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  1. No bites after a week so I'm going to crack this open and start building. I may be interested in parting out the Gray body and decals if someone makes an offer.
  2. Curious to see if there's any interest in this from members here in the US (for shipping costs). Everything is new and still factory sealed, including the tool set. I learned from watching YouTube unboxing vids that this Clod has extra grill and tailgate parts trees, so I purchased a replacement body and windshield in hopes of keeping the limited-edition gray kit body untouched. My plans were to build this with vintage ESP aluminum parts that were left over from my original 80's Clod. I'm considering selling this because my niece is having so much fun with the Traxxas Slash I built for her that I'm thinking of using the money to build one for myself, as well as getting a nicer charger and some more batteries and put together a toolbox full of spare parts for when we go bashing. I'm asking $450 to help cover shipping costs. If nobody shows interest in a couple of days, I'll probably remove the listing and go ahead and start building it myself. p.s. Sorry for the dark picture but using the flash on my phone gave if some funky glares.
  3. Took my niece and her Slash to Navarre Beach. We're definitely going to have to invest in some larger wheels/tires before doing this again. Anyone familiar with the sand here on the Florida Panhandle knows that it looks like and has the consistency of sugar. The only place these skinny little tires got any traction was dangerously close to the salt water. Despite it standing still and throwing rooster tails 90% of the time, it still got a lot of attention. Later we went by my uncle's place in Gulf Breeze and let him drive it until the battery was spent. Before we left, he quietly asked me to send him the info on where he can buy one for himself. He'll be 74 this summer, maybe I'll build one for him next.
  4. Question: Are Tamiya kits overpriced, especially for 30+ year-old designs? Answer: Yes Question: Does the company try to squeeze every penny out of hobbyists by offering industry standard parts as optional hop-ups? Answer: Yes Question: Does Tamiya cater mainly to a niche market consisting of us older hobbyists who still enjoy the build? Answer: Yes Question: Would a modern Tamiya hold up to the ridiculous thrashing YouTubers put Aarma and Traxxas kits through? Answer: Never Nostalgia aside, what really makes Tamiya's stick out? If you ask me what sets them apart from everything else currently on the market is personality. Think about it, Tamiya kits (old and new) have their own personality. From the art on the kit box, to the build, to the driving experience, they are unlike anything else out there. Some kits are slow lumbering and some handle so poorly they make you laugh out loud, but they all have that Tamiya "IT factor" that set them apart.
  5. Love the classic buggy vibe, trailing arm rear suspension, and hex screws! This is what I like to see from Tamiya. I just hate the fact that they’re debuting this beauty at a time when the basic cost of living is skyrocketing. It appears to be mostly plastic, but in my opinion a lot of Tamiya re-re kits with plastic shocks and bushings are way overpriced considering that the R&D and much of the tooling took place 30+ years ago. This is a brand new design with aluminum shocks and bearings so I won’t hold my breath, but If it’s priced in the $250-300 range I’ll strongly consider getting one.
  6. Yes that’s shipped in the U.S. PM me if you’re interested and we’ll work out the details.
  7. Excellent videos! I like how you used magnets and velcro to do as little modification to the actual vintage chassis. The interior Gopro camera fits like it was made for the truck. The digital dash is great, but I think my favorite mod is the clever way that you use the steering servo to also turn the drivers head.
  8. I need to get rid of this to fund a new project. Already losing money but will drop it to $150. PM if interested.
  9. Kit build Best: Hotshot (flawless) Worst: 2013 rere RC10 (parts fit was terrible) Runner Best: Clodbuster Worst: Kyosho Heavy Metal tank
  10. You are definitely a mad scientist, I love the digital dash and well…pretty much everything else you’ve done. While not a very competitive truck upon release (compared to Rc10T, Jrxt, Outlaw Ultima) the King Cab always seemed to me like it should have been marketed as the successor to the Blackfoot as Tamiya’s main 2wd monster. The big tub chassis always gave it that monster look. I really hope it’s rere’d. I’ll part out the transmission and other bits and build it with the RPM Traxxas parts.
  11. Great looking trucks! You guys talking about old school monster trucks really takes me back. Are you familiar with Wildman Jeff Cook's Youtube channel? He's one of the main guys with the Monster Truck HOF. Lots of good interviews with the drivers we grew up watching. I personally prefer the older TNT and even 90's Penda drag races over all the flips and doughnuts that seem to make up a current Monster Jam show. Can you even call it a monster truck if it has a fiberglass shark body on it?
  12. Great build, the drivers look excellent!!! Love the King Cab, IMHO it's Tamiya's best looking 2wd truck after the original Ford badged Blackfoot. I have a pile of new RPM and other hop ups that I was going to use on a Slash build but ended up keeping it stock. Ironically, I was just thinking the other day about how cool it would be to use them to bullet-proof a King Cab, should Tamiya ever rerelease it.
  13. Busdriver: Somehow I must have overlooked your initial response. That Bastens unit looks like it may be just what I need, and it's rather inexpensive too. Thank you very much for the help!!!
  14. I would like to thank you ALL for the helpful responses. I've done some research tonight and since I'm looking for a pistol grip with ease of setup, the Spektrum radio seems to be the way to go. Just wish they were a little cheaper, but since I'm just getting back into the driving part of the hobby, it looks like I'll be able to program several cars to it (should I decide to build more runners). P.S. Wolfdogstinkus: Thanks for the laughs!
  15. HaHaHA...Chuck Norris doesn't drive the Clodbuster...the Clod drives Chuck Norris. That's quite the beast in that video, your rig?
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