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  1. ohhh i do like the original Range Rover body - but a bit pricy (keeping in mind the state of my Jeep Shell after the kids have played with it!) 1 10 Car Body Shell Assembly for Land Range Rover Traxxas Trx4 Axial Scx10 Truck for sale online | eBay
  2. to be fair i need to do the maths on the other parts i would like as bearings are 30 quid and i am unsure if there any other differences between the kits.
  3. ahh that is the rock socker - so no bearings and it isn't in stock - RCJaz have the Land Cruiser 40 at £219 (and a bunch of other bits I would like.....).
  4. They have a good price for a CR-01 ATM and I was wondering what it will cost in all to the UK. they claim: Do the import duty, tax or VAT included in the listed price? No. Customers are solely responsible for all import duties, import taxes and VAT. These are not included in the cost of shipping or handling of your order. Please check with your local customs agency for details on estimated costs. In addition, Customs, duty, and taxes are non-refundable, so if you refuse a shipment because of unexpected import fees, -the cost of the original shipping, -10% cancellation fee and -any return shipping charges will not be refunded. So if the order is £390.92 + £112.50 for shipping I assume I will have to pay 20% VAT and 2.5% Customs fee on top - am I correct? (£113.26 total: £616.69) or will i get stung for more?
  5. I am pretty sure the above are all the same assuming you use metal outdrives on all the vehicles. i have a Wild Dagger and a tt-02b. the wild dagger goes through the universals at a great rate (they tend to snap at the wheel end right at the ball) this is probably accentuated by the fact i have huge heavy tyres on it (see my showroom pic of the wild dagger i have been searching for a new shell too, same as sand shaker). GPM do sets of these WD1270s i think but cannot find a source for them anywhere at the moment in the UK any suggestions ? cheers G
  6. hmm could be an option thanks, trouble is there is a distinct lack of anything atm....
  7. Hi I Would like a new hard body for my CR-01 I have the lexan 75 series land cruiser and the Jeep wrangler - whose wheelbase is a little short. So a 288mm wheelbase would be good with hard body Any suggestions?
  8. All in the title really I need a 380 brushed motor capable of handling lipo 3s. There is a tamiya one 54393 but specs say 6 to 7.2v ...
  9. Hmm interesting - I took the wheels off the car and plugged in a LV alarm that displays total voltage and each cell and it did seem to cut off at the right voltage for me. - I need to convert my son's GF-01 as well.
  10. Yes great guide, I have a Couple of the CR3P units - mainly for my sons to use - each came with two RXs which claim to be water resistant - I subsequently ordered a bunch of the above FS-GR3E's which all seem to work okay with the CR3P units as well as the two Flysky FSi6 TXs i have which is handy. Regarding water resistance i assume the Absima ones have been sprayed with something - but with what - and can I spray the FS-GR3E's with something?
  11. wow time flies - just realised my build thread was almost 4 years ago... DT-03T Aqroshot Build - The Builds - Tamiyaclub.com HAHA - your's (this one) is !!!
  12. To be fair I don't think 'I' have actually broken it - more my sons. combination of sometimes 3s battery (although I always turn down the EPA 15-30% depending on who is using it. did have aluminium arms all over it which makes it heavier - cartwheels don't do it any favours - that is what probably did the stub axles repeatedly and the gearbox casing once. but parts are relatively available though (obvious current issues aside). I seem to have trouble remembering which bit's i have changed from standard - ie the GF-01 long axles etc. to cope with the wider hexes. I should perhaps try and keep the DT-02 fairly standard - and as you say the GH2 shell should fit better. - I think some of the reason the car handles / rides so well comes from the longer wheelbase - I believe flipping the front arms on the DT-02 is doable.
  13. Haha I bought a GH2 shell on your recommendation. Still sits in a box. As for the dt-03 it now does too as it has gone through 2 chassis and 1 gearbox, not to mention how many stub axles. So I have a dt-02 sandviper awaiting build To be fair though it is / was the best handling 2wd chassis in my inventory, so I wonder what the dt-02 will be like if I get around to building it!
  14. I have gone down the route of converting from a DT-02(T) to a DT-02 - i have yet to transfer the gearbox and build the DT-02 (I bought a Sand viper full kit) Reason being the DT-03 Chassis is a bit weak esp. with 2s (sometimes 3s) and my boys playing with it. I also kept snapping the outdrives too although tbf they are lengthened ones with wider hexs to widen the odd DT-03 narrow rear track which doesn't help. I have also actually split the side of the gearbox casing as well (cartwheel at full chat) -so I have gone through 1 DT-03 Chassis and DT-03/02 Gearbox casing!!!
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