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  1. Still searching guys if anyone has one. I believe the super sabre will fit also.
  2. They are a different shape being square rather than triangle
  3. Hi Legends, im searching for a D4 part, it’s the last piece to get my Hotshot 2 up and running. Does not need to be new. I’ve searched Australia without luck. Hoping this vast international group might bring me some luck!!!
  4. Keen to get these paid for and in the post GTodd. Have sent you a message. Did you get it?
  5. Ok perfect have messaged you.
  6. Still keen if you are GTodd?
  7. Great, very keen. Can email me at lucas.hodgens@bigpond.com if easier.
  8. Hey mate, how much would shipping be to OZ? Very keen
  9. Hey guys, I’m wanting to use DF02 rear blue alloy shocks for replacements on my Dynastorm. Would anyone have a set of rears they would consider selling? They are hard to find. I have a set on my terra scorcher.
  10. Thanks guys but it was a screen shot of my movie I took, hence the crappy resolution. Can watch here. https://youtu.be/PcqE4mf-OgE
  11. Thanks guys but new vintage is too costly for a runner buggy. Does anyone know the answer to the original question about other options so I can start the hunt?
  12. How much are you chasing Tamiyabigstuff.
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