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  1. Hi All, I have a very cool Hotshot project underway and I thought a set of white coloured Super Grippers would look awesome. So within 5 minutes I found a nice pair of new front spikes, but it’s been months of searching for some rears. They just don’t seem to exist. Are there alternatives or does anybody know where to find em?
  2. Lhodgo


    That’s fine I’ll have to do that as I have no choice, but is strange I have to ruin old posts to create new ones.
  3. Lhodgo


    Really, so it applies to the total of all of your historical images in posts? Can you go back and delete them? it seems like s very strange system, if I have to go back and delete historical posts does that not delete one of the main functions of forums? As a historical data base for information?
  4. Lhodgo


    How is everyone posting there photos? If I take a photo on my iPhone there is no way I can meet this clubs max total size 0.15MB limit (which is ridiculous IMO) or am I missing something? The amount of times Ive gone to post something but can’t is very frustrating. Is there an easy way?
  5. Lhodgo

    TRF 501X running electrics

    Thanks gents.
  6. Hi all, have picked up a nice TRF501x roller. This is all new to me as I’m a brushed vintage guy. Can I get some recommendations for battery/motor/esc for running, not competition...just mega fun. Wouldn’t mind it if I surprise the guys at the local track when they see me coming with an old tamiya...
  7. Lhodgo

    Scorcher finishing touches

    Hi guys, I know I’ll be told “hard to find” “very expensive” “good luck” but I’m hoping there’s someone out there that is wanting to help me finish off this true survivor scorcher and I just can’t face using ReRe stuff. I need a left hand tail light, door handles and mirrors. Also an exhaust pipe. Let me know whatsbout there!!!
  8. Lhodgo

    Wanted Avante 2001 driver / cockpit parts

    Let me know the name of your local Singapore store and I’ll try contact them or even better an email contact?
  9. Lhodgo

    Hilux Monster Racer Tires

    I’ll take on that advice thank you.
  10. Lhodgo

    Hilux Monster Racer Tires

    Wow awesome thanks
  11. Hi guys, my Avante 2001 driver / cockpit parts are from a Avante and not quite right. I’d like to source original from the 2001 model. Let me know if you can help! cheers Lucas.
  12. Lhodgo

    Super Astute for sale/trade

    Hi Leslie, would you consider postage to Australia? If yes email me at lucas.hodgens@bigpond.com thanks.
  13. Any tips as to which tires will fit the rear of the Monster Racer?
  14. Hey y'all, making a boomerang runner, I've gone red body, thrown on some egress wheels, looks hot...but I have no shocks. Yellow just won't work think black aluminium. Can I get some advice as to brand and lengths I'll need? It's not up super hop up, more a opportunistic buggy, one I'll throw around the paddock every now and then! cheers gang!
  15. Lhodgo

    4wd wheels on a 2wd buggy

    That's good to know!