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  1. Hey y'all, here is some Tomahawl pr0n I'm having to sell my practically new, super hopped-up Tomahawk 2015. If anyone is interested please PM me (I'm in the UK, but happy to ship most places). Loads of details on the eBay listing and happy to split this a bit e.g. if you want it without the electrics: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132390900975 Edit 26th February 2018: This has now been sold.
  2. Edit: Can a moderator please delete this post, as the kit has been sold. Thanks Calling UK vintage Tamiya fans... I have a BNIB Tamiya Egress 2013 (#58583) for sale as just not getting the time for my vintage indulgences these days :-( £420 for collection from GU16 area / or I'm happy to deliver within a 15 mile radius. Or £440 delivered. Direct Paypal payment please (I will PM you the paypal.me URL). More images in my For Sale album on the Modelsport forum...
  3. Because they are v.rare. I purchased them a couple of years back for almost the same money - Were going to be for an Avante runner that never happened.
  4. Hi folks, I have a BNIP Tamiya Egress 2013 Front & Rear High Capacity Damper Set + Stays & Ball Shafts for sale. Detail are on eBay listing (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132190206177), but can do them for £130 + P&P if sold direct here (using PayPal). PM me if you are insterested. I have some other Tamiya/Kyosho stuff listed on eBay and happy to do any direct here for 10% off eBay price (using PayPal). Cheers, James.
  5. @Vanspeed: Not sure if this is any good for you?... Not a 240S, but I have a brand new in box 240ST (bushes(can be upgraded)/22T/24,000 rpm compared to the 240S which is ballraced/19T/25,000 rpm) for sale (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132191588554) - Happy to sell (using PayPal) direct for 10% less than the price on eBay. PM me if you are interested.
  6. Not sure about that part, but this "Xtra Speed XS-OM27003 Carbon Upgrade Set For Kyosho Optima 2016" may be of interest (unless you have lots of carbon parts already)?: http://www.rcmart.com/carbon-kyosho-optima-2016-p-68011.html?cPath=1102_1106 2016
  7. @Redseven77: Running on 2S LiPo, I put a HobbyWing 10.5T 3300KV brushless sensored motor in mine (with a 60A HobbyWIng QuicRun ESC) and it goes like stink and yet is very easy to control as it is sensored (and you can set a mild throttle curve). Motor hardly gets hot, even after high speed runnin on short grass
  8. Wow, that Turbo Optima bodyshell looks amazing! I really hope Kyosho re-re the Turbo Optima, as I'd love to have one again - it was the first RC I raced with when I was a boy
  9. @lin6499: Hey Lin, is this you? Someone hs been busy tinkering with their Optima!
  10. I'd much rather skip on to discussing potential of a re-re Turbo Optima! But I guess it all depends on what car you caught your Kyosho, Tamiya etc, infection from when you were young
  11. @John/Buggy entry stats for Revival 2016 this weekend: Gutted I cannot make this now. Roll on 2017! Hope the weather is kind for the weekend, everyone has a great time and those vintage plastic Tamiya suspension arms hold up!
  12. @Lin64499's post: You can read that 'new parts' page in English at https://www.kyosho.com/eng/products/rc/newparts.html (all "Available in Jul 2016", previously Kyosho were saying June, hmmmm ). Not sure about other countries, but the Option parts for the Optima look crazy expensive to me. I normally go all out on hop-ups to make a strong/well performing runner. But at the prices I see Modelsport UK, Wheelspin Models etc. listing these parts I think I'll pass, which means my Optima may stay on the shelf
  13. Now I wish I had known about those a few months back before I spent $$$ on some BNIP vintage Option House shocks
  14. IMHO you are better off getting modern sized wheels and tires for day-to-day running (4WD 2.2" wheels/tires using the 12mm hex output on the Optima's drive shafts). I use Schumacher wheels/tires for 'racing spec' and then the really cheap, but good sets from Abisma for bashing/street running: http://www.absima.com/en/products/wheel-sets-accessories/110.html (scroll down that page and you'll get to some white rims! Available from all good model shops, eBay etc.). Hth
  15. Just picked up a set of these for my re-re Optima and was so impressed by how well made and light they are I thought I'd share: T-Work’s TB-106H Hybrid Titanium Turnbuckle Set For Kyosho Optima ("...CNC machined and thread rolled in house from US 6AL/4V grade titanium.") Got them from: http://www.ebay.com/itm/222112369966 Manufacturer: https://www.rc-tworks.com/products/tb-095h-hybrid-titanium-turnbuckle-set-for-kyosho-tf7 they also do these: https://www.rc-tworks.com/products/tb-106-64-titanium-turnbuckle-set-for-kyosho-optima
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