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  1. That takes me back. My first “full function” r/c was the Sears Lobo, which was a rebadged Big Bubba. Great little truck to bash around. A friend eventually got a Big Bubba and since they were identical, we would drag race and tug-of-war to see who’s was better.
  2. Original Jardasius: I sent you a pm yesterday (well I attempted to). My original ad is on page 3, tell your friend I’m open for negotiations.
  3. Shot-in-the-dark that you would want another one, still, no harm in asking. I don’t want to part out the kit. Best of luck expanding your collection!
  4. Not sure if you would be interested in another G6-01, but I’ve got a King Yellow kit with bearings for sell. Updated the price a few days ago, willing to negotiate some. Btw…I’m in Florida.
  5. Hey all, I'm selling a 6x6 lot that I bought as a spring project to work on with my niece. As you might have guessed, she's not shown much interest in the build. It's too late to return for a refund, so I'm selling this and will probably end up getting her a rtr Traxxas. What I have is a King Yellow w/Pre-painted body. It also includes two brand new Hitec Super Torque servos and a new set of Fast Eddy's Bearings (not shown). The kit and servos were originally purchased from Tower Hobbies and I got the bearings off of Amazon. Everything is brand new, the kit box is still in the shrink wrap and looks to be in great condition. I'd like to try to get back as close as possible to what I paid, and am willing to split shipping costs in the U.S. Asking $250. If your interested, please message me. I visit this site at least twice a day and will respond as soon as possible. I'm not interested in parting out the kit, it's still unopened in the shrink wrap. *****UPDATE: Price reduced again to $160 U.S. for the King Yellow and Bearings, $190 to include the two servos. I'll cover shipping within the continental U.S.
  6. I don't know if this has been mentioned, but according to Tamiyablog, the SuperClod Black Edition is going to have gearbox halves with molded axle tubes. It's been a while since I've built a Clod, but I could swear the axle tubes were separate pieces that bolted on. Maybe I'm imagining things or just reading into this wrong...or maybe this clod is getting more than just a color change. Here's a screenshot of the article. thoughts?
  7. if I understand correctly, this is just a recolor of the 2015 MB. I can see the "first-thing-to-break" side mirrors, so I'll assume it's got the extra Scorcher body holes and no rear windscreen. Pass!
  8. I watched this video last night and have to say that it's great that the Tamiya America rep is taking your vehicles to Japan. By chance, did they take any of your suspension arms as well? Also, was there any discussion about the ridiculous MAP pricing policy here in the states?
  9. Thank you, that's good news. Never thought it would get to the point where buying a kit and having it delivered from Hong Kong would be cheaper than Tower Hobbies w/free shipping. I might finally get a 3-speed.
  10. Has anybody in the US purchased from Stellamodels or RCMart, and if so, what are the taxes and shipping costs like? I realize that's broad a question with many variables, I'm just looking to get an idea and am curious what type of kit you purchased, shipping speed, etc. Tamiya's MAP pricing is keeping me from buying any new kits domestically. If I'm going to keep up with the hobby, I'll need to order form overseas. Thanks for any help.
  11. I've listed this once before and nobody seemed interested so it just got stuck in a closet. Now I'm raising funds for a new project and thought I'd give it another shot. It's a Wild Willy 2, I built the chassis with Fast Eddy's bearings and a high torque, metal-geared Tactic servo (I know, it's overkill for a wheely machine). I'm not a static modeler and lost interest when it came to assembling the body, so it's completely unfinished. I ordered two bottles of Tamiya Acrylic paint (black and flesh tone) and body filler for the figure and they're still in the mailer bubble wrap. The controller is a new in box, Tower Hobbies model and the kit came with Tamiya's brushless ready ESC. Everything with this build is new and has never been used in any way, just built--except for the body of course. Asking $200 for the lot and I'll cover shipping in the states via USPS Priority. Contact me if you need more pics or info. ***update: Realized I didn't have any body pics of the WW2 so snapped a few to put up..... Also, I've got a Rerelease Lunchbox I'm willing to bundle with this. The body's a little rough from being flipped, but it is solid with no cracks, (needs a windshield and body posts). The chassis is in fantastic condition, barely a mark on it w/full bearings. It's got the older (non brushless) ESC that came with earlier rereleases and an AM Hitech Lynx radio system. I built it as a birthday gift for my nephew in 2006. He only ran about 5 packs through it, flipped it, broke the windshield and body mounts, and lost interest. It's been in a box in my garage since 2008 and he recently told me I can get rid of it. If anybody's interested let me know and I'll take pics and we can discuss a bundle price. ******Update 2: I really need to raise funds for the new project so I'm willing to drop the price to $150 for WW2 + controller and servo. If anybody's interested in bundling with the lunchbox (mentioned above) I'll do $210 for both. USPS Priority domestic shipping and insurance provided by me.
  12. This was posted on TamiyaUSA's Facebook page this past Tuesday. Interesting answer from the company when the Chevy-badged Clod is mentioned. Could this be a teaser for a proper rere in the future?
  13. I feel the same way. I've been a loyal customer for 30 years and have built most of the re-re kits (excluding the already overpriced- e.g. Bruiser, Avante). If Tamiya truly wanted to make their products seem higher quality and worth the money of other brands, perhaps they should join the rest of the rc world and include basics like bearings and oil shocks, instead of throwing an ESC in a kit with plastic bushings and friction shocks. No... they'd rather jack-up prices on nostalgic kits. You know, the ones that the r&d and tooling costs associated with were paid for decades ago. If I can sell the WW2 I started to build and got bored with, I'm washing my hands of Tamiya until they come to their senses. Still not buying a Bruiser clone, no matter how tempting they are.
  14. Since Tamiya has decided to put the thumb screws to their loyal U.S. customers, I figured now would be the time to list this again. It's a partially built Wild Willy 2, complete with Tower Hobbies 2.4 ghz transmitter. It has Fast Eddy's bearings and a high torque, metal geared servo (I know, it's overkill for a wheelie machine). Everything is new and never used. As you can see, I never got around to finishing Mr. Willy or the body. It will also include two bottles of Tamiya acrylic paint and filler. Not sure if the site will allow me to upload the pics, so if you have any questions or want more photos feel free to message me. I'm asking $200 for the lot, plus shipping in the U.S. ****update: Finally able to upload a new pic, it's of one of the containers with compartment dividers full of odds and ends (screws, grease, nuts, wrenches, etc.) left over from previous builds, that I will throw in. Once again, everything listed is new and has never been used. Feel free to message me for more pics or a reasonable offer. Price drop $190. Keep in mind this is brand new, only the chassis has been built and since MAP, Tower sells the WW2 kit for $217. ****Update 2: I need to get rid of this quickly and raise cash for another project, so I'm willing to remove the controller and servo and just sell the WW2 kit. You'll get an assembled chassis, unfinished body and kit box for $130 U.S. Message me if interested. Here's a picture
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