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  1. I know this is a older post, but I really would like Tamiya to add a Comical Super Champ to their assortment.
  2. So it has been quite a while since I posted any updates here. Last couple of years I have been more into the RC crawling scene. But recently started to repair and build Tamiyas again. As we get into the winter it is time to do some maintance, do some repairs, finish builds, add upgrades and hop-ups and start new builds. So currently going over all of my Tamiyas. First all the WR02s. And I started with my very first build. It is in need of some repairs, some parts are broken from the last drive. And I have some upgrades for it. Remember this one from the first page of this topic? I took it apart. The gear box is getting a new spur gear. A Samix WR-3009 Pom spur gear with a 22T Team Corally pinion. This will make it a bit faster. The Tamiya ECU is replaced with a Hobbywing 1060 so I can use 2S LiPo batteries. Also switches from the Tamiya connector to XT60 connectors. On close inspection a lot of the plastic parts are broken or cracked. Already replaced all of the front suspension parts. I replaced the standard friction shock dampers by a set of CVA mini shocks. This was my only WR02 that still had the fiction dampers. This will give it a smoother drive. When I was replacing the shocks I noticed all the shock mount holes were cracked. So just ordered all the parts at Tamico to replace these broken parts. With that fixes I can move on to the next one for maintance and upgrades.
  3. Added the Berlinski Boost Lipo and the Ovonic Lipo to above list. If you need extra battery length on Tamiyas like the WR02 serie you can extend the battery tray. To be precise with 4mm by using the newer part that is standard in for instance a WR02C. Or order Tamiya 10005747 E-Teile WR-02 / WR-02G, https://tamico.de/Tamiya-10005747-E-Teile-WR-02-WR-02G. That will give you up to 140mm (136+4mm) battery length room by using the extra/second hole. To be fair, it all depends on which Tamiyas you have if this is a option. Especially on a WR02 and if you have several of them it can get more expensive to get the 10005747 E-Teile sprue for every one. Rather than just getting a shorter Lipo option that will fit withing 136mm length. Price differences are not that big between the Lipo's. Also, if you have a WR02 Honda City Turbo, you have no room because of where the body sits to use that extended second hole. You are limited to the maximum 136mm long batteries! I have three Wild Willy 2, two Honda City Turbos, a Fighting Buggy and started to build the WR02CB Comical Grasshopper. So for me to make it easier, I will go for one of the maximum 136mm length and 24mm thick ones. Looking at specs, price and availibility in EU the Ruddog and Pichler Lipos are my best options.
  4. Reviving the thread here as I was looking in getting new Lipo's that will fit a WR02 battery tray. Loads of good options in this topic, but sadly most options are out dated or discountinued. I have the Yuki Brainergy ones (previous white hard case version), but they started to puff a tiny bit. Still usuable, but enough to make them too tick to still fit in the WR02. They still work well in my crawlers, but no longer fit in a WR02. So did a bit of research what old and new options are (still) available. I will take the WR02 as reference, if it fits in there, it will fit most Tamiyas. I did not test any outside the old Yuki Brainergy, so it is just the data I found. Ok, here we go. 1. Core RC 4000mAHr 7.4v 30/60C 2s LiPo Part number: CR293 Dimensions:- 23.3 x 46 x 136mm Weight: 220g Connector: T connector / Deans Energy (Watt Hours) = 29.6Wh https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/core-rc-4000mahr-7.4v-30-60c-2s-lipo-388538 Cost around £26.99. For those in Europe, they are hard too find outside the UK. And if you find them thwy are around double the price in €. 2. Yuki Model LiPo 2s/7.4V 4,000mAh 40C T-Plug Racing Pack Item number: YM-801004-20 Dimensions: 134 x 46 x 23.5 mm Weight: 237 g Connector: T connector / Deans Energy (Watt Hours) = 29.6Wh https://tamico.de/Yuki-Model-LiPo-2s-74V-4000mAh-40C-T-Plug-Racing-Pack Cost around € 29,48. Note: seems to be a updated version now, new decal, casing is now black (before white). Old version was Part number 801004 and was 4000mAh - 45C - 2S. New version is Part number 801004-20, 4000mAh - 40C - 2S. 3. RUDDOG 4000mAh 50C 7.4V LiPo Round Stick Pack Battery Part number: RP-0407 (with XT60 Plug) RP-0406 (with T-style / Deans Plug) Dimensions: 23.25 x 45.9 x 133.5mm Weight: 220g Connector: T connector / Deans or XT60 depending on part number Energy (Watt Hours) = 29.6Wh XT60: https://www.ruddog.eu/RUDDOG-4000mAh-50C-74V-LiPo-Round-Stick-Pack-Battery-with-XT60-Plug_1 https://www.mkracing.eu/ruddog-4000mah-50c-7-4v-lipo-round-stick-akku-mit-xt60-stecker-rp-0407.html T-Plug/Deans: https://www.ruddog.eu/RUDDOG-4000mAh-50C-74V-LiPo-Round-Stick-Pack-Battery-with-T-Style-Plug_1 https://tamico.de/Ruddog-LiPo-4000mAh-50C-74V-Stickpack-T-connector https://www.mkracing.eu/ruddog-4000mah-50c-7-4v-lipo-round-stick-akku-mit-t-style-stecker-rp-0406.html Cost around € 28,95 - € 32,63. 