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  1. Tamiya has some great RC cars and the WR02 serie cars are all about fun and wheelies. This is a double build, one new one and one conversion from a Tamiya WR02 Wild Willy into a Tamiya WR02C Honda City Turbo.
  2. The shown GT Power led set is also available on AliExpress, you can find them there as cheap as 3 dollars. They are not always called GT Power over there, but look for RC led or RC light set or something like that and the photo's will tell you. Only downside of AliExpress is that it usally takes a while to get delivered. I often get the rebranded Hobbyking one, from wel eh... Hobbyking. It is the same one. Just look for "Hobbyking Schaal Auto LED Light System Advanced" on there website. It is the same one as the the GT Power one. Tip. They are very easy to waterproof. Just pop open the case and I personally use conformal coating. This is what I use: https://amzn.to/30ba94W Very easy to apply, drys fast. 2 or 3 layers on the circuit board and pop it back in the case. Done. No worries if you are driving trough water , damp or mud. One 55ml bottle will last you a lot of builds. I use it for all electronics. As for a electronic light switch so you can switch the lights on or off from your transmitter. The most reliable one I use for years now is the one from DR Mad, the Dr. Mad Thrust. Simple, easy. I waterproof is also with the conformal coating. Hobbyking also sold them, but the seem to be out of them. But you can find them all over AliExpress. https://bit.ly/2kXJfdd
  3. First available aftermarket CC-02 product, set of bearings by RCbearings.co.uk: Tamiya 58675 RC Mercedes Benz G-500 G500 CC-02 CC02 FULL Bearing Kit - RCbearings https://www.rcbearings.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1885&search=cc02
  4. It looks more like a 4x4x offroad scale to me, something that can go offroad, but is not intended for rockclimbing. More for trials. I probably will get one just for the fact that it is a Tamiya, but I also have a MST CFX and is definatly something between the CC-01 and the MST CMX/CFX. Bit on the fence if I like it or not. G500 body is one of the better looking G500 bodies, but not a real fan of the G500. Hope it will come with other body choices soon.
  5. I started a RC Tool series on my Youtube channel and offcourse I had to to a episode on Tamiya Tools. RC Tools - Tamiya Tools set (8pcs) - Episode 2 If you're starting out in RC or like me have too many tools acquired over time and dont want to lug them all to the track or trail, this Tamiya set is a great way to start.
  6. TAMIYA FIGHTING BUGGY 2014 LIMITED EDITION BUILD KIT (ReRelease Tamiya Super Champ 1982 / 1983) #84389. Build of the Tamiya Fighting 2014 Buggy which is based on the Super Champ from 1982. The Tamiya Super Champ was my first ever RC car. In 2014 Tamiya introduced the Fighting Buggy, a rerelease of the legendary Tamiya Super Champ celebrating 30 plus years after it originally made its debut in hobby stores. As I have such good memories of my Super Champ riding along with my brothers Tamiya Wild Willy M38, I ordered the 2014 Fighting Buggy as soon as it was available. Taking me back over 30 years when I was just a 14 year old teenager enjoying my Super Champ every day. The Fighting Buggy was originally exported as the Super Champ in 1982 across the globe and back than only sold in Japan under the name Fighting Buggy. In the rest of the world it was known as Super Champ.
  7. Wild Willy in his crawler with Wild Wanda in Austria. RC 4x4 Truck - Rocky Mountain Crawling Adventure! Axial Wraith Traxxas TRX-4 | RC Off Road. I did some awesome rc crawling in the mountains. On my summer holiday / vacation I went to Austria and did some awesome RC trails and RC crawler in the mountains. Took my Axial Wraith Wild Willy , Traxxas TRX-4 Land Rover Defender 110 and Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco with me.
  8. Wild Willy in his crawler with Wild Wanda as passenger. RC CRAWLER SCALE TRAIL Leemcule Netherlands. Forrest and sand excavation trail run 2018. Scale, trail and crawling RC is getting bigger in the Netherlands and Belgium. We do not have the luxery of a lot of rocks, but there enough places to enjoy our RC hobby. This was a meeting organised by RC Crawler Scaler Groep, https://www.rccrawlerscalergroep.nl . 55 members attended even do it was early in the year (18-03-2018) and really cold.
  9. Tamiya Wild Willy with Bikini Top part 3 of 3 DRIVE AT THE BEACH. This was the build that got me back into RC. Enjoy my bikini top desert style Tamiya Wild Willy! This is the thirth video out of a series of 3.
  10. 4x Tamiya TT01E TT-01E RAFFLE MEGA BUILD Porsche 911 GT3 BMW M3 GT2. This was a megabuild of 4 Tamiya TT01E cars with company livery, to be given away in a raffle at a trade show. Here is the build video. I had only 2 weeks time to order them and to build them. Luckily RC dealer Tamico.de was able to deliver everything needed in only a couple of days. So I ordered 4 cars, 2 TT01E with the Tamiya Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP 07 body and 2 TT-01E with the Tamiya BMW M3 GT2. Also ordered all the electronics for it, so that it was RTR. Then it was a mather of setting up a small production line to build them simultaneously. A friend of mine build 2 TT01Es and I build the other 2. And I painted all the bodies and applied company decals on them and uild the electronics in the cars. We supplied the cars with the original box and all the original decals. The build was done in time and the raffle was a big hit. A lot of visitors came by to win one of these Tamiya cars. Pitty I could not enjoy the cars for too long, but seeing them all together was a pretty site. So enjoy the video and this special project.
  11. INTERMODELLBAU 2017 Impression RC CARS, TRUCKS and DRONES. Worldwide Largest Exhibition for Model Making and Model Sports, I visited the Intermodellbau for a impression of all the RC cars, trucks and drones and way more that this trade show has to offer.
  12. Tamiya Wild Willy with Bikini Top part 2 of 3 REVIEW. You are watching the second video out of a series of 3. In this video I review the build, talk about several details and tell how I did that Bikini Top roof.
  13. Tamiya Porsche 911 GT2 Martini TA02SW. This is a rebuild of a Tamiya TA02SW Taisan Porsche GT2. Bought it secondhand and rebuild it with a new body in a Martini theme. Mainly a shelf queen as I am more into offroad RC cars. Hope you like the end result in this video. Enjoy!
  14. I have a Youtube channel devoted to mainly RC Offroad Cars and offcourse also Tamiya. I will post my Tamiya related videos here for you to enjoy. Link to my channel in my signature. If you like them, support me by going to my Youtube channel, subscribe, click on the bell button, like and comment. For now enjoy! TAMIYA WILD WILLY with BIKINI TOP part 1 of 3 THE BUILD. This was the build that got me back into RC. Enjoy my bikini top desert style Tamiya Wild Willy! This is the first video out of a series of 3.
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