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  1. I know it's is a lot higher - but given I was on grass and with only about 2 seconds full throttle I was reasonably pleased - need to find a quiet stretch of tarmac
  2. Right topforce running 10bl120 with speed passion 13.5 and 3s battery 27mph sure it will be faster with more space this was on grass in the garden ! DT03 with the same esc, motor & battery 29mph in the garden on grass, before running out of space ! Both cars ended up in the flower bed with run off ðŸĪŠ Need to try out a smoother surface to see what I really can get. I have the punch turned right down to help look after the gearbox etc. But the dt-03 will wheelie when travelling at half speed and the throttle is floored.
  3. Well have not put the new esc in the dt-03 yet. But tried the 3s battery in the top force which has tamiya 10.5t motor with 10bl120. The wheels stayed on the ground but the tyres were blown off a front and rear wheel even though they were glued.... I think I need to put rim locked tyres on and demote it to a 13.5t motor......😈ðŸĪ”😉
  4. Dt-03 and blitzer already have wheelie bars 😈😉
  5. I've ordered a couple of these to try - https://www.modelsport.co.uk/overlander-sport-track-4000mah-3s-11-1v-50c-lipo-battery-low-profile/rc-car-products/425407 Measuring up I think they will fit DT-03, Blitzer and TT-02, Top Force might be a small problem, but probably solvable. Need to turn down the punch and brakes I think otherwise gearbox destruction will ensue I think! Going to be using them through a 10BL120 with 13.5t Speed passion motors - and possibly a 10.5t Tamiya but I think that might be a stretch too far - so will probably use a 2S with 10.5t in the Egress which will probably not take the 3s battery....
  6. Reviving the thread here - what 3s batteries do people use????? I know the core RC is the go to 2s - I have had 5 of them.... just wondering whether to try a 3s in the Top Force, DT-03, Blitzer Beetle, ( and possibly xv-01) with 10BL120 ESC....
  7. this is the one I have: https://www.metabo-hpt.com/es/us/main-navigation/herramientas?category=/herramientas/cordless/3-6-volt&title=DB3DL2 3.6V Lithium Ion Screwdriver (1.5Ah) I think from recommendation from here (TC) - certainly ideal power / torque settings for RC looks like the core might well be the same as you suggest - just external moldings differ slightly...
  8. This looks very like the Hitachi one I have
  9. I am wondering if this body would work well as a basher on my Tundra. Can you advise what the centre wheel arch to centre wheel arch distance is please?
  10. I also think the steering is not great so I might go 4 wheel steering..... as I do have an extra axle mount kit â€Ķ.
  11. I found the email on a different site - infact a googled @junfac.com and came up with this: http://www.gmade.net/where-to-buy/distributor/?ckattempt=3
  12. I am pretty sure that I have not used the spacers in the places they might advise you to - because of my afore mentioned changes, the servo height over the axle because of the diff locker etc.
  13. I should point out as above as well that the battery will not fit in the normal place - I am thinking right at the back parallel to the chassis - longitudinal
  14. Hi I sent an email to sales at junfac but have had no response yet. I think I have pretty much figured it out although as I have Junfac/Gmade 93mm aero shocks the ride height is increased slightly this has the effect of angling the front shocks, the bottom of the shocks are further back so I have put some spacers at the bottom to make the shocks more vertical. This is a fairly fine adjustment as otherwise it will interfere with the on axle steering. Another problem i have is that because I have remote difflocks there is a bar / pin protruding from the diff housing (it is a lever that gets pulled to lock the diff via a cable) the on axle steering servo has to be mounted higher up which means the gear shift servo above has to be higher and as a consequence it does not seem to be shifting gear too well (the rod between the servo arm and the gearshift shaft is at an angle) I was wondering whether to put the gear shift servo behind the gearbox somehow. These problems are impacted either way by the fact that i increased the ride height further by moving the top suspension mount down to the lower holes, is obviously increases the on axle servo clearance as a plus but increases the suspension geometry angles etc as mentioned above..... I will try to remember to measure the spacers when I get home from memory the longest ones are twice the length of the medium ones and the shortest ones half the the length of the medium ones. - just re-read your post I would say the Junfac dimensions are correct - the long is probably 10mm (7.5mm in diameter) and the medium half at 5mm and the short 2.5mm and slightly less diameter than the other two.
  15. https://demonpowerproducts.co.uk/index.php?cPath=88_119 This has to be the same lot......
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