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  1. to be fair the Front wheels on the Blitzer and DT-03T seem to fair much better than the rears - so maybe all i need is some rears!
  2. oh I know - I have been using them on both Blitzer and DT-03T- as I think I got the idea from your very useful original thread on the DT-03T - but I am curios as to what the wheels are. cheers G.
  3. cool thanks - I will have a think, now that I am putting away the 2WD buggies for winter! I notice those are schumachers on the rear of your Blitzer - what wheels are you using?
  4. Anyone have suggestions for better wheels than above - they seem to get buckled very easily and never seem to be particularly well balanced in the first place.?
  5. Hi all tittle explains it all really - can't get one anywhere - preferably UK if possible - any ideas? cheers G.
  6. i asked - didn't get - .... never mind.
  7. Hi does anyone know if there is a deal similar to above for 2020? I am thinking about doing a 600 euro order before lockdown and brexit! Cheers G.
  8. I have helped my son build the Mud Mad - which actually imo is great - as it rolls over well being almost symmetrical end to end. We have the torque tuned and it seems reasonably drivable to me. have the upgraded cross pieces, bearings and steering bars as well. Have ordered the LB mini for my other son in prep for Christmas along with 2 sets of the Yeah drive shafts - which i think i will put one set each on the rear. have also got the upgraded diffs on the way - wondered whether to put on the rear only too - expensive but maybe be required......
  9. All super glued, now rolling and wheelieing like Mad - pun intended! cheers G.
  10. Ahh figured it out it is BA10 slipping inside c16
  11. Hi built a Mudmad with my son all okay but now there is no torque to the rear wheels. I thought oh I should have bought the expensive diffs but after removing the rear it seems fine I am a little confused to say the least any suggestions?
  12. Not in answer to your question so apologies, but I too don't want turn signals etc. But with my crawlers as I am using radios with so many channels ì do use one so that I can remotely switch lights on and off with one of these: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-receiver-controlled-switch-1.html Also as mentored above I use a JST plug to connect to the body. As for power I think with 4 to six less (spotlights) your not going to notice the power usage on a 7.4 2s 4000ah lipo.
  13. Hopefully with the Vanqish rere there will be some gearboxes available.....
  14. ah okay.... thanks. Where do you have them on order from?
  15. Anyone know where I can get Egress 2013 Front Gearbox casing or A-parts? Preferably in the UK. cheers G.
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