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  1. Does anyone have a set of delrin arms for sale?
  2. Does anyone have any leads?
  3. Thanks mate, she's a ripper
  4. Hi All, Does anyone know it there's someone creating, or sells, strong fox arms that aren't alloy? I once had a fox the had derlin or nylon arms on it but it's long gone. Doesn't seem to be any out there? 20220906_211524_IMG_2756.HEIC
  5. Hi guys still chasing these. Yes I was scammed last time but haven’t given up that I can find a set!!!
  6. Still looking for there tyres guys?
  7. The difference is that in that link the moderators banned him. I emailed the moderators on this page and received no response. Hence I felt the need to alert everyone. I know I made the mistake, was caught up in the excitement of finding the tires I’ve wanted for so long. Still searching by the way anyone! 🤪🤪🤪
  8. Hey legends just letting you know I’ve been scammed within the group. Not winging about it, it’s my own silly fault as he convinced me to use PayPal family friend payment. I got sucked in as he was a member of this group and replied to my WTB ad in the forum. his name is Jaxmy…avoid him. he responds with photos of what your looking for, then you pay and he ghosts you. always use PayPal goods and services, my bad. And now I don’t have my Sand Blaster 315 front tyres and out of pocket $$$. At least I didn’t pay for the TRF501x!
  9. Message me if you have one available thanks guys!!!
  10. Hey guys, chasing a set of sand blaster 315 tires by SRB Bloke, hard to find. If you have a set you’re willing to sell hit me up, thanks.
  11. Still searching guys if anyone has one. I believe the super sabre will fit also.
  12. They are a different shape being square rather than triangle
  13. Hi Legends, im searching for a D4 part, it’s the last piece to get my Hotshot 2 up and running. Does not need to be new. I’ve searched Australia without luck. Hoping this vast international group might bring me some luck!!!
  14. Keen to get these paid for and in the post GTodd. Have sent you a message. Did you get it?
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