crazy thing is that I'm contemplating getting another one later on! Anyway here it is. Still deciding what decals, extra paint work I want to do to the body, but this is pretty much it. As it stands right now With lights on! FX10 Mod Uncompressed.... Compressed... Used a suspension arm piece from a WT-01N kit to mount the bottom of the shock. (I bought the longer WT-01 arms so I didn't use these) Electronics Hobbywing Justock XR10 ESC, Speed Passion v3 13.5T Brushless, Sanwa RX-371W Receiver, Savox 254mg steering servo, Generic lighting kit Chassis Stiffening Upper shock tower brace Rear deck brace Lower rear shock brace Forgot to add that it's also got a full ball bearing kit.
  20. khyzersoze

    KhyzerSoze's GMADE GS02 BOM Build

    Thanks! Your video seriously has me considering that Comical Grasshopper now LOL! I'll probably wait to see what other comicals they release. I for one like the cage and body on this kit, and I'm pretty happy with it. That being said, if you don't like the body and cage so much, maybe wait for the new chassis kits coming out. They're releasing this chassis in 2 flavors as raw building kits. I'll probably pick up their "pro" chassis kit for my second GS02 chassis.
  21. khyzersoze

    KhyzerSoze's GMADE GS02 BOM Build

    I got the replacement skid and transmission housing a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to installing them. Here are the replacements. [/url] Here it is compared with the old transmission housing setup New skid also seems to be stronger material. (New on left, Old on right) Top half of the transmission housing (new on left, old on right) Here's the real reason why the new setup will work. All the gears are now meshed together at the top half the transmission housing, and kept in place by that top half. This is the old setup where these two gears were just placed in the bottom half of the transmission, and held in place by "sandwiching" the two halves of the transmission together.
  22. khyzersoze

    KhyzerSoze's GMADE GS02 BOM Build

    They're more solid I guess. Less chance for things warping out of shape should it become stressed through twisting. The stock plastic ones were 2 halves pieced together which I didn't care for.
  23. Excellent! Might convince me to pick up a second one now! So far the chassis is very capable!
  24. So... that Axial SCX10 II kit box that has been sitting around finally got relieved from furniture duty as a makeshift stand. I can't say this is going to be an exciting build as I'm pretty much building it box stock for now... The more interesting stuff will probably come later... much later... Follow this build on YouTube - Build Details: Axial SCX10 II Kit Xtra Speed AR44 Alloy Axle Housing Boom Racing 25T Alloy Servo Horn Pro-Line 1.9" BF Goodrich Krawlers eBay "D-Hole" aluminum wheels Axial Dingo Front Bumper AX80039A Boom Racing Rear lockouts for AR44 Boom Racing C-Hubs & Knuckles for AR44 Pro-Line PL-C Interior GRC Inner Fenders for Axial SCX10 II - Amazon | eBay | Asiatees Electronics: Hobbywing WP-1080 Brushed Crawler Esc GoolRC 35T Brushed motor JX CLS5830HV 30kg Servo FlySky FS-R6B 6ch Receiver FlySky GT3C Transmitter Tools: Versachem Brake Caliper Grease Turnigy Metric Torque Wrench Hex Driver Set Tamiya Side Cutter Protek RC Shock Pliers (available on eBay) DEWALT DCF610S2R 12V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/4 in. Hex Chuck Screwdriver Kit MIP Metric Speed Tip Set MIP9512 Tamiya PS-30 Brilliant Blue Paint Duratrax Black Paint Noleen SF3 Grease (on eBay) Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station Tamiya PS-5 Black Plastidip Tamiya TS-4 German Gray