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  1. All super glued, now rolling and wheelieing like Mad - pun intended! cheers G.
  2. Ahh figured it out it is BA10 slipping inside c16
  3. Hi built a Mudmad with my son all okay but now there is no torque to the rear wheels. I thought oh I should have bought the expensive diffs but after removing the rear it seems fine I am a little confused to say the least any suggestions?
  4. Not in answer to your question so apologies, but I too don't want turn signals etc. But with my crawlers as I am using radios with so many channels ÃŽ do use one so that I can remotely switch lights on and off with one of these: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-receiver-controlled-switch-1.html Also as mentored above I use a JST plug to connect to the body. As for power I think with 4 to six less (spotlights) your not going to notice the power usage on a 7.4 2s 4000ah lipo.
  5. Hopefully with the Vanqish rere there will be some gearboxes available.....
  6. ah okay.... thanks. Where do you have them on order from?
  7. Anyone know where I can get Egress 2013 Front Gearbox casing or A-parts? Preferably in the UK. cheers G.
  8. I have bought from these guys before - and have two sets from them with centre return springs: https://www.rctankelectronics.com/store/c10/Radios_%26_Parts.html and you need to buy one of these to stick on the transmitter: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/carson-gear-shift-gate-reflex-6k-mfc-01-va/rc-car-products/372511
  9. Haha funny this topic should come up. I need some new rear wheels for my DT-03T - I have actually buckled one of the rears and bent the stub axle and dog bone!!! - something to do with 3s lipo and 13.5BL motor..... I currently have Vee2s on the front and Vee4s on the rear which seem to have worked okay but don't appear to be very well balanced (might be the wheels too). does anyone know: https://www.racing-cars.com/mini-pin-yellow-truck-tyre-pr-u6816?returnurl=%2fsearch%3fq%3du6816 What the diameter of these are (are they the same as the 2.2 V4s? also where can you get the yellow Blitzer / wheels from or the orange for that matter? seem to be all out of stock UK wise that I can see. cheers G.
  10. Well look at that they arrived - UK leg of delivery was by Hermes and they delivered it to someone down the road !!!! but I got it today. Looks like they will fit to me will try when I get a chance:
  11. I hope so - they have not arrived yet so can't verify. I will advise if and when they arrive. cheers G.
  12. I bought an extra set of these for the rear and have just had to swap the rears to the front and put the original dog bones on the rear - because they have excessive wear to the point one of them is binding dreadfully - so I have ordered some 3-racing ones which look a lot better than the Tamiya items - whether they will get here remains to be seen! https://www.3racing-parts.com/tamiya-dt02-universal-shaft-heavy-duty-3racing-dt0203hd-p-1051005.html
  13. I quite fancy one of these - can't seem to find anyone via the search that has one on here - am I mad? - will need alloy dampers (54670) and also alloy steering horn (54588) upgrade me thinks (I put these on my son's GF-01 Landcruiser)
  14. Hi all looking get the specs on these batteries: https://www.absima.shop/pp/absima-rc-modellauto-high-speed-monster-truck-spirit-4WD-rtr.htm?shop=absima_en&SessionId=&a=article&ProdNr=16002&t=17960&c=21101&p=21101 Recommended a mate buy one for his son which he did and so far it has been great. There is very little info on the battery specs it comes with a usb charger. I am planning on giving them an old Overlander RC6 balance charger of mine, however I assume it will not be advisable to charge above 1c so .5A in the case of the standard battery so probably not much of an upgrade compared to the usb method. Any suggestions on charging and also third party options for additional batteries it is 2s 500mA?
  15. Maybe miss understanding you here but what about these - I have them and they fit okay: https://www.racing-cars.com/core-rc-4000mahr-7-4v-30-60c-2s-lipo-cr293 currently using a TBLE-02s ESC and using a Deans to Tamiya adaptor which fits (ultimately I should just get rid of the Tamiya bit on the esc and put on a male deans but I don't like messing the esc (silly really!))
  16. I know it's is a lot higher - but given I was on grass and with only about 2 seconds full throttle I was reasonably pleased - need to find a quiet stretch of tarmac
  17. Right topforce running 10bl120 with speed passion 13.5 and 3s battery 27mph sure it will be faster with more space this was on grass in the garden ! DT03 with the same esc, motor & battery 29mph in the garden on grass, before running out of space ! Both cars ended up in the flower bed with run off ðŸĪŠ Need to try out a smoother surface to see what I really can get. I have the punch turned right down to help look after the gearbox etc. But the dt-03 will wheelie when travelling at half speed and the throttle is floored.
  18. Well have not put the new esc in the dt-03 yet. But tried the 3s battery in the top force which has tamiya 10.5t motor with 10bl120. The wheels stayed on the ground but the tyres were blown off a front and rear wheel even though they were glued.... I think I need to put rim locked tyres on and demote it to a 13.5t motor......😈ðŸĪ”😉
  19. Dt-03 and blitzer already have wheelie bars 😈😉
  20. I've ordered a couple of these to try - https://www.modelsport.co.uk/overlander-sport-track-4000mah-3s-11-1v-50c-lipo-battery-low-profile/rc-car-products/425407 Measuring up I think they will fit DT-03, Blitzer and TT-02, Top Force might be a small problem, but probably solvable. Need to turn down the punch and brakes I think otherwise gearbox destruction will ensue I think! Going to be using them through a 10BL120 with 13.5t Speed passion motors - and possibly a 10.5t Tamiya but I think that might be a stretch too far - so will probably use a 2S with 10.5t in the Egress which will probably not take the 3s battery....
  21. Reviving the thread here - what 3s batteries do people use????? I know the core RC is the go to 2s - I have had 5 of them.... just wondering whether to try a 3s in the Top Force, DT-03, Blitzer Beetle, ( and possibly xv-01) with 10BL120 ESC....
  22. this is the one I have: https://www.metabo-hpt.com/es/us/main-navigation/herramientas?category=/herramientas/cordless/3-6-volt&title=DB3DL2 3.6V Lithium Ion Screwdriver (1.5Ah) I think from recommendation from here (TC) - certainly ideal power / torque settings for RC looks like the core might well be the same as you suggest - just external moldings differ slightly...
  23. This looks very like the Hitachi one I have
  24. I am wondering if this body would work well as a basher on my Tundra. Can you advise what the centre wheel arch to centre wheel arch distance is please?
  25. I also think the steering is not great so I might go 4 wheel steering..... as I do have an extra axle mount kit â€Ķ.
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