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    FPV Kit

    Hmm thanks all think I need to do some more investigation - I have looked at Runcams before
  2. I am trying to find a basic - all in one kit for strapping to a car or boat - mainly for my son to play with - all the websites I find seem to require you to buy and combine lots of bits. It would be nice to be able to have a plug and play system that can out put to a Smart phone - or maybe a VR headset also happy to consider a screen specifically for the purpose - does such a system exist?
  3. Well I decided to do an order from PJ - never used them before and order a few other bits and bobs so lets see what happens with delivery to the UK. Thanks G.
  4. Resurrecting this old thread as I have pretty much completed my 2nd XV-01 Long damper car and would like to put stabilizer's on the same as my original one and as could be predicted I cannot get the above original set or the TA-06 one but what about the the one for the XV-02RS Stabilizer Set F/R - 522074 ? I guess I should be asking - has anyone got this XV-02RS one and can they measure it for size and angles as i did with the XV-01 set above to see if they are the same?
  5. I should not have asked! I have too many kits unbuilt!!!! not to mention the two new arrivals!
  6. Looks like I was the lucky one on this then! Unless I am going to receive a bill after receiving the parcel ...?
  7. Mine has arrived in the UK - not yet been notified of customs charge...... now at the local depot as well.... Now out for delivery.. Wow arrived!
  8. So any sign of your's yet mine started on Monday and is now in Belgium at the international processing centre (all my previous pre-brexit orders from Tamico i used DHL and they were obviously quicker! - what concerns me is being able to judge when it will hit my doorstep so that I know to be around
  9. 1xEgress BS + 1xAvante BS ordered + Hotshot Shot tyres and a Super Stock BZ motor - now better go to bed and think how I am going to hide them from the wife and sons.....
  10. Hmm very tempted to buy Black Avante and Black Egress from Tamico - saving circa £200 from UK price - am I nuts????? clocks ticking we don't get a discount with Tamico - them being a sponsor do we? @TwinFan are you calculations up top worst case? - though delivery is €22 for two models...
  11. I am sorely tempted too - still have my 2012 Std Avante in a Box waiting to be built
  12. did think about 3d printing but it's not cheap atm...
  13. hmm i am thinking 3x M6 nuts with some copper tube inside super glued and together with a slot cut in the last one to go around the pin on the shaft... .. it's not as if the SW-01 even with the torque tuned motor is that torquey!
  14. So my sons have an SW-01 each and I ordered the wider rear hopup tyres(54830) and wheels(54831) from the T3-01 to give the SW-01s a slightly wider track Both of the SW-01s have Yeah Racing Aluminium CVD upgraded shafts with 12mm X 12mm hexes. What I didn't realise is that the T3-01 54831 wheels are 10mm hex size........ anyone know where i might get a 10mm hex that would work (preferably 12mm thick with usual 4mm compatible hole)?
  15. Blackfoot extreme Infact is it any of the WT-01 Blackfoots
  16. I guess the Ranger was the same as the Brat so YES. tbf Maybe I was a little vague on the original question which gave too many possibles
  17. Correct - Although I did have another in mind too which is a lot older and originally had no diff.....
  18. Okay this might be easy for some - I am 2WD and have a rear end that is narrower than the front....
  19. Bruiser ? actually that says 1/10th on the box too
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