4. Team Corally LiPo Akku 30C 4000 mAh 7,4V 2S Stickpack Hardcase T-Plug Part number: C-49024-D Dimensions:- 23 x 46 x 133mm Weight: ???g Connector: T connector / Deans Energy (Watt Hours) = ???Wh https://www.corally.com/Batteries-LiPo/Sport-Racing-30C/Team-Corally-Sport-Racing-30C-4000Mah-2S-7-4V-T-Plug-Hard-Case/ https://tamico.de/Team-Corally-LiPo-Akku-30C-4000-mAh-74V-2S-Stickpack-Hardcase-T-Plug_1 Cost around € 26,94 - €27,95. Note: same one but cheaper, rebranded to Boost and sold by Berlinski Hobby shop. https://www.modellbau-berlinski.de/rc-elektronik-und-akkus/akkus/lipo-und-life/lipo-rc-auto/boost-lipo-akku-2s-4000mah-30c-74v-stick-pack-t-plug 5. Robitronic LiPo Battery 7,4V 4200mAh 40C 2S Stickpack Tamiya Part number: R05232 Dimensions: 24.5 x 46 x 137mm Weight: 230g Connector: T connector / Deans Energy (Watt Hours) = 31Wh https://shop.robitronic.com/de/robitronic-lipo-akku-4200mah-2s-40c-r05232 https://tamico.de/Team-Corally-LiPo-Akku-30C-4000-mAh-74V-2S-Stickpack-Hardcase-T-Plug_1 Cost around € 26,94 - €27,95. 6. Carson Akku Racing Pack 7,4V/3400 mAh LiPo 40C Part number: 500608098 Dimensions: 23 x 46 x 137mm Weight: 220g Connector: T connector / Deans Energy (Watt Hours) = ???Wh https://www.carson-modelsport.com/carson_en/spare-parts-accessories/rc-accessories/batteries-rechargeable-batteries/74v3400mah-40c-lipo-batt-t-pl-hc-r-500608098-en.html https://tamico.de/Carson-Akku-Racing-Pack-74V-3400-mAh-LiPo-40C Cost around € 35,58 - €42.99. 7. Pichler LiPo Battery Racing Pack 2S 4000mAh 7.4V 55C T-Connector Team Champion Part number: PR-C4846 Dimensions: 23 x 45 x 135mm Weight: 205g Connector: T connector / Deans Energy (Watt Hours) = 29.6Wh https://shop.pichler.de/LiPo-Akku-Team-Champion-4000-74V-55C-Deans-T https://tamico.de/Pichler-LiPo-Battery-Racing-Pack-2S-4000mAh-74V-55C-T-Connector-Team-Champion Cost around € 27,75. 8. Overlander 7.4v 55C 3250mAh LiPo Sport Track Pack Part number: 2581 Dimensions: 22 x 46 x 138mm Weight: 181g Connector: T connector / Deans Energy (Watt Hours) = 24.1Wh https://www.overlander.co.uk/lipo-batteries/7-4v-2s/3250mah-7-4v-2s-55c-hard-case-sport-track-lipo-battery.html https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/overlander-74v-55c-3250mah-lipo-sport-track-pack-379011 Cost around £25.16 - £26.48. Overlander has 3 more options, but all these three are 25 x 47 x 139mm. Which may or may not fit in a WR02, it is kinda on the edge. They are also a bit heavier as the mAh goes up. But if you wanna look into those, here are the links: 4200MAH 7.4V 2S 55C HARD CASE SPORT TRACK LIPO BATTERY - https://www.overlander.co.uk/lipo-batteries/7-4v-2s/4200mah-7-4v-2s-55c-hard-case-sport-track-lipo-battery.html 5300MAH 7.4V 2S 55C HARD CASE SPORT TRACK LIPO BATTERY - https://www.overlander.co.uk/lipo-batteries/7-4v-2s/5300mah-7-4v-2s-55c-hard-case-sport-track-lipo-battery.html 7600MAH 7.4V 2S 55C HARD CASE SPORT TRACK LIPO BATTERY - https://www.overlander.co.uk/lipo-batteries/7-4v-2s/7600mah-7-4v-2s-55c-hard-case-sport-track-lipo-battery.html 9. HPI Plazma 7.4V 3200mAh 30C LiPo Battery Pack Part number: 160160 Dimensions: 23.8 x 46.3 x 134.5mm Weight: ???g Connector: T connector / Deans Energy (Watt Hours) = 23.08Wh https://www.hpiracing.com/en/part/160160 https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/hpi-plazma-74v-3200mah-30c-lipo-battery-pack-1336471 Cost around £20.99. HPI has 2 more options, but these are both 24 x 46.2 x 139mm. Which may or may not fit in a WR02, it is kinda on the edge. They are also a bit heavier as the mAh goes up. But if you wanna look into those, here are the links: HPI PLAZMA 7.4V 3000MAH 20C LIPO Round Case Stick Pack - https://www.hpiracing.com/en/part/101940 https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/hpi-plazma-74v-3000mah-20c-lipo-round-case-stick-pack-222wh-34160 PLAZMA 7.4V 4000mAh 20C LIPO BATTERY PACK - https://www.hpiracing.com/en/part/101941 10. OVONIC 7.4V 2S 4000mAh Lipo Battery 50C Hardcase 8# with Deans Plug for HPI Part number: ??? Dimensions:- 21 x 47 x 138mm Weight: 201g Connector: T connector / Deans Energy (Watt Hours) = 29.6Wh https://www.ampow.com/collections/2s-7-4v-lipo-battery/products/ovonic-50c-7-4v-4000mah-2s1p-hardcase-8-deans-lipo-battery?variant=34758703775900 Cost around €21.99 / £19.96 / $25.24. There are often discount or bundle offers on this webshop for some extra savings. Plenty of new options out there. Prices are all around the same price level for a 4000/4200mAh. So, the CoreRC and Yuki Lipos are still good options, where the Yuki now is offered in a new version. If we take those as a base guide line and look to the other options. The CoreRC and Yuki Lipos we know they are fine and score overal good. The Ruddog one is a interesting addition as this is a EU distributor (so widely offered in many hobby shops) and the only one with a XT60/T-Plug choice. Infact, the only one that offers a XT60 connector. The Team Corally and Robitronic will also be easy to find. For those in the US, Amain Hobbies sells Ruddog products, they might be able to order these Lipos. Or take a look at the Ovonic or HPI. As for those in the UK or EU, loads of options are now available. If you look at dimensions, weight, how many AH, price, C rate and availability, I think the Ruddog and Team Corally are strong overall contenders. As those tick a lot of boxes. Dimension wize the smallest ones and the Ruddog has that connector choice. If you want a bit more AH the Robitronic wil give you a slightly longer runtime. And if price is the most important thing to choose from, the Ovonic Lipos are cheap and also have a good reputation. Bit longer with 138mm, but also the flattest one with 21mm. And if you look for a discount code you can get it even cheaper. Hope this helps for those looking to a often asked question. Which Lipo will fit my Tamiya?
  5. That is why I want them. Preparing for that now.
  6. I ordered a couple from Rob. Am printing now a lot more. Redcat, Element RC, Proline, RC4WD, Axial and Team Associated.
  7. Oh man, that's Rob. The Wild Willy genius builder. That's just wat I am looking for. I bought from him before. Great tip! Just looked up on his Facebook page and send him a message. As he only has shipping to the UK activated on Ebay and I am located in the Netherlands.
  8. Quick question. Does anybody know if there are any Tamiya miniture / scale boxes out there. Something simulair as Element RC, Redcat, Team Associated and Axial offer. They all offer PDfs to print out yourself and make some scale 1/10 boxes. Would love to ad some Tamiya ones to the collection for my future to build scale garage. For instance Axial: http://www.axialracing.com/blog_posts/1073913306 Example PDF: http://www.axialracing.com/assets/papercraft_ax90047.pdf
  9. Professional print quality from places like Shapeways are pretty good. I do a lot of 3D printing on my 2 FDM printers. Quality is in many things and many factors. My first prints were ok, my recent prints get smoother and smoother. But it takes time to dial everything in, but it is possible to get really good and smooth finish. I cannot comment on your specific prints, but I can say this. Look at it like sculpting a piece of wood. Or machining a piece of steel. You can do this fast or slow, rough or fine. How much detail are you willing to put in over the time it takes to make? Kinda the same with 3D printing. One of the biggest chances I saw in improving print quality is slowing down the print speed. But things like quality of the filament, layer thickness, layer height all have their place. In the end, the difference if you wanna paint it, is the amount of work involved to get a smooth surface. What I noticed is that the more detail in the print against the more time to print. The less time the paint prepping takes.
  10. Yes, that is also true. Aswell as sometimes something is out of stock on their webshop, but still in stock at their Ebay store. They seem to keep stock seperate for both. What I more and more seem to do is get a item in my shopping basket on their webshop, then go trough the buying proces untill shipping costs are shown. That way you know the total costs for something. They also show how much weight there is left withing that shipping cost range. I usually buy smaller parts from them. But it all depends what my budget is at that moment and how stock is in other shops. Tamico is also always on my list as wel as some local shops and some in the UK. It is just that with kits and RTRs the costs often add up these days. Last week I was in the market for a 3Racing Ex Real crawler kit. RCmart price was 138 euro, but with shipping costs it went to 199 euro. Risk of customs, possible adding close to 30% extra costs. I ended up buying it from Hobbyking for 170 euro, free shipping from their EU warehouse, located in the Netherlands. On the other hand. I recently bought a full metric MIP Tools set, 80% was ordered from RCmart. In multible orders to save shipping costs. A lot of MIP items had free shipping and reduced pricing, not all. So it was just a mather of beeing clever when ordering. Most importantly, they had almost everything in stock and overall I saved around 150 euro because of their cheaper pricing. The rest i bought from Ebay stores and ModelSport. My point. They are great, just make sure they are cheaper or like me buy there because they have it on stock.
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