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  1. Thought I would mention it as it felt different to rotating the smaller brushless motors from my old rc18t and mini lst, and the larger one in my truggy. Pretty much something tough, similar wheelbase/track. Easy to fit blitzer wheels on. Sturdy shock towers! and some upgrade potential in both performance and some aluminium. Its still something to bash rather than race. Ill probably end up going with a sensored set up for it. Nothing too mad though! I have been looking at DT02's. Looks like a somewhat more modern take on the blitzer style chassis.
  2. Well.. I tried with a 3 cell 50c rated lipo, it still cogged a little and then smoke abruptly came out of the motor! Binned the motor and esc as I see no point risking using either (both smelt rather unpleasant after) maybe worth noting that before the motor did feel off somehow, kinda sludgey when turning it by hand out of the car. I think for now I'm going to stick with the stock silver can or maybe upgrade to a sport tuned motor, I think that would be better for our uses for now as just a couple of fun cars for me, the mrs and nephew to poot around the garden/parks with. I got a bit sucked into wanting it to go faster and further away from why we bought them oops Acceleration being more important than top end and raw power at the moment. Does the sport tuned accelerate quicker than silver can or is it just more top speed? I think ill likely build something else in the future for the speed fix.. any suggestions for a some what more modern/adjustable stadium truck with similar wheelbase (I love the short wheelbase look of the blitzers, and have a stadium blitzer/rocksockker shell on the way) Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for all your input, gushing down with rain at the moment but ill work through all your advise soon and let you know
  4. Hi, I have just been looking at different set ups and agree 4000kv is looking a little high (I bought it ages ago coming from micro stuff where 4000kv is on the lower end i guess) New zippy 7.4v 4000mah and either 25-35c not entirely sure off the top of my head
  5. Hello wonderful people, I have been lurking and reading/learning/envying a while but now I need help lol The Mrs and I got each other blitzer beetles for xmas (woop) and I was intending on putting a brushless set up in mine. I went for one of these, as it was in my toolbox for some reason http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__41130__Turnigy_TrackStar_Waterproof_1_10_Brushless_Power_System_4000KV_80A_UK_Warehouse_.html Got it set up and with a two cell lipo, however I'm getting serious cogging and the power seems somewhat delayed. Its set up with a 13t steel pinion (recommended lots on here thank you) Any suggestions on getting the cogging sorted? Might be worth noting that if i hold the car off ground it doesn't cog but the power delivery still seems off somehow. Thanks!
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