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  1. Added a build video of my Tamiya TA02SW Porsche 911 GT2 on the first page of this topic.
  2. Just posted a video of my first build, the Tamiya Wild Willy Bikini Top Desert on my new youtube channel. Gonna do a drive video soon and loads more RC movies. Enjoy!
  3. I like it! Hope they do a Super Champ version in the figure.
  4. And latest addition are a set of Boom Racing Boomerang Type I Aluminum Internal Shocks Set 110MM. It was a fun build and nice to add some Wild Willy parts and drivers to it. Another build done. Hope you like it even if it is not a full Tamiya.
  5. First testrun. It performed fantastic. Did break one of the shocks, so new ones are ordered. With my TRX-4 Defender.
  6. Also made the hood functional, added a RC4WD winch and it was ready for it's first testrun.
  7. Body time. Let's start with a fresh and new Axial Wraith Jeep Wrangler Poison body. That's a nice looking body. That I painted black..... Why paint a brand new body. Wel there is method in this madness. I had other plans for the looks of this body. And i needed a black undercoat for the FreqesKinz Axial Wraith Jeep Body Painted True Fire wrap. Making of some custom tail lights. Knight Customs goodies in the front, a grille and Halo lights. Lots of wiring to do. Some decals on Willy's door. And on the passenger site. More decals are added. And adding a Dinky RC roof and lightbar.
  8. Time for paint. Voltmeter and a 3D printed part added to the dashboard. And a woman needs her bag with her offcourse. So a leftover from the Kelly Osbourne action figure came in handy. Some styrene, a spring from a pen, a small print and some painting and well, Wild Wanda can now tell Willy where to drive to.
  9. Added some padding and a 3D printed fire extinguisher. AXSPEED Zilver Beadlock wheels 2.2 inch for 1/10 RC Rock Crawler, Rock Crawler Wheel Weights and ProLine Hyrax 2.2 G8 tires. More work on the interior. Another Wild Willy part used ;). Getting there. And yes, that's a Wild Willy steering wheel. And what is a build without a Wild Willy NOS bottle. Now we need some drivers. Let's start with 2 Wild Willys. 1 is going on a diet and is changing gender. With a heatgun I make them fit a bit better in the seats, but also give them a narrower waist. And I relocate the legs of one of them. Some more changes. Prepairing the heads. Test fitting. More heatgun adjustments to the arms and legs. Testing the animated head.