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  1. That is why I want them. Preparing for that now.
  2. I ordered a couple from Rob. Am printing now a lot more. Redcat, Element RC, Proline, RC4WD, Axial and Team Associated.
  3. Oh man, that's Rob. The Wild Willy genius builder. That's just wat I am looking for. I bought from him before. Great tip! Just looked up on his Facebook page and send him a message. As he only has shipping to the UK activated on Ebay and I am located in the Netherlands.
  4. Quick question. Does anybody know if there are any Tamiya miniture / scale boxes out there. Something simulair as Element RC, Redcat, Team Associated and Axial offer. They all offer PDfs to print out yourself and make some scale 1/10 boxes. Would love to ad some Tamiya ones to the collection for my future to build scale garage. For instance Axial: http://www.axialracing.com/blog_posts/1073913306 Example PDF: http://www.axialracing.com/assets/papercraft_ax90047.pdf
  5. Professional print quality from places like Shapeways are pretty good. I do a lot of 3D printing on my 2 FDM printers. Quality is in many things and many factors. My first prints were ok, my recent prints get smoother and smoother. But it takes time to dial everything in, but it is possible to get really good and smooth finish. I cannot comment on your specific prints, but I can say this. Look at it like sculpting a piece of wood. Or machining a piece of steel. You can do this fast or slow, rough or fine. How much detail are you willing to put in over the time it takes to make? Kinda the same with 3D printing. One of the biggest chances I saw in improving print quality is slowing down the print speed. But things like quality of the filament, layer thickness, layer height all have their place. In the end, the difference if you wanna paint it, is the amount of work involved to get a smooth surface. What I noticed is that the more detail in the print against the more time to print. The less time the paint prepping takes.
  6. Yes, that is also true. Aswell as sometimes something is out of stock on their webshop, but still in stock at their Ebay store. They seem to keep stock seperate for both. What I more and more seem to do is get a item in my shopping basket on their webshop, then go trough the buying proces untill shipping costs are shown. That way you know the total costs for something. They also show how much weight there is left withing that shipping cost range. I usually buy smaller parts from them. But it all depends what my budget is at that moment and how stock is in other shops. Tamico is also always on my list as wel as some local shops and some in the UK. It is just that with kits and RTRs the costs often add up these days. Last week I was in the market for a 3Racing Ex Real crawler kit. RCmart price was 138 euro, but with shipping costs it went to 199 euro. Risk of customs, possible adding close to 30% extra costs. I ended up buying it from Hobbyking for 170 euro, free shipping from their EU warehouse, located in the Netherlands. On the other hand. I recently bought a full metric MIP Tools set, 80% was ordered from RCmart. In multible orders to save shipping costs. A lot of MIP items had free shipping and reduced pricing, not all. So it was just a mather of beeing clever when ordering. Most importantly, they had almost everything in stock and overall I saved around 150 euro because of their cheaper pricing. The rest i bought from Ebay stores and ModelSport. My point. They are great, just make sure they are cheaper or like me buy there because they have it on stock.
  7. I am not from the UK, but from the other side of the pond we call North Sea. From the Netherlands. Even so, I think I can give you an answer. I have been ordering from their previous Dinball webshop and Ebay store since 2003 for many times as well from their RCmart webshop and Ebay store. I think close to 100 orders. Never had a problem with them. There is over times something that has changed. On the positive site, delivery times seem to go down and down. Meaning it was pretty normal to have to wait for a order 2-6 weeks. I now usually have to wait 3-14 days. Often that is faster as when I order it localy. What is a bit less is that even prices are usualy very low. Shipping costs over the years have gone up. It is something that is not RCmart specific, it kinda is for all China/Hongkong based shops. And certain brands are not allowed to be shipped to certain countries, meaning you sometimes cannot buy that. I haven't had that problem with Tamiya yet, but they are for instance not alloud to ship Traxxas RTR and kits to the Netherlands and some other countries. Shipping costs used to be free way back in 2003-2006, but have gone up as said since then. Meaning more and more a RTR or kit is just about the same price if you add up all the costs as when you buy it localy. I do not know how it is for the UK, but for some other countries like the Netherlands chances you also have to pay customs have increased over the years. So you have to count that in when buying more expensive stuff. Then why buy at RCmart? Well, for these reasons: - Fast delivery - They have stuff you can not get anywhere else - They show how much is in stock (which is so often not showed in webshops) - very good service - very cheap prices Tip! They still often have free shipping on certain items. Order those seperate from your other orders. So make a multi order. Otherwise you loose the free shipping and it even ads up to the shipping costst as weight goes up. Plus multiple orders mean less wait, less shipping costs and less change of beeing hit by customs costs.
  8. My name is Frank, but it is often used on forums. One of my first names is Francesco, but that name is often already used on forums. So I shorten that to Cesco and that's what I usualy use as forum name. I now also use it as my Youtube channel name.
  9. This Tamiya Wild Willy 2 is my ode tot he Tamiya Super Champ and Tamiya Blazing Blazer! My first RC and Tamiya RC ever was my beloved Super Champ. I had so much fun with that as a kid and had so much fun driving it together with my brother and his Wild Willy M38. So, after building the 2014 Tamiya Fighting Buggy, which is the rerelease of original 1983 the Tamiya Super Champ. I came up with a idea as a ode to the Super Champ, Willy style! It is also a bit of a ode to the Blazing Blazer, which I never had, but I really like the looks of it.
  10. Tamiya Wild Willy with Bikini Top part 2 of 3 REVIEW. You are watching the second video out of a series of 3. In this video I review the build, talk about several details and tell how I did that Bikini Top roof.
  11. TAMIYA WILD WILLY with BIKINI TOP part 1 of 3 THE BUILD. This was the build that got me back into RC. Enjoy my bikini top desert style Tamiya Wild Willy! This is the first video out of a series of 3.
  12. Tamiya has some great RC cars and the WR02 serie cars are all about fun and wheelies. This is a double build, one new one and one conversion from a Tamiya WR02 Wild Willy into a Tamiya WR02C Honda City Turbo.
  13. The shown GT Power led set is also available on AliExpress, you can find them there as cheap as 3 dollars. They are not always called GT Power over there, but look for RC led or RC light set or something like that and the photo's will tell you. Only downside of AliExpress is that it usally takes a while to get delivered. I often get the rebranded Hobbyking one, from wel eh... Hobbyking. It is the same one. Just look for "Hobbyking Schaal Auto LED Light System Advanced" on there website. It is the same one as the the GT Power one. Tip. They are very easy to waterproof. Just pop open the case and I personally use conformal coating. This is what I use: https://amzn.to/30ba94W Very easy to apply, drys fast. 2 or 3 layers on the circuit board and pop it back in the case. Done. No worries if you are driving trough water , damp or mud. One 55ml bottle will last you a lot of builds. I use it for all electronics. As for a electronic light switch so you can switch the lights on or off from your transmitter. The most reliable one I use for years now is the one from DR Mad, the Dr. Mad Thrust. Simple, easy. I waterproof is also with the conformal coating. Hobbyking also sold them, but the seem to be out of them. But you can find them all over AliExpress. https://bit.ly/2kXJfdd
  14. First available aftermarket CC-02 product, set of bearings by RCbearings.co.uk: Tamiya 58675 RC Mercedes Benz G-500 G500 CC-02 CC02 FULL Bearing Kit - RCbearings https://www.rcbearings.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1885&search=cc02
  15. It looks more like a 4x4x offroad scale to me, something that can go offroad, but is not intended for rockclimbing. More for trials. I probably will get one just for the fact that it is a Tamiya, but I also have a MST CFX and is definatly something between the CC-01 and the MST CMX/CFX. Bit on the fence if I like it or not. G500 body is one of the better looking G500 bodies, but not a real fan of the G500. Hope it will come with other body choices soon.
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