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  1. Parts have not arrived yet due to Bank holiday here I expect.
  2. I am guessing it will come out where the outdrives go in. (I am talking about the geared diffs.) I presume as the silicon oil gets warmed up with use it becomes more liquid ?
  3. gizard

    Alternative buggy bodies for frog

    Bombproof gearbox? That's got me intrigued as I have an old frog that's been rebuilt with all sorts of parts (re-re bits etc and a blue chassis) but I also have a gearbox from my old grasshopper - pretty much the only remaining part - grasshopper chassis is long gone
  4. £51.98 From Tony's Tamiya parts. I already have a NIB Avante for a very rainy day..... Between the two the Egress is the runner!
  5. The Ball diffs are fine in use - it just when I try and adjust them I seem to over tighten and snap the screw - seems very easy to do for me. It is possible that I am actually completely compressing the spring so there is no give and then snapping the screw by turning further - perhaps if I measure accurately what thread should be visible at the top once fully tightened. Either way I have ordered some parts to construct gear diffs for front and rear to try them out - the only thing I don't have is the 2x6mm counter sunk screws to hold them together - should be able to get some from my LHS.
  6. gizard

    Decent track buggy

    Sorry I have hijacked the thread a bit ! I already have an Egress and it is reasonably robust. Except I have broken a few ball diff bolts (as per another thread). Is the DB01RR actually still being produced, ie is it possible a UK retailer might be able to get one for a reasonable price?
  7. On page 5 it say: 'As this kit is for experienced users, design tolerances of parts are very tight. Files and drills will be used for fine adjustment. Make threads using M3x0.5mm Thread Forming Tap.' I have a full set of metric taps and dies so used a tap, but only part way into the holes. - although I see that on the ones I have done it would be possible to put a longer bolt all the way through and put a nut on the other side if required...
  8. Hmm yes been looking are the parts - thanks just wonder if it's viable though - the actual diff case and cover appear to be separate parts so I would need: 1. diff cases (BG1x2) 19335053 2. diff case covers (H8 & H6) 19005277 3. planetary gears (PD1x8 & PD2x4)19405431 4. diff outdrives rear (PB10 & PB11) 19804449 5. diff outdrives front. (PB8 & PB9)19804450 6. Screws (BC4 2x6mm) x8 19608100 ahh at least 2. the diff case covers are included in the Egress kit - I will check when I get home that they are still there - should be.
  9. gizard

    Decent track buggy

    Trouble with ordering a DB01RR from RCJAZ to the UK is that with shipping it's 257 then with VAT it's 309 + 6.5 duty and then probably the hold charge of 13 or what ever it is so it then becomes 330 ish….. on the plus side seems there are plenty of spares available uk wise...
  10. Hmm thinking more about it and doing more researching I guess ball diffs are an acquired taste for general bashing! I did have a ball diff in a TT02b for a while but ultimately it is running metal geared both front and rear with thick grease and is bomb proof (well the drive train is the lower arms etc are a different matter when I let the sons have a go!). I guess getting the avante gear diffs and putting them in the egress might be an option although can the avante geared diffs be sealed up to contain the fluid I need to look into this.
  11. gizard

    Decent track buggy

    I looked at DB01RR a while back and then got a Top Force instead - currently building an XV-01 I suddenly find myself wanting a DB01RR - this forum is going to make me broke....! can you but normal Tamiya hex's on the DB01 so you can fit normal wheels?
  12. any suggestions ? I have gone through about 4 of these now Part PB2 as per the manual or 9804470 is the parts number which contains 2 and the nuts and springs. diff feels loose so I tighten it - not by much and snap! This time I have put some Tamiya anti-wear grease to see if it stiffen's it up for a bit longer....
  13. gizard

    Reliable esc for dirt tuned motor

    Have you got the Core Stick controller? might seem like a silly question but if you have - have you accidentally switched the throttle hold switch on the right hand side? as if set to 0% in the settings effectively will kill all throttle input? - Plus if you play around with the settings on the Transmitter - ABS etc. If you have the Tamiya TBLE-02S then it can require that you - re-run the stick travel setup on the Tamiya ESC as per the instructions.
  14. No worries gone a bit crazy and ordered some from RCJAZ - this XV-01 build of mine is turning out rather expensive